The mind is a powerful tool. The mind can hold onto memories of experiences from childhood. The mind can inspire you or depress you depending on what is going on. When we experience pain, when our hearts are broken, when we feel abandoned or rejected especially as children those traumas embed in us. You know where? In the body. Our emotions hide like a naughty child deep into the cells of the body and overtime manifest into all matter of “dis-ease”. Most illnesses are reversible; fibromyalgia, lupus, cancers, heart disease, diabetes, etc. You look at a person with stage 4 cancer who eats a clean, organic diet, has an upbeat attitude and seems to be living a healthy life and wonder how they got cancer? Maybe it was the fact that they never felt worthy of being loved so they give and give and give but inside feel worthless and undeserving. Maybe their father died and left them with unresolved issues about how they felt they never made their dad proud of them and that shame has been riding around in their body for most of their lives. Our health is directly impacted by how we feel about ourselves. Our health is directly impacted by how we resolve our past, are content in the present and surrender to the unknown of the future.

Our bodies know how to heal themselves when we create the right conditions for that to happen. Yes, eat a clean diet because our food system is toxic and corrupt. Eat local farm raised organic produce, and try your best to adopt a vegan diet. Organize your life to reduce stress as if your life depended on it because it does. Remove toxic relationships, build in self-care to your daily schedule, and get outside into nature every day. Engage in activities that are uplifting like service work for your community, playing with your kid, taking a laughter yoga class, putting on music and dancing just because it feels good to be silly and free in yourself.

I recently watched this Netflix documentary called “HEAL.” It is a MUST SEE film. It is so inspiring, such a wake up. I sat in front of my altar after watching it and made a declaration to the Universe. I declared a new script by which I am living by that discards karmic ties, ancestral imprinting, and brings me solidly into this now time in my life in which I will thrive. This year has been a very difficult one emotionally and I have experienced some seriously dark days but as I found myself rapidly moving, literally moving, into this month of June.  I reached out and more than a dozen friends stepped up to carry me and my stuff to this new home. This home was divinely presented to me and I am so grateful for all the people who helped get me to this place where I am safe, and at peace. Fear of survival is a daily truth for many of us but this beast I am throwing off my back. As I sat there with renewed inspiration, I made a vow that from this day forward I see myself as supported, thriving, and without fear of “how will I”  but rather trust in the “I can”.

You know I love to journal, and I highly encourage you to sit down and have a very honest conversation with yourself on paper dialoguing about truths, your truths. Go back to first memories, go back and travel your life’s path and make needed stops where shit needs to be processed, resolved, forgiven, understood, and released. If what comes up is a bigger bear than you can wrestle turn to people who can help you. Pin point your issues, stresses, anxieties, and hang ups and ask yourself why they are there. Emotional freedom resonates into the cells of your body relieving you to feel lighter, brighter, more awake. Start with hugging yourself right now and saying out loud “I love you.” Feel it. So good.

Awake. Heal. Live. Be.