Tiger is erratic as its innate personality is to go full tilt ahead or come to a screeching halt. Balance, therefore, is what Tiger teaches us best as we ride the roller coaster of this year. The Tiger waits in the tall grass, watching and waiting. Timing is everything this year too and we are cautioned to not be hasty, not rush out of the pandemic into the rat race of life as if we need to ever go back. No, the times have changed and we have too. Slow down, pace yourself like a cat on the prowl. Purrrring not growling, observant not reckless.

Balance and timing are the goal in our every day of 2022.

As we exit 2021 the month of January which is the last month of the year, slams us with a double Ox influence. The Year and the Month of the Ox all bring to the forefront and magnify all of your astrological and Feng Shui forecast for this year. Notice the level of intensity in these last 4 weeks. Remember too that anyone born on the day of the Dog, Sheep or especially the Ox will really be impacted by the ferocious conflict, a yearlong narrative that is now at its climax. Be very mindful, conservative, and cautious in the days ahead. Take note that the USA and President Biden are born on the Day of the Ox. Expect major conflict, war, uprising, rebellions, walk-outs, etc. to be headline news. The Ox will be stubborn in her slow exit.

We enter the year of the Water Tiger on February 1st and that first day of the first month is February 4th when we immediately find ourselves in a continuation of intensity. Why? The month of the Tiger is February and so all that your astrological forecast is for this year will be playing out enforce throughout the first 4 weeks. Pay careful attention to finances, work, health, relationships, and your own welfare in February. Journal in detail what is most impacting you for better or worse. Lay that over what your astrological forecast is and you will clearly see what to expect throughout the rest of the year. The better news is that once we pass February, things calm down. The intensity we have been feeling that has all but burned out our nervous system eases notably. Inhale and finally, here is the exhale. No more holding your breath to see what else is hitting your proverbial fan. Truly, now, we are in new waters once we pass 2/22. I intuit the pandemic will lift in the spring.

Wondering about this amazing numerology of 2022? That begins on 2/4/2022? Just like the Tiger, the number 2 is also all about tapping into your intuitive voice, finding balance, creating harmony, uniting and coming together whether in a partnership or in a more expansive global/ community. The Number 2 can also be sensitive, and indecisive. Isn’t it amazing when you start to peel back the layers what can be found? How these systems of divination and astrology all lead to a similar message, the one we are meant to hear at this very now moment.

The Tiger is Earthly Branch Wood with a little Earth and Fire with the Heavenly Stem of Yang Water sitting on top. Water and Wood are in flow with each other so this is harmonious, far more than in the past few years as Water nourishes Wood.  This is all Yang like a monsoon on a rainforest. That little spark of Fire, the first we’ve seen in many years, gives us optimism, joy, and confidence…a little bit. Water is seen as the element of emotions, deep feelings, and in Yang form is more likely to be exaggerated, dramatic displays of feelings. Like anyone born on a Yang Water Day, they tend to show impatience, volatility, and impulsiveness. Yang Water people are also smart, driven, determined to succeed, and natural leaders. Yang Water is a tsunami, an ocean, so all cannot remain totally harmonious in 2022, better for sure, but still the potential for war, conflict, and tensions arising that have explosive outcomes.

The Tiger is known for being independent, bold, social, courageous, impulsive, and volatile, the Water tempers it. Like the soothing comfort of climbing into mama’s lap, the Tiger calms down and becomes more reasonable. All Yang elements means a fast moving year with greater chances to aggravate or run into volatile situations. Again, there is this call to be mindful and seek out balance in your day to day life. This is a defining year when we leave behind all the cold damp of the past few years 2019 Yin Earth Pig (swampy Water), 2020 Yang Metal Rat (cold Water), and 2021 Yin Metal Ox (cold Earth). From Tiger we find great intuition, psychic ability awakened, and a greater connection to Spirit realms. Tigers wait and pay attention for the right time to take action and often can be indecisive. Tigers can wait so long to act that they forget what they were waiting for! This is a year when many people go from financial struggle to great wealth. Watch your investments and be ready to pounce at just the right moment to take the prize. The plans and dreams you started in 2021 can now manifest with spontaneity, passion, vision, and focus. What areas of your life felt held back in 2021? What plans and projects were you putting together that now you can release and implement? When the time feels most right, you will know.

