Year of the Metal Rat

January 25th 2020 – February 12th 2021

The beginning of the Metal Rat year is the New Moon on January 25. Ac, 2020. According to the Chinese calendar this is the 4705th year. The actual first day of the New Year is the beginning of the Tiger month, the first day of spring on the 4th of February. So, when a child is born in January or early February, they may or may not be a child of the Rat, but rather a child of the Year of the Pig. January is the month to prepare through specific actions to move forward into the New Year without debt, unfinished business, and your life in order (one can only try, right!?). To live by the annual shifts and changes of chi is to live according to the Tao and is a primal relationship to nature. As energy ebbs, you pull back. As energy flows, you move forward. Each home, office, and personal astrology also is directly impacted by these constant changes. To be ignorant of this is to walk blindly in the dark, a victim of circumstance. But, to have awareness is to have power and choices.


This is like getting ready for a very special guest to arrive at your home or office. This special guest will see any mess, clutter, or filthiness as an insult and you will suffer the consequences. This is a ritual to be enjoyed and anticipated every year.

I think of January as the transition month when it is ideal for major cleaning, de-cluttering, and making improvements inside and outside.

The FULL MOON January 10th officially ends the YEAR OF THE RAT and we have a 2 week window to get ready for the New Year. This is super early this year so right after the holidays you will want to get into preparation mode.

The Year of the Pig was so much about community, friendships, relationships, and how we find comfort in a world, and in our lives that can be so full of discomforts. We leave that journey behind and with wonder and curiosity head into a very new year for the Rat is the 1st animal of the Chinese Zodiac. In many ways we are starting over. Let that sink in. In many ways you are starting over. In many ways we as a nation are starting over. Meditate on that for a moment, or for the next 12 months.

1)   DE-CLUTTER every room, attic, storage area. Make donations of books, clothes, and other reusable items to charity. Go room by room and try to be objective. Ask yourself if what you are looking at or holding brings you joy, is useful, is necessary. Remove things that are worn out, falling apart, not needed, in the way, or is blocking flow of a room.

2)   CLEAN – The kind of cleaning that involves pulling the bed away from the wall and other furniture so you can vacuum behind and underneath. Lift up and sweep under rugs, under the beds, dust the tops of ceiling fans and other fixtures. Then go outside and make a list of any repairs needing to be done such as dead limbs or bushes, peeling paint, broken windows, etc. While you are busy cleaning, open all the windows to let the stale air out, burn incense or sage and change your air filter(s). Even if it is 2 below, open those windows even if for just 5 minutes while you smudge to purge the house of stale chi.

3)   MOON BATH on the Full Moon of the 10th of January put outside your crystals, and Feng Shui cures like Buddha statues, brass dragons, ducks, pagoda, fu dogs, wu lou health gourds, etc.

      But toss out the ba-gua mirrors, salt water cures, and coins as they accumulate way too much negative chi. (I use old coin strands on the Christmas tree or you can throw them into a fountain with wishes for blessings)

      The next day bring your crystals and cures in and make sure you have a clean sink and work area free of dirt or clutter. Then sprinkle sea salt over them while chanting a sacred song or prayer to bless and recharge, releasing all past toxins and ushering in new chi. Finally rinse them with water while still chanting or saying your prayers. Leave on a clean towel to dry.

Cures are Placed By Friday January 24th 2020

Once the house is tidy, place your cures according to the information given in the Flying Stars Blog. If you have extra cures not being used, store them in a special box for another year.

Throw a Chinese New Year party on January 25th with an Asian food feast complete with auspicious oranges, dumplings, and candies. Shoot fireworks to scare off all negative influences hovering about.

February 9th is the Full Moon and the Lantern Festival Day when the New Year festivities come to an end with a grand parade in China Towns all over the world. Eating sweet rice balls and dumplings is fortuitous.

Year of the Rat

The Last Metal Rat Year was 60 years ago 1960:

Here are some major, notable events that took place in 1960. This can give us a peak into the vibe we might experience in 2020. Pay attention to some of these.

  • Dwight D Eisenhower was President, Richard Nixon was VP
  • The start of the Vietnam War
  • The IRA starts a battle with Britain
  • John F Kennedy elected President of the United States
  • Chubby Checker and the dance move “The Twist” become a huge sensation
  • Aluminum cans are put into use
  • Xerox produces the first photocopier
  • Pacemakers were invented
  • OPEC is formed
  • Typhoon Mary kills 1600 people in China
  • Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960
  • The Cold War intensified between Russia and the USA
  • The sexual revolution began
  • Birth control pills were first on the market
  • The Flintstones airs
  • Big movies were Psycho and The Magnificent 7
  • Ben Hur won the Oscar for Best Picture
  • The Aswan Dam construction begins in Egypt
  • Mining disaster in South Africa kills 435 miners
  • The first US weather satellite is launched
  • The US Census begins with a population of about 180,000,000 (we are currently about 324 million)
  • Life expectancy was 69.7 years (it’s now 78.69 years)
  • Elvis Presley releases Are You Lonesome Tonight
  • The Fantasticks, the world’s longest running musical, opens in New York City
  • Many African countries become independent of France
  • Dr. Michael Woodruff performs the first kidney transplant
  • Many key segregation cases are brought before the Supreme Court

In 1960:        

The average cost of a new home was $16,500

The average annual income was $5,315 (it is now $59,039)

Minimum wage was $1.25 (it is now $7.25)

Cost of gas 31 cents a gallon

New car was about $2,600

A dozen eggs was 57 cents

A gallon of milk was 49 cents

A 1960 $1 in 2020 is valued at $8.11

Famous People Born in 1960:

Michael Stipe, lead singer of R.E.M.

