Year of the Earth Pig / Ji Hai

February 5th 2019 – January 24th 2020

The beginning of the Fire Pig year is the New Moon on February 5, 2019. According to the Chinese calendar this is the 4704th year. The actual first day of the New Year is the beginning of the Tiger month, the first day of spring on the 4th of February. So, when a child is born in late January or early February, before February 5, 2019, they are Year of the Dog not Pig. January is the month for preparation and it is vital you go through these steps as you shift the tempo of the energetic dance from year to year. This ensures you have access to the most vibrant energies flowing in while dispelling the worst.


This is like getting ready for a very special guest to arrive at your home or office. This special guest will see any mess, clutter, or filthiness as an insult and you will suffer the consequences. This is a ritual to be enjoyed and anticipated every year.

I think of January as the transition month when it is ideal for major cleaning, de-cluttering, and making improvements inside and outside.

The FULL MOON January 21st officially ends the YEAR OF THE DOG and we have a 2 week window to get ready for the New Year. Just as in October, the Month of the Dog, when the energy of the year was multiplied, we really saw the theme of Justice play out on Election Day, the last day of the month of the Dog. So too, will we see the last vestiges of Justice play out as the Year of the Dog bows out. Of course Dog means more than just Justice, it also is humanitarian aid (look at all the volunteers who rallied to help in the devastating California wildfires), it is people rising up to protect those who can’t protect themselves, it is upholding ethics, and abolishing the injustices of the world. This is what we leave behind as we move into the Year of the Pig.

1)   DE-CLUTTER every room, attic, storage area. Make donations of books, clothes, and other reusable items to charity. Go room by room and try to be objective. Ask yourself if what you are looking at or holding brings you joy, is useful, is necessary. Remove things that are worn out, falling apart, not needed, in the way, blocking flow of chi (like an oversized coffee table you keep whacking your shins on), etc.

2)   CLEAN – The kind of cleaning that involves pulling the bed away from the wall and other furniture so you can vacuum behind and underneath. Lift up and sweep under rugs, under the beds, dust the tops of ceiling fans and other fixtures. Then go outside and make a list of any repairs needing to be done such as dead limbs or bushes, peeling paint, broken windows, etc. While you are busy cleaning, open all the windows to let the stale air out, burn incense or sage and change your air filter(s). Even if it is 2 below, open those windows even if for just 5 minutes while you smudge to purge the house of stale chi.

3)   MOON BATH on the Full Moon of the 21st put outside your crystals, and Feng Shui cures like Buddha Hotei statues, brass dragons, ducks, pagoda, fu dogs, wu lou health gourds, etc.

      But toss out the ba-gua mirrors, salt water cures, and coins as they accumulate way too much negative chi. (I use old coin strands on the Christmas tree or you can throw them into a fountain with wishes for blessings)

      The next day bring them in and make sure you have a clean sink and work area free of dirt or clutter. Then sprinkle sea salt over them while chanting a sacred song or prayer to bless and recharge, releasing all past toxins and ushering in new chi. Finally rinse them with water while still chanting or saying your prayers.

ALL 3 MUST BE DONE and Cures Placed By Friday February 4th 2019

Once the house is immaculate, place your cures according to the information given in the Flying Stars Blog. If you have extra cures not being used, store them in a special box for another year. For example the Rabbit totem that was needed last year is replaced by a Tiger for Pigs and Snakes in 2019.

Throw a party on February 5th (or wait for the following weekend) and invite friends for an Asian Feast potluck with fireworks, auspicious oranges, dumplings, and candies. For my family, this is the biggest party and celebration of the year.

February 6 we worship the God of Wealth

February 7 is considered a day of quarrels so avoid social engagements

February 9 is Po Wu day when people set off sparklers and eat dumplings

February 11 is considered the birthday of all of humanity so they eat a porridge with 7 vegetables to celebrate

February 19 is the Full Moon and the Lantern Festival Day when the New Year festivities come to an end with a grand parade in China Towns all over the world. Eating sweet rice balls and dumplings if fortuitous.

The Pig Prophecy

Like many of our more recent years the element sitting on top, the branch, of the annual animal is in conflict which translates into a conflicted year except this one. Yin Earth is more like Mother Earth and so the influence is more of one of accord, of compromise, forgiveness and this will be seen in international political affairs as well. Peace treaties, humanitarian aid, olive branch offerings. But be careful, there is still an element of danger it’s just hidden, its deceptive. Excuse me, is that a knife behind your back? Surprise attacks and rebellions may follow so don’t exhale just yet. The ongoing narrative and movement surrounding sexual abuse, women’s rights, and political corruption will continue to make headlines.    

