As a Feng Shui consultant and Chinese Astrologer there is no time of the year I look forward to more, except maybe yoga camp, than the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one. For me this is not just a December 31st ringing of bells and toast of champagne but rather a months long preparation to ready for a notable shift in energy. That energy will narrate the next 12 months of my life and the the lives of everyone around me including our living and working spaces, the events of nature, and the workings of politics, economies, and businesses.

I like to return to 2012 because the Dragon truly felt like a journey into the mystical and from there we slid into the 2013 Snake shedding our proverbial skin, when change came whether we accepted it or not and these changes were significant. The Horse of 2014 galloped through with passion, vision and energy. The 2015 Sheep brought an element of peace and accord. Then the election year of 2016 with Monkey antics and shenanigans where nothing made sense and seemed like a great joke was being played on us all. Now 2017 was a doozy with the Rooster crowing loudly “WAKE UP!” and we did! So as we advance with trepidation into 2018 wondering what is going to happen next to our country, our communities, and to ourselves we look to the Dog who stands up for those who can’t defend themselves, the loyal and protective guard who is keeping watch to ensure our safety, and the one who barks loudly for JUSTICE.

Yes, my friends, JUSTICE, is the word of 2018.

It is a mountain of Earth energy, impenetrable, massive, and strong. The Earth energy is very hot and very dry so I’m predicting record forest fires, droughts, and massive heat waves. But I also think that next year we will see some heroes rise and make an impact. Look for the underdog in sports teams and other areas like politics to rally and take the prize. Look for equality, fairness, and justice to prevail. Conflict now is looking for resolution. Will it come peacefully or with a fight? All eyes will now be on the Middle East and North Korea.

Financially, expect change and be really careful with your investments because an adjustment to the economy is likely. Major institutions could collapse. What could this mean and how would we be impacted?

Placement of Feng Shui cures and knowing your own personal astrology forecast for the year is the sure fire way to control your destiny and ride the flow of energy. The Dog year should come in well, have a bumpy middle, and end well so let’s just see how this all plays out.


January 31, 2018 marks the Full Moon that ends the Year of the Fire Rooster. You then have 2 weeks until the New Year in which to get your life and home in order.

Set aside a weekend in January to go over this check list to ensure you begin the year on the right foot:

  • Go room by room and make a list of things you want to change – donate unnecessary nick knacks, replace damaged furniture, clear out clutter, etc.
  • Now get into storage spaces like closets, attic, basement, and garage to assess how much you are holding onto and why. Ensure everything is neat, labeled, and organized
  • Go through drawers and replace old clothes
  • Have a clothes swap party with your friends
  • Make improvements to your home both inside and out
  • Go through your kitchen cupboards too and prepare to cleanse your eating habits by getting rid of all the processed foods, junk, anything that contains GMO, etc. Maybe this is the year you kick the sugar habit! Make a pledge to yourself and your family to eat more fresh organic locally sourced fruits and veggies, whole grains, seeds and nuts with minimal dairy and meat.
  • Trim trees, remove dead foliage, beautify the yard, and make plans for your spring garden – nothing like growing your own food!
  • Get your financial affairs in order – pay off debts and make sure clients have paid invoices
  • Clean out your car and make sure it is up on all its servicing, registration, etc.
  • Get a haircut and attend to your own health by making those annual appointments now


On the Full Moon of January 31st take your Feng Shui cures and crystals outside for a cleansing moonlight bath(doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining, or cloudy, the Full Moon’s power shines through regardless of the weather). This can be done the day before or after the Full Moon too.

The next day, douse them with sea salt and bathe in clean water to recharge them. Throughout the cleaning process say a prayer, mantra or blessing to clear these sacred items so they are fully charged for the New Year.

*Ba-Gua Mirrors and Coins must be replaced every year as they hold too much chi to be reused. Coins can be dismantled and tossed in a wishing well as a way of repurposing them or keep them for Christmas tree ornaments.

The New Moon on February 15th ushers in the New Year.