James Spader, actor

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Ivan Lendl, Czech tennis champion

Jennifer Grey, actress (Dirty Dancing)

Valerie Bertinelli, actress

Bono, lead singer of U2

Erin Brokovich, environmental activist

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Jane Lynch, actress

Timothy Hutton, actor

Sean Penn, actor and director

Cal Ripken Jr., baseball legend of Baltimore Orioles

Branford Marsalis, musician

Hugh Grant, actor

Colin Firth, actor

Tilda Swinton, actress

John F. Kennedy Jr. (died in 1999)

Amy Grant, musician

Daryl Hannah, actress

Julianne Moore, actress

James Comey, lawyer and former director of the FBI

Jean-Michel Basquiat, musician and graffiti artist (died in 1988)

Famous People Who Died in 1960:

John D Rockefeller Jr, philanthropist (born 1874)

Boris Pasternak, Russian writer who declined the Nobel Prize (born 1890)

Lottie Dod, English women’s tennis champion (born 1871)

Fred Clarke, Pittsburg Pirates baseball Hall of Famer (born 1872)

Clark Gable, actor (born 1901)

If you go back further 120 years to 1900 when the 8 Nation Alliance invaded Beijing and was the height of the Boxer Rebellion in China. The current protests in Hong Kong all began on a Yang Metal Day in a Yang Metal month all of these conditions fueled their actions to protest the Extradition Law. I wonder where this will go in 2020? Peaceful resolution or all out war?

Year of the Rat Elementally

Geng Zi, Yang Metal sits atop the Yin Water element of the Rat. Metal is the parent element of Water so this is a harmonious pairing this year. The significance of this being the start of a new cycle, the Rat is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac, foretells a time of fresh beginnings as you leave behind all that no longer serves you, freeing yourself to move forward unencumbered, focused, with clear 2020 vision. What have you left behind? What did the last 12 years reveal to you about your Self and your own life journey? The last year of the Rat was in 2008, so from that year to now is the time we are remembering, understanding, evaluating, and releasing. Take with you the lessons, the inspirations, the golden threads and silver linings.

Yang Metal is a heavy element represented by weapons, buildings, sculptures, planes, trains, cars, and ships. With no Earth present this year expect more ship related disasters and buildings collapsing. For people born with this Stem in their Day or Year, they tend to be honest, reliable, and people with high positions like lawyers, politicians, rulers, and activists. Yang Metal people are all about justice and doing good for the world, true heroes, and yet, the dark side shows brutality, revenge, and war-like behavior.

Some famous Yang Metal people are Martin Luther King Jr., Edward Snowden, General George Patton, Alexander the Great, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Due to the cold nature of Metal and Water, it is more likely to see people resorting to violent protests, uprisings, and rage over social issues.

Like a ship on the ocean, there is instability, and as Metal feeds Water it is weakened. So any actions in regard to righting injustices will not hold much weight or long term effect. Next fall, in the Metal months of August and September is when we could see the greatest chance for fierce aggression.

There is a special quality for people born on a day or year Yang Metal Dragon or Dog. This is called Fai Kong and refers to a person who is really tough, never giving up and able to survive anything. Tiger Woods is such a person.

In addition to there being no Earth, there is also no Fire element in 2020 so with that big Yang Water influence you can expect flooding, tsunamis, and hurricanes to be far worse.  Without Earth the ground is unstable leading to earth quakes, landslides, and building collapses. 60 years ago one of the worst earthquakes in history took place in Chile registering 9.5 and a massive tsunami killing 1,600 and leaving 2 million homeless. Another earthquake in Morocco took place in 1960 that killed a third of the population.  

The Health of a Rat Year

Yang Metal in the body is the lungs, skin, nose, teeth and hair. The Rat as a Water element represents the kidneys, sexual organs, and urinary system. Any imbalances of excess Water in your chart can lead to health problems affecting these systems or organs. Likewise, the absence of Earth and Fire this year can lead to a weakening of these organs such as digestive issues, diabetes, the pancreas, immune system, circulation, heart, mental health, and vitality. This is especially so if these elements are already weak in your chart. Another malady to be mindful of is rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Again, the elements at play are dark and cold, winter time. To be translated literally as cold blooded killers, psychopaths, malevolent behavior.

