Many may think this means something heavenly but let us not forget heaven is here on Earth. Any ascension is your own spiritual vibration being tuned to a higher frequency. So an entire planet has been stilled and quarantined, or at least asked to and in so making this request we see those who refute and those who accept. We know not what is happening yet slowly I think some are arriving at that doorstep. I believe some of us are coming home. Stop. No agenda – all schedules, duties, time sensitive activities, anticipated events have been erased leaving a blank open calendar. So now what do you choose to fill your day with and with whom? All you have now are the one’s in your home or on a screen. What are you sharing? Inspiration? Positive affirmation and reassurance? What virus of thought or meme or posting are you making viral? Hmmm Yes, it is time to come home.

Take this concept deeper, we’re already in the dark so don’t be afraid to go there. Waiting in the quiet isolation is your true soul self. Sit with that voice within you and start to tune in. Mhm. Called home at last in meditation, in journaling, in awareness of just how okay it is to do nothing, to be still and find acceptance with this sentence we’ve all been given. We’ve been sentenced to semi colons, commas, and parenthesis. The rat race has come to a screeching halt. The rat now is underground in the sewer maze, dark, directionless, and unfamiliar.

This Year of the Rat redefines us as social creatures to ask and re-evaluate how we are social and with whom. Keep good company. How do you connect, and who are your true friends and allies now? An entire planet, the entire human species is in this shared collective experience. We are all each other’s mirror. The Rat is not only social and therefore illuminating how we are in relationship with self and other but also very focused on acquiring wealth. How then do you define success, abundance, and well being? Is it all monetary? Perhaps then we can redefine wealth to being rich with love, abundant in health, or successful in managing family life in quarantine. This Year of the Rat, a start of a new decade, the start of a new 12 year Chinese Astrological cycle is asking us to re-define two of the most important aspects of human life; how we connect and are in relationship with others, and how we define success and well being.

So, I have two challenges for you: 1) Make this Blog a journal prompt to explore for yourself and see what comes up, what answers you may find, and also what questions. 2) Go outside every day and place your hands on the ground, then look up into the sky, take sunlight into your heart, stretch your arms out wide, and breathe like 10 deep full breaths, and finally wrap your arms around yourself in a big self-hug. You’re home right there in that moment, and you are safe, and you are okay, and you are not alone.

We have all been called home. What does that mean to you?