Earth []

Direction – Center (Heart of your Home), South West (Mother and Marriage/Partnership) & North East (Father, Teachers, Heroes, Wisdom, Education)

Shape– Square, Checks

Art/Design – Mountains, desert, beach, crystals, pottery, terracotta, porcelain, china, in the NE images of father, religious figures, heroes, SW images of couples, mother, Metal frames

Colors – Desert shades; yellow, tan, beige, peach, rust, brown

Body – Spleen, stomach, muscle, fat, digestive, immune system

Food – Sweet, honey, fruit, cereals, bread, pasta

Scent – Musk and Pine

Chinese Zodiac Animals – Ox is the month of January, Dragon is the month of

April, Sheep is the month of July, and Dog is the month of October

Cycle of Relating – Nurtured by Fire, Motivated by Metal, and in Conflict with Water and Wood

Metal (

Direction – West (Children, Creativity, Productivity) & North West (Angels, Guides, Saints, Gurus)

Shape – Circles or Arches, Dots, Chrome

ART/Design – Black and White photography, Metal frames, Mountains, Sky, Angels, Clouds, Stars, Moon, Transportation, Metal statues, leather furniture with chrome, Zen, in the W pictures of children, in the NW pictures of friends, colleagues.

Colors – White, Gray, Gold, Silver, Ivory, Glitter,  

Body – Lung, Nose, Hair, Lg. Intestine and Skin

Food – Spicy, pungent, jalapeno peppers, curry, ginger, horseradish

Scent – Rosemary, also peppermint and lemon oil

Chinese Zodiac Animals – Monkey is the month of August, and Rooster is the 

month of September

Cycle of Relating – Nurtured by Earth, Activated by Water, in Conflict with Fire and Wood

Water ~

Direction – North (career)

Shape– Wavy, Flowing

Art/ Design – Silky, Sheer fabrics, water features like fountain and fish tank if it works for your Feng Shui Flying Stars, images of water, fish, boats, Wood or Metal frames, diplomas, degrees, and things associated with your career.  

Color – Black, Blue, Navy, Deep Purple

Body – Kidney, Sexual Organs, Bladder, Bone, Teeth, Ear

Food – Salty, seafood, pickled or fermented foods, watercress

Scent – Honeysuckle and chamomile

Chinese Zodiac Animals – Pig is the month of November, and Rat is the  month of December

Cycle of Relating – Nurtured by Metal, Activated by Wood, and in Conflict with Fire and Earth

Wood =

Direction – South East (wealth, abundance, money) & East (family and health)

Shape – Vertical, Rectangular, Stripes, Floral, Leaves

ART/ Design – Landscapes, Floral Pictures, Trees, Wood frames, Wood furnishings, Floral slipcovers, and healthy lush plants, in the SE images that are abundant and suggest wealth, and in the E images of family and health

Color – Green, Teal, Sage, Emerald, Celery

Body – Liver, Gallbladder, Eyes, Ligament, Nerves, Mood

Food – Sour, vinegary, tart, plums, grapefruits, limes, and grapes

Scent – Jasmine, parsley, geranium oil, and sandalwood oil

Chinese Zodiac Animals – Tiger is the month of February, and Rabbit is the 

month of March

Cycle of Relating – Nurtured by Water, Activated by Fire and in Conflict with Metal and  Earth

Fire ^

Direction – South (reputation, recognition, fame)

Shape – Triangular, Abstract

ART/ Design – Kitchen, stove, fire pit, fireplace, candles, incense, furnace, images of the sun, happy children, abstract art in Wood frames, awards, ribbons and other accolades

Color – Red, Orange, Purple, Ruby, Hot Pink, Rose, Violet

Body – Heart, Tongue, Blood, Mental Health, Small Intestine

Food – Bitter, dark chocolate, coffee, apples, olives, spinach and dark leafy greens, green tea

Scent – Orange, and Rose oil

Chinese Zodiac Animals – Snake is the month of May, and Horse is the month of June 

Cycle of Relating – Nurtured by Wood, Activated by Earth and in Conflict with Water and Metal