Health in a Yang Wood Dragon Year: The Dragon sits in the South East as an Earth element very connected to the Water and Wood of spring time. It is a lush damp Earth full of potential for growth unlike the cold sterile Earth of the Ox in January, or the dry hot Earth of the Dog in October or the muggy hot Earth of the Sheep in July. So the Dragon is very connected to the Wood element even though in the cycle of relating Wood controls and covers the Earth. Fire is now nourished by the Wood and activated by Earth, so I think this element Fire in our charts should be okay this year unless that is a weak element, in that case there may be some issues with heart, emotions, and circulation. The element most at a disadvantage is Metal which controls Wood and is weakened in that effort, the dampness of this Dragon would be another weakening aspect. Therefore, issues related to grief, loss, respiration, asthma will likely be aggravated by the elements of 2024.   Wood is the liver, it is tendons, and movement is therefore likely to increase as in people being more active. Remember the emotions of each element as Liver when not in balance leads to outbursts, anger, violence, and impatience. Earth element tends to be very focused on digestion so be aware of your diet and if you have issues with bloating, stiff joints, constipation, indigestion which are all signs that you are eating incorrectly. We have forgotten how to nourish ourselves. Eliminate all the processed foods and fast foods and adopt a more plant-based diet rich in organic greens, veggies, fruits, lentils, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains. Truly this is all we need to be healthier. Much of our bread in America has added gluten so if you have arthritis, digestive issues, and you aren’t pooping at least once a day, try removing inflammatory foods from your diet like dairy, corn, soy, and gluten. After a month you should feel so much clearer in your mind, lighter in your body, and more energized.  

The Economic Forecast in 2024: Regarding the economy, the Fire element drives the stock market. The five elements also affect people’s moods. In general Fire is joy, Water is fear, Earth is meditation, Metal is sadness, and Wood is anger. So a Fire year often generates optimism and the stock market goes up. The next Fire year is coming up in 2025. This will truly be a game-changing year when optimism and financial growth for more people will be enjoyed. The elements winning this year are the ones that control Earth and Wood, Wood is the controller of Earth and Metal controls Wood. These industries will surge in success. Metal industries are the financial market, banking, machinery, car sales and technology like space travel, AI, electric cars, and high tech. The Earth element is mining, healthcare, yoga, childcare, massage, insurance, and computer software. Since Water is motivated by Wood this industry will see more activity; transportation, communication, and shipping. In a Wood year, Wood industries face steep competition; textiles, media, paper, publishing, forestry/ timber, and farming/ flowers. Fire is the weakest industry and here we find cooking, dance, entertainment, movies, theater, arts, and fashion. I am cautious about this because Period 9 ruled by Fire begins now and I think this is going to impact the elements of 2024. This is a transformative year in which much is going to shift in a dramatic and surprising way. When you look at the elements of Yang Wood sitting atop the Dragon (Yang Earth with a little Water and Wood) there is a flow and also a competition or subtle control opposition humming under the surface.      The Dragon is the only Chinese Zodiac animal that is not of this world and so that gives it a mystical, other worldly vibe and magnetism. Dragon people and the vibration of Dragon years inspires wonder, confidence, and attracts attention. Dragons live a vibrant life, engaging in everything with enthusiasm but they tend to swoop from one delight and enticing person, activity, and distraction to the next. They exude a free spirit freedom, are optimistic, energetic, and blessed with good fortune. These are natural leaders. Remember Vladimir Putin has a Dragon in his Year and Hour. Multiple Dragons in a chart suggests a dictator like personality. A true force to be reckoned with. A Dragon in your Hour has an ascendent influence imbuing a magnetic charm, confidence, and independence. Dragons people and years are ones that are passionate, imaginative, optimistic, motivated, compelling, vibrant, and energetic.   The shadow side of the Dragon is dissatisfied, excessive, opinionated, intolerant, overpowering, egocentric, and unpredictable. The Dragon rules the month of April so that is the month when you will experience the essence of your 2024. Pay special attention to the events, experiences, people, and your welfare during this time to see what your year is going be about.  

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