World View and Financial Outlook

Fire is happiness and optimism (2013 and 2017) which leads to a good economy. The 2018 Year of the Earth Dog buried that bone of prosperity with lackluster results in the overall economy. 2019 essentially snuffed out the Fire as the pessimistic attitude of Water moved in with fear and emotions agitated. Water continues in 2020 with the emotion of fear being felt. We won’t feel the warmth and glow of Fire again until 2025 the Year of the Snake. We are now in a Bear Market with sluggish economic growth, especially in the Rat month of December affecting holiday sales. Panic, anxiety, and fear are emotions we must learn to keep in check, manage, and navigate around with positivity, self-care, and being involved in uplifting activities.

We are looking at 4 – 5 years of economic decline but not ALL industries will be effected.

Since Fire rules Metal, those industries will do well: energy, electricity, restaurants, famous chefs, the arts, and entertainment.

Earth rules Water and those industries will do well too: real estate, development, healthcare industry, insurance, yoga, computer software, and technology.

Lastly Metal related industries will be seeing more activity but not so much financial return: banking, cars, engineering, and machinery.

Water and Wood industries will suffer this year: shipping, transportation, communication, media, publishing, the environment, forestry, and gardening.

The Rat – 1st Animal in the Chinese Zodiac – Geng Zi

Yang Metal branch sits atop the Rat and Rat is Yin Water

The last Yang Metal Rat year was 1960

The personality of Rat people describes them as resourceful, social, elegant, loyal, protective, family-group oriented, strong communicators, intelligent, financially savvy, analytical, strategic, and motivated to accumulate wealth and success in life.

Positive attributes of the Rat are: Accomplished, amiable, innovative, empathetic, ambitious and intelligent.

But Rats can also be: Anxious, calculating, possessive, excessive, neurotic, critical, and haughty.

Rats are represented by the direction North, the element of Yin Water like dew or mist, the season of Winter, and is the hours of 11:00 pm – 1 am. Rat is unique in that it rides between days depending on an 11pm – 11:59pm birth or a 12:00 am – 1:00 am birth.

Peach Blossom Year

Mr. Rat saunters onto the scene with a lot of love in the air and so 2020 will be a sexy year with more romance. With Yang Metal represented in the body as teeth, hair, and skin it is also a year focused on beauty so the entertainment and fashion industry should see a lot of attention and success. 

Geng Yang Metal qualities in a person are determined, persistent, brave, and up for a challenge. Yang Metal is like a skyscraper, an airplane, machinery, tools, and other strong, hard material.

Zodiac Animals Compatible and Discordant with the Rat

Rats are harmonious with Dragon, Monkey, and Ox

Anyone born on the Day or in the Year of these animals will find more harmony and accord in their life in 2020. To have a full analysis of your forecast it is advised to have a Chinese BaZi Astrology chart done by Lydia Nitya Griffith.

Rats do not get along with Horses– Horse (Yin Fire) is weakened and controlled by Rat (Yin Water). Horses will do okay to move, travel, or change jobs but be very mindful not to engage in risky activities like speeding, driving distracted, hang gliding, rebellious or reckless actions etc. This Conflict can suggest massive change, accidents, and upset. DO NOT travel North and keep an Ox talisman with you for protection.

Born on the Day or Year of the Rat means you are offending the guest of honor, like showing up to a gala wearing the same gown as the hostess. No good. And this Rat Rat confrontation brings to your life disharmony, frustration, and irritation as well as Water related illnesses of the kidneys, reproductive organs, bladder and hormones.

People born on a day or in the year of The Rat are offending the Grand Duke this year.

Year of Rat years 1915, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Some famous people born in Year of the Rat are; Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Mark Zuckerberg, and Scarlett Johansson.  

An Ox charm is the ideal cure to keep Rat’s influence minimized.

If you have a Rabbit in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology on your Day or Year, you can expect some unconventional, odd relationships this year. Be wary of new friends and business associates and be cautious of getting too involved before you know someone well. Born on the Day of the Rabbit is the worst Penalty, these relationships will directly impact your wellbeing and could signal a different kind of romantic involvement, and creates troubled relationships with a family member or spouse.

This Penalty of Rabbit and Rat could suggest infidelity, betrayal, sex scandals, and troubled relationships. Rabbit years of 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 but born on the Day of a Rabbit will be even more of a personal attack.

Some famous Rabbit born people are Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, Tiger Wood, and David Beckham. An Ox charm is the ideal cure to keep Rat’s influence minimized.

If you have a Rat, Pig, and Ox in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology a surge of Water enters your forecast for 2020 in a Full Seasonal Water Trio – depending on your chart, this may have a positive or negative impact but either way it will be felt. Even if you just have part of this influence Water will be influencing some aspect of your chart.

If you have a Rat, Monkey, and Dragon in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology a surge of Water enters your forecast for 2020 in a Full Water Trio – depending on your chart, this may have a positive or negative impact but either way it will be felt. Even if you just have part of this influence Water will be influencing some aspect of your chart.

If you are born in the Year or Day with a Yin Earth OR Wood Stem,, the Rat offers the Nobleman Star to you – these are years ending with a 5 or 9 like 1955, 1959, 1965, 1969, etc. The Nobleman sends Angels of protection, support and comfort. This is a Divine Blessing ensuring 2020 will be one of greater ease, opening the way for progress and developing new projects.