On this day it is said you should hang red lanterns in your home, set off fireworks to ward off evil spirits, wear new clothes, and give children lai see or money in red envelopes. Feast on dumplings and oranges, and gather with friends. Do no work on this day or you risk a year of hard work. What you do on this day sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Place Cures on the first day of the New Year Month February 3, 2018


Characteristics of an Earth Dog:

Dog people are principled, humanitarians, and the protectors of the Chinese Zodiac. They live by a strong code of ethics. They are serious about their lives. They take on the injustices of the world and will sacrifice their own lives for the benefit of others. They wait patiently until it is the right time to pounce. They operate on instincts. They do not rush, they do not leap into the unknown, they wait and watch carefully.

Dog nature is compassionate, protective, responsible, trustworthy, uncompromising, and driven but the Dog is also prone to being very pessimistic, anxious, judgmental, cynical, discouraging and introverted.

The Dog is represented by Yang Earth – the time of 7 – 9 PM – the month of October – the direction of the West/ North West (for the United States the focus will be on Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona) – the Season of Late Autumn.


Breaking Down this Doggy Dog Business:

As we navigate through this year know that having the 9 Star visiting the Center of every home and office creates a far greater chance for major earthquakes, landslides, and floods. Furthermore, countries that are Central like China, and Central South America will be more greatly affected. Northern countries and Northern facing notable buildings like the White House will feel the negative affect of the 5 Star bringing more obstacles.

World financial markets may fall or correct themselves but this is a short term adjustment that should work itself out by year’s end. Be financially conservative and cautious this year.

Okay so, the past several years we have had conflicted elemental combinations like the Fire Monkey and the Fire Rooster both banging Metal against Fire. But this year we have Earth sitting on top of Earth which typically would suggest a more harmonious year if it weren’t for the fact that Yang Earth is a powerful force of energy that even has its own name, Fai Kong. Children born in 2018 and people born in 1958 Yang Earth Dog tend to be determined, fighters, tough in character and do not give up easily. So this year look to see some people digging their heels in and not budging. Hard to find peace when people are being obstinate and uncompromising. The Dog points specifically to spiritual, cultural, and religious conflict. Look at 1958 for the impact of a mountain of Earth colliding for disasters like the Iran earthquake that measured 6.7, the earthquake in Ecuador that measured 7.6, or the whopper 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Russia, and the one in Japan measuring 7.2.

Wow, and then you have the Dog Dragon conflict in which the Dog who is seen as the occult, spiritual, and underground meets the Dragon at the gates of “Heaven and Hell” which is like a twilight zone where no angels will go so in the times of crisis there is no one there to save you. The more likely times for such disaster is in the hours of Dog 7 – 9 pm and the Dragon 7 – 9 am. 9/11 happened during the time of the Dragon, the 2004 South Asian tsunami was Dragon hour. The Dog being underground can bring great discoveries for archeologists like in 1922, a Dog Year, the discovery of the tomb of King Tut.

Dog Year being grave of fire, gates of hell, can mean strong and stubborn resistance from the conservative parties against progressive change.

Dragon and Dog also trigger 6th sense when in a person’s chart like Bruce Lee, Maria Sharapova, and Steve Jobs igniting in them intuition, innovation, and foresight.

Since 2013 we have had Fire in the annual elements giving people a pretty positive and confident time. 2017 we have seen this Fire element waning. Earth humbles us and prepares us for the fearful time of Water coming in 2019 thru 2021. Expect a long bearish market as we wait until 2025 for the Fire to return with a Year of the Snake.

In Chinese Astrology the Dog is seen as a Flower Hat meaning it brings times of artistic and scientific breakthroughs but also loneliness. 1898, an Earth Dog year, Marie Curie discovers radium and radioactivity. In 1958 the US saw a lot of space exploration and the launch of the first satellite. The first video game “Tennis for Two” was released. Two notable movies, Sleeping Beauty and Gigi were big blockbusters.  Also interesting to note that the Earth’s magnetosphere was discovered in 1958 and it was the International Geophysical Year.

There is a little Fire hidden in the Dog suggesting more airline disasters, explosions, fires, and this is especially so when the Tiger and/ or Horse are present like in the months of February or June. Likely the nuclear tension with North Korea will continue.

People born in Earth Dog year are very good with technology like computers so look for advancements in this field in 2018.

Be mindful that April, the month of Dragon, triggers a greater warning for earth related disasters like earthquakes and landslides.

With the Earthy Dog sitting on top of the big mountain it is not advised to do any activities related to mountains be it skiing, climbing, mining, etc.