It is being predicted as a very unstable year financially worldwide. The Yin Earth on top of the Pig is an elemental combination suggesting big businesses will be going bankrupt. Watch the stock market and your investments carefully. The proper use of cures and home or office design can make all the difference for you in terms of whether you suffer with money woes or are able to breakthrough and rally successfully.

It is a year of re-evaluating friendships, what is working and what isn’t in your life, and cleaning house, taking stock.

Natural disasters will be land related like sink holes, landslides, bridges or buildings collapsing, torrential rains, and floods. With no Fire in the Earth Pig we are sure to see more plane accidents, and the Yang influence of Water could result in more boating or luxury cruise accidents. And likely too are mines collapsing.

The Pig is known as the Traveling Horse and will motivate people to be more active, on the go, and taking more trips.

The Earth Dog of 2018 was heavy Yang Earth and as justice played out, as we rooted for the underdog, and found ourselves hitting walls or climbing mountains, as we felt ourselves oppressed or fighting for our cause we reach 2019 and say with our weary voices, I’m ready for a rest, ready for lightness and fun.  The Pig could make that happen. So put on your pink sparkly shoes or your red cowboy boots and let’s celebrate life! Time for rest, for healing, for gathering with friends and community, to create harmony in your life, to play more and stress less. Forget accumulating wealth and power, none of that matters in a Pig year when it is preferred to relax and savor the blessing of life. Eat good food, kick on the love light with a more passionate sex life, and appreciate the beauty surrounding you. The arts will do well this year. Don’t worry about your indulgences now; buying that painting, taking that trip, or buying that new spring wardrobe because the Metal Rat of 2020 will be coming to collect. Enjoy now, pay later. Not a year for big projects and heavy workloads but a year of planning and research. 2020 will be the year to implement and build.

After 2016 and 2017 Fire years, we came into 2018 and the Fire was buried. Fire is happiness and optimism. Now 2019, the Fire is snuffed out. Water is fear and that is the element we are now feeling. The bearish market will continue until 2025 when the Fire returns. So this is an economic downturn worldwide and a time of slow growth, weak markets, and financial struggle. Just think back 12 years to the last Pig Year 2007 when the impending Great Recession was looming before it hit in 2008, a Rat year.

Yin Earth born people tend to be keepers of the Earth, environmental activists, scientists, politicians, artists, and musicians. We know some people like that; Leonardo DiCaprio, Sigmund Freud, Michael Angelo, Charles Darwin, George Michael and US Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, and Franklin Roosevelt. Most Yin Earth people are fit or thin, charismatic, gentle, philosophical, humanitarians like Uma Thurman, Celine Dion, Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney, Julian Assange, and Charles Darwin.

The element Earth rules the stomach so now is the year to clean up your diet, learn to cook healthy meals full of organic fruits and veggies, buy from local farmers, avoid GMO products, processed or microwave meals. Clean out the kitchen and make changes so it is an oasis of creative experimentation! Yum Yum Yum! Also a great time to try going gluten free to reduce inflammation in the joints and to give your digestive system a break. Yin Earth is also related to the pancreas and diabetes so another opportunity to improve your health by reducing your sugar intake. With no Fire the heart and circulation are at greater risk. The Wood sitting under the Water of the Pig suggests rheumatism and bone illnesses. If your Chinese Astrology chart needs Fire, you will need to be very proactive to create that element in your lifestyle because it won’t be back for a few years. Fire is cooking, dancing, singing, everything related to the arts, horses, laughter, candle flame gazing, and spending time in the sunshine in nature. Wearing flashy bright patterns, red, fuchsia, orange, violet, and rose. Eating more bitter foods, Fire food is not spicy like you would think. Bitter foods are olives, apples, spinach, green tea, cinnamon, ginseng, and coffee.  Rose for healthy blood and joy, and Orange oil for lifting the mood.

Best Industries are those related to Wood and Earth; fashion, media, publishing, environmental industries, education, farming, floral/ herbal, and paper. Earth rules the Water so Earth industries will also fair well; property, insurance, computer tech, health related businesses, massage, yoga, and social services. Fire is the nurturer of Earth so the Fire industry will see greater productivity; energy, finance, and entertainment. Water industry will face steep competition so businesses like shipping, transportation, and communication will likely suffer. Metal industries will be active but without profit; banking, machinery, cars/ trucks etc., and steel. Remember the downturn in world economies mentioned earlier, this is related to the banking industry having an unfortunate year.

The Last Earth Pig Year 1959:

One of my favorite parts of writing this is looking back 60 years to see what was happening in our world.

  • Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba after the revolution
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama flees his homeland of Tibet from Chinese invasion and lives in exile still to this day along with many millions of Tibetan refugees
  • Alaska becomes the 49th state and Hawaii the 50th state
  • NASA launches the first Weather Station in space
  • The Barbie doll was first sold
  • World Antarctic Treaty was signed to protect this unclaimed land for scientific research – it now includes over 50 countries worldwide
  • The Film Ben Hur premiers
  • The Twilight Zone airs for the first time
  • The Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was completed
  • Floods in Taiwan leave over 2,000 dead
  • Typhoon hits Japan at over 160 mph killing 5,000
  • The US Grammy Awards aired for the first time
  • The Sound of Music opens on Broadway
  • Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper are killed in a plane crash, known as the day the music died that inspired the Don McLean Song “American Pie”
  • Other movies released in 1959 were: North by Northwest, Sleeping Beauty, and Some Like it Hot
  • Popular singers: Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Connie Francis, Jim Reeves, and Ella Fitzgerald
  • Xerox launches the first copier
  • Boeing 707 Jet Airliner comes into service cutting hours off transatlantic flights
  • Russia’s Lunar Probe photographs the far side of the moon – first pictures from space
  • Jack Kilby invented the micro chip

In 1959:        

The average cost of a new home was $12,400

The average annual income was $5,000

Cost of gas 25 cents

New car was about $2,200

Movie ticket was only $1

Loaf of bread 20 cents

Kodak movie camera $68

Good times!

The Pig – 12th Animal in the Chinese Zodiac – Ji Hai

Yin Earth branch sits atop the Pig and Pig is Yang Water with Wood underneath

The last Yin Earth Pig year was 1959

The personality of Pig people describes them as chilled out, easy going, present moment, and they indulge in whatever delights them. They aren’t too goal oriented and apply as much effort as is needed to keep the workload at a minimum. They enjoy shopping and surrounding themselves with beautiful things and having a style all their own. These are happy people that get along with everyone, easily making friends.

Positive attributes of the Pig are: enthusiastic, generous, outgoing, warm hearted, passionate, and upbeat.

But Pigs can also be: Self-indulgent, hot headed, excessive, spend thrifts, gullible, naïve, and materialistic.

Pigs are represented by the direction North/ North West, the elements of Yang Water with Wood, the season of Early Winter, and is the hours of 9:00 – 11:00 pm.

Zodiac Animals Compatible and Discordant with the Pig

Pigs are harmonious with Tigers, Rabbits, and Sheep

Pigs do not get along with Monkeys and Snakes – Monkeys (Yang Metal) are drained from Pig (Yang Water) weakening Metal. Snakes (Yang Fire) are likewise challenged as this is Fire being doused by Water. A Tiger charm is the ideal cure to keep Pig in its pen. Famous people born in the year of the Snake who are in for a potentially challenging year are; Bashar Al Assad, Bob Dylan, Bernie Sanders, Don Trump Jr., and Robert Downey Jr. Born on the Day of the Snake will impact them personally and in their romantic relationships; Angelina Jolie, Ivanka Trump, Barack Obama, Mel Gibson, George Bush, and Sylvester Stallone.

Born on the Day or Year of the Pig means you are offending the guest of honor, like showing up to a gala wearing the same gown as the hostess. No good. And this Pig Pig confrontation brings to your life disharmony, frustration, and irritation as well as Water related illnesses of the kidneys, reproductive organs, and urinary tract as well as skin issues and rheumatism. A weakened Earth for Pig people translates to digestive issues and pancreatic illnesses like diabetes. Heart and circulation issues too.

Keep a Tiger talisman with you (purse, rear view mirror, desk, bedside)

For those in conflict with the Pig; Snakes, Monkeys and other Pigs will do okay to move, travel, or change jobs but be very mindful not to engage in risky activities like speeding, driving distracted, jet skis, hang gliding, rebellious or reckless actions etc.

People who are offending the Grand Duke this year born in Year of the Pig are; Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John, Stephen King, Kevin Spacey, Mike Pence, Kim Jong-Un, Elon Musk, Justin Trudeau, and Julian Assange. Worse is to be born on the Day of the Pig as this will cause friction in romantic relationships and illness in the lower parts of the body. Famous people born on the Day of Pig; George Clooney, Jet Li, Prince William, and Celine Dion.

If you have a Pig, Sheep and a Rabbit in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology a surge of Wood enters your forecast for 2019 in a Full Wood Trio – depending on your chart, this may have a positive or negative impact but either way it will be felt. Even if you just have Rabbit, that influence of added Wood will still have an impact.

If you have a Pig, Rat and an Ox in your 4 Pillars Chinese Astrology a surge of Water enters your forecast for 2019 in a Full Water Trio – depending on your chart, this may have a positive or negative impact but either way it will be felt. Even if you just have Rat, the influence of Water will influence you.

If you are born in the Year or Day with a Fire branch, the Pig offers the Nobleman Star to you – these are years ending with a 6 or 7. The Nobleman sends Angels of protection, support and comfort. This is a Divine Blessing ensuring 2019 will be one of greater ease, opening the way for progress and developing new projects.