My language is laughter and lunacy

for I see light play and I hear trees whisper to the birds,

“Stitch me together in nests of twine and straw.”

And the birds trill in response,

“Gratitude for your strong arms and lullaby dance on gusted wind.”

When I heard you speak, I understood,

Like birds, and trees, and wind, and light.

Our hands woven bone and flesh, as I leaned in to softly say,

“Stitch me together in your love and kindness.”

And your breath warm on my ear whispered,

“Fold into my arms and know this is home.”

I see us now under the canopy of sky and stars

Embraced by the trees standing so strongly rooted and greened.

Serenaded, the song birds and wind sing,

“Sweet surrender do we weave into this collective

of roots, and branches, and nests, and feather down.”

Wordless and paused, I gaze into the black canvas of night

For you to hold me there, threaded as the stitching begins.

I reach for you like seeds sewn so deep, so deep down where their subtle vibration echoes,

“Through these stones, and fertile earth are we all drawn to the warmth of the sun.”

And you and I are so much more than you and I, for we are an us who promise,

“My beloved, let’s inhale the fragrance of this great love in bloom and never cut a single one

but rather let it become a wild thing that takes over all the world.”