In this year there is no Nobleman Star meaning no angels are descending to give us help in times of disaster or crisis so there will be greater casualties.


HEALTH: Earth represents cells as in cancer cells and muscles. Remember the Fire hidden inside will affect anyone with weak Fire in their chart through heart disease and blood circulation. Imbalances with the Earth element in your chart can lead to digestive issues, diabetes, and stomach ailments. The heavy Earth will make weight gain easier and weight loss harder. If Earth is a weak element in your chart you may see health issues related to pancreas and stomach. If the Three Penalties or Punishment is in your chart with Sheep, Ox, and Dog then there is a serious threat of cancer in 2018. Boost up your immune system with COQ10, anti-oxidants, a more alkaline and less acidic diet and diet is everything now. Check out my book Yoga with Nitya Cookbook; Seasonal, Local Vegetarian Recipes for a Healthy Family for inspiration on cleaning up your pantry and your digestion.

Look at Steve Jobs who died of pancreatic cancer who had excessive Earth element in his chart. David Bowie had weak Fire and heavy Earth in his chart died in 2016.


INDUSTRY: Wood and Fire industries will do well since Wood rules Earth and Fire produces Earth so there is far more activity and productivity. Fashion, media, paper, publishing, education, environmental, farming, gardening, flowers and herbs, energy, finance, and entertainment. While the Earth element industries will face steep competition property, mining, high tech, and health care including yoga are not as prosperous especially given Water is Earth’s money element and there is none available. The Metal industry as well will struggle banking, automobile, and machinery. And Water businesses also suffer transportation, communication, shipping, communication, and sales.

Chinese Astrology:

Famous people affected by the Earth penalty are The Queen (affecting health), JK Rowling (affecting health and relationship),  Julia Roberts (affecting marriage, health, and mental health), Donald Trump, and. I will have more on the POTUS chart but suffice it to say, he is in for a world of hurt next year as he has Ox, Dog, and Sheep all penalizing him with challenges and opposition.

People affected by the Dragon clash are Vladimir Putin, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Obama, Russell Crowe, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Also born on the Day of the Dragon are Prince Phillip, the Queen, Kate Middleton, Kristen Stewart, and Edward Snowden. When a clash or penalty hits the Day Pillar likely issues with relationship and marriage are negatively impacted.

People born in the year of the Dog are offending the visiting annual Dog should keep a Rabbit talisman close are Melania Trump, Sylvester Stallone, and George W Bush.


  • The winner here is anyone born on the day or in the year of the Rabbit
  • Tiger and Horse also harmonize with the Dog and people born on the day or in the year of the Tiger and or Horse should do really well unless Fire is a negative element for your chart.
  • The astrological sign that will face the greatest challenge this year is anyone born on the day or year of the Dragon people should keep a Rabbit talisman with them for protection. Expect more travel, moving, and job changes this year but don’t travel or move in a NW direction. Avoid risky activities and sports.
  • A Penalty or Punishment occurs with anyone born on the day or year of the Ox, and or Sheep. To have all three, Dog, Sheep and Ox in your chart is a Major Punishment. These Penalties suggest complicated relationships especially in your family that cause stress, are draining, and deplete your energy. Disease and illness related to pancreas, stomach, muscle pain, cancer, and also heart disease and circulation issues are more likely. Keep a Rabbit talisman with you throughout the year for protection.
  • The Rooster is Harmed by the Dog weakening the Metal and Earth elements in your chart. This may be an okay thing depending on the configuration of your chart and what elements are most beneficial.
  • The Dog represents a Void for anyone born in 1924 – 1933 and 1984 – 1993. Void are times when it feels like you are walking knee deep in mud with fog all around you; it is hard to move forward without a lot of extra effort and the best response is retreat into a simpler lifestyle.
  • Anyone born on the day or in the year of the Dog will either suffer from Fan Yin, when you are born on the day of the Dog which is the biggest upset and can lead to a direct attack on you affecting relationship/ marriage, divorce, accidents, upset with family, and health crises. The other affliction is Fu Yin which is milder and affects those born in the year of the Keep a Rabbit talisman with you for protection throughout the year. Expect more travel, moving, and job changes this year. Avoid risky activities and sports.

The last Earth Dog was in 1958

By looking back to the last Earth Dog we get a snap shot of what our year 2018 might look like.

