Walk through your home going room by room and feel the energy of the photographs, art and sculpture. What is your response? These images surrounding you evoke a mood, a feeling that can either be working in harmony or not according to the elements of the Ba-Gua. These are some ideas for how to decorate according to the elements of each direction of the Ba-Gua. Please note that images of Water as well as fountains should never be placed in the bedroom as they will zap all sexual mojo.

East/ South East – Wood element – Landscape, trees, forests, garden scenes, dragon, snake, and rabbit animals, vertical stripes, colors of greens and blues, wood or cotton fabric.

North – Water element – Waterfalls, rushing river, lake, beach scene, rain, blue flowers, colors of blues and black. Metal frames would enhance the water element.

North East, South West or the Center of the house – Earth element – Tiger and ox (NE) or monkey and ram (SW) animals, mountains, Earth tones like beige, salmon, pastels, brown, yellow, and rust.

South – Fire element – Campfires, glowing fireplace, deer, horse, fireworks, candles, dancers, actors, performers, moon or sun, celestial, happy people, colors of hot pink, purples, and reds. Wood frames would enhance Fire.

West and North West – Metal element – Buildings, architecture, black and white photographs, automobiles, transportation, political figures, rooster (W), pig and dog (NW) animals, colors of White, Gray, Silver and Gold.

Best Tips for Displaying Art or Photographs:

*Don’t display lots of abstracts with sharp points creating “poison arrows”.

* Don’t display buildings, ships, etc. that met disastrous fates like the Titanic or the Twin Towers in NYC.

* If you are a single man or woman, make sure your artwork isn’t too dominant of Female or Male energy, especially if you’re trying to bring a lover into your life.

* In the main bedroom hang pictures of happy couples, your wedding photo, pairs of birds and other images of romance.

*Don’t hang a Water image over your bed as this suggests drowning in your sleep and zaps sexual libido and performance.

* In a main bedroom avoid any images other than of you and your partner, so avoid religious statuary, crosses, images, pictures of your children or family, etc.

* Hang a picture of a mountain or tall trees behind your desk for added support.

* Don’t display images of war, battle, hunting, animals snaring their prey, etc.

* Avoid displaying guns, swords and other weapons – store these safely and ensure they are NOT pointing towards someone’s bed or chair. Look at how they are stored they can “shoot” a poison arrow towards someone.

* Wolves and foxes are not auspicious nor are ferocious, deadly animals, real or imaginary.

* Birds – Swallows foretell prosperity when hung in the South or East. Eagles represent soaring success in the South. Pheasant or Phoenix is placed in the South representing, beauty, fame, fortune, and a healthy family tree. Doves go in the South for a long life. Magpies bring happiness, good luck and joyous news in the South. Lovebirds go in the South West for happy coupling. Mandarin Ducks as a pair supports devotion, faithfulness and joy in a marriage displayed in the South West. Cranes represent wealth, wisdom and abundance (heron would work here too) in the North.

* Avoid pictures that remind you of unpleasant events, loss, past relationships, etc…

*Look at the body language in photographs.

* Support local artists or craftspeople in your community or on platforms like Etsy. Avoid putting up manufactured “art” from places like home goods stores.

*Try not to date yourself by still displaying framed posters of bands or celebrities like you’re still in college.

*Avoid overwhelming your home with images of deceased loved ones, your children, or any other pictures of family that are in nearly every room. Reduce your family photos to living or den in the East or Eastern wall which is the domain of Family, according to Feng Shui. And ensure the people are happy, positive, and instill good memories.

*Please take urns of pets and loved ones to the North East part of your yard and create a memorial or sanctuary for them there with flowers and other lovely landscaping. Having urns in the home can create a very unhealthy Yin energy that deprives the living people in the home of vital life force for thriving.