Tiger as Yang Wood is much like that potent energy of a sperm meeting the egg, it is the rousing arrival of spring and the fertility of this moment is powerfully felt. This is the energy that can push a sprout from its casing, push through the earth and reveal itself to the sun. Birthing, creation, new beginnings, innovations, inventions, and potent possibilities are the landscape upon which we walk in 2022. With the Tiger we can expect to see the economy recover while growth, and stability to our lives is found again.

With the worst of the pandemic behind us if not behind us, the Tiger being the Traveling Star Zodiac Animal, will have us flying internationally again, and in general, moving about more freely. With more travel comes more accidents. Just look back 60 years to 1962 for the last Water Tiger and you will find many examples. Also, the Earth element is now very weak and this will mean the Earth herself is not only more vulnerable but unstable. Again, we look to 1962 and find an avalanche in Peru that killed 4000 people, and several mining disasters around the world. On a positive note, a Tiger year can activate space travel like in 1962.

Elementally, this is Yang Water and Yang Wood so the Earth element is weakened cautioning us to support a healthy immune system and digestive system by eating a cleaner, healthier diet with less processed food, factory “farm” meat, and sugar. The Wood element is associated with our liver, muscles, and tendons all of which will be healthier as we are more active and mobile in 2022.

The Tiger is the Academic Star so babies born in 2022 will be exceptionally intelligent. This doesn’t mean high grades and awards, it means a keen ability to shine in a particular field like Mark Zuckerberg or Vincent Van Gogh or Stephen King or Beethoven. This Academic Star also sparks creativity and the arts so the entertainment and restaurant businesses should do well in 2022.

Tiger is:

Yang Wood with a little Yang Earth and Fire.

The direction of the East/ North East

The season of early spring

The time of 3:00 – 5:00 AM

Tigers are brave, generous, bold, optimistic, independent, adventurous, exude excitement, they make great leaders, have a magnetic personality, and are survivors. They demand freedom and are revolutionaries as they break down barriers of rules, regulations, and oppression. Tigers can also be reckless, volatile, rebellious, aggressive, and emotional. These people have a child-like quality, crazy wild enthusiasm to live life by their own rules and at their own pace. They either are all in and totally engaged or disengaged and onto something else.

Expect in our world to see these qualities playing out. Specifically, know that the old systems are breaking down and have needed to for decades. This is a potent time to ascend to high vibrational living and this will require sacrifices, letting go of what was and being able to embrace change. New financial systems like crypto-currency are one example. 

Who rises highest are the Yang Animals of the Chinese Zodiac who will feels more impulsive and ready for action, whereas the Yin Animals will need more oomph to not get discouraged when things don’t go smoothly. Yang Animals are Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Dog, and Pig. Yin Animals are Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Rooster, and Rat.


The element of Yang Wood is going to be infused in everyone’s chart along with Water. If these are beneficial to your chart then this looks to be a good year for you but if they throw your chart off balance or forebode misfortune then 2022 won’t be your year.

BEST Zodiac combination with the Tiger are people born on the Day or in the Year of the Horse or Dog. These people will enjoy much good fortune.

WORST Zodiac combination is with Snake and Monkey. If you are born on the Day or in the Year of the Snake or Monkey you will experience more challenges, misfortune, and traffic accidents. Tiger as Yang Wood Clashes with the Monkey’s Yang Metal like an axe to a tree and this really is like an all-out battle. Sorry to say, but prepare for a war in your life. Tiger and Snake are a Harm as the Fire of the Snake weakens Tiger’s Wood. To have all 3 Tiger, Snake, and Monkey in your chart is to be vulnerable to chronic accidents, mishaps, sicknesses, financial losses and legal issues. It also sets you up for a heart attack or some other heart related illness, bleeding in the brain, or to be burned by fire. Elvis Presley, born in the Hour of the Snake died of heart disease on a Snake Year, Monkey Month, and in Tiger Hour. Another celebrity example would be Tom Cruise who is born on the Day and in the Year of the Tiger with a Monkey Hour so every time there is a Snake month or Year he has serious problems, especially with his lovers. He divorced both of his wives in a Snake Year. People born on the Day or Year of the Monkey and Snake should keep a Pig talisman with them for protection, avoid any risky behaviors and activities, but travel and moving are okay to pursue, even a job change is favorable. Avoid traveling in a NE direction.  