The first successful launch of a satellite into space – Explorer 1

Egypt and Syria form the United Arab Republic

Clifton Wharton is confirmed as the first US African American foreign minister to Russia

Ted Williams signs with the Red Sox for $135,000 – making him the highest paid baseball player

Record Breaking tornado with winds at over 250mph hits Wichita Falls, Texas

“Say Darling: open in NYC with over 300 performances

Fidel Castro’s rebels attack Havana

Mowhawk Airlines hires the first African American airline stewardess, Ruth Carol Taylor

The Bridge over the River Kwai wins Golden Globe and Best Picture Academy Award

March 14, US nuclear tests are done in Nevada Test Site and throughout the year there are nuclear tests in the US

USSR is also testing nukes

March 22 King Saud appoints Faisal Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia

March 24 Elvis joins the army

Sugar Ray Robinson is a 5 times boxing champ

April 6 Arnold Palmer wins the Masters Golf Tournament

Unemployment reaches 20% marking the height of the 1958 Eisenhower Recession lasting 8 months and was felt worldwide

Gunsmoke wins an Emmy Award

US court frees poet Ezra Pound from an insane asylum

James Agee wins Pulitzer Prize for Death in the Family

US President Dwight D. Eisenhower – Vice President Richard Nixon

May 9th Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is released

May 17th Emergency crises announced in  Algeria

South Pacific soundtrack is #1 on the charts got over 30 weeks

Mao Zedong starts the Great Leap Forward movement in China

June 1 Charles De Gaulle elected French President

June 6 De Gaulle announced Algeria will always be French

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe was published and is considered one the most widely read African American books

Jul 3 The Andy Williams Show premiers on ABC

Adolfo Lopez Mateos elected President of Mexico

July 7 Alaska becomes a state

William Shea makes a plan for a 12 million dollar stadium in Flushing Meadows NY

Lil Abner closes at St James Theater in NY after over 600 performances

General Abdul Kassem forms a military government to overthrow Iraq’s monarchy

Eisenhower sends troops to Lebanon

Velcro was patented

The hula hoop was first sold

Jul 31 Anti-Chinese uprising in Tibet

Aug 1 after 26 years the US postage stamp increased by 1 cent to 4 cents

Jordan and Iraq dissolve their Arab Federation after 3 months

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov published

Aug 22 Great Britain tests nukes

Chinese Civil War – the 2nd Taiwan Strait crisis

Cup O Noodles otherwise known as Ramen Noodles was created by Momofuko Ando

Aug 27 USSR launches Sputnik 3 with 2 dogs aboard

Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak is published in the US

The Huckleberry Hound Show by Janna-Barbera featuring Yogi Bear premiers

Guinea votes for independence from France

Donna Reed Show premiers on ABC

Oct. 14 Washington DC Bar Assoc. votes to accept African Americans as members

Oct 21 First women in British House of Lords

Pope John XXIII elected

Oct. 29 Boris Pasternak refuses Nobel Prize for literature

Dr. Mason Sones is first doctor to perform a coronary angiogram

Nov. 24 Mali, Senegal, Congo and Mauritania become autonomous members of French Community

Dec. 1 Our Lady of Angels School fire kills 92 students and 3 nuns in Chicago

Benelux Treaty signed between Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg

Dec. 16 Bogota warehouse fire kills

Dec. 19 first radio broadcast from space of President Eisenhower’s Christmas message

Dec. 21 Charles De Gaulle wins first President of 5th Rep. of France

Chipmunk Song hits #1

Dec. 31 Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista flees Cuba

1958 marked the end of the baby boom and began an 11 year decline in births

Toyota and Datsun cars are sold for the first time

The Great Chinese Famine began in 1958 and ended in 1961 killing 30 million people

Famous births from 1958 are Tim Kaine, Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter, Alex Baldwin, Andie McDowell, Michelle Pfeiffer, Keith Haring, Rick Santorum, Annette Bening, Prince, Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes, Kevin Bacon, Madonna, Angela Bassett, Belinda Carlisle, Steve Guttenberg, Tim Burton, Michael Jackson, Jeff Foxworthy, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Tim Robbins, Viggo Mortensen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Charlene Tilton,

Cost of a House – $12,750 Average Rent $92 Average income $3,851