The months of May and August will likely be full of accidents, major losses, and lawsuits. These are months to be far more cautious.      

Born in the Year or on the Day of the Tiger means you are offending our guest of honor Tiger of 2022 and this can bring clashing, conflict, and you should carry a Pig talisman for protection.

Void Year if you were born in the years 1964 – 1973. Depending on how this lands in your chart, you may be facing some serious setbacks in your life. Have your astrology chart created by Lydia Nitya to get the full scoop.

Tiger, Rabbit, and Dragon form a seasonal spring trio of Wood and this can be a big surge of Wood influence in your chart/ life.

Tiger, Horse, and Dog form a trio of Fire which can impact your chart/ life in a significant way. If Fire is unfavorable to a chart it can cause heart, blood, and mental issues. Some celebrities experiencing this big Fire Trio are Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Sylvester Stallone, and George W Bush. This combination can also spur fire disasters in the world when we encounter Tiger, Horse, and Dog such as the 1986 Challenger exploded at lift off on a Fire Tiger Year, Horse Day, and Hour of the Snake. School teacher Christa McAuliffe was born in a Monkey month, Tiger day and was in a Luck Cycle of the Snake. 1986 was also the year of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Nobleman Star of protection is there for anyone born on the Day or in the Year of Yin Metal. These are years ending with 1. This opens the way and greenlights new projects, solves problems, and give you a chance to make serious progress in 2022.

Celebrities in conflict this year: Tiger people in an offending position with the visiting Tiger are Jodie Foster, Lady Gaga, and Tom Cruise. Monkey people with even greater clashing are Celine Dion, Will Smith, and Jared Kushner. People born on the Day of the Monkey will have a more direct impact of conflict to their wellbeing, safety, and romantic relationships and these are: Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jimmy Paige, and David Beckham. Who has the Full Snake, Monkey, and Tiger Punishment in 2022? Mark Zuckerberg.


The elements winning this year are the ones that control Water and Wood, Earth and Metal. These industries will surge in success. Metal industries are the financial market (inflation, crypto currency), banking, machinery, car sales and technology (look at the boon of electric cars coming out now), and high tech. The Earth element is mining, healthcare, yoga, insurance, and computer software. Since Water is motivated by Wood this industry will see more activity; transportation, communication, sales, and shipping – maybe the supply chain will recover! In a Wood year, Wood industries face steep competition; textiles, media, paper, publishing, real estate, forestry/ timber, education, and farming/ flowers. Fire is the weakest industry and here we find cooking, dance, entertainment, arts, and fashion.  


60 Years ago we had the last Yang Water Tiger in 1962. Let’s see what was happening in our world:

Average cost of a new house $12,500

Average annual income was $5, 556

Gas was 28 cents a gallon

A new car cost $3,000

Beatles first song released “Love Me Do”

Hot TV shows were Beverly Hillbillies, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Hot movies were West Side Story, Spartacus, El Cid, Lawrence of Arabia, To Kill a Mockingbird

Popular singers/ groups were: Roy Orbison, Neil Sedaka, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Chubby Checker, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles

John Glenn orbits the Earth

Cuban Missile Crisis

May 19 Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F Kennedy 3 months before her death

President Kennedy proposes the Consumer Bill of Rights

End to the Bay of Pigs fiasco

The Space Needle in Seattle Washington is completed in time for the World’s Fair

The Spider Man comic book superhero is introduced

Brazil won the World Cup

The first Wal-Mart opened

First Kmart opens

UN condemns South Africa’s racist apartheid policies

Oral Polio vaccine is developed and released

Algeria gains independence from France

Jamaica gains independence from Great Britain

The US Navy SEALS are created