A sampling of some of the poems being published in the upcoming Musings from the Mat; Inspirations and Poems by Lydia Nitya Griffith.

Seeds and Dreams


Under the filling moon I saw them,

The first sprouts rising up, misted and sparkling like gems.

What grows in this garden of my heart,

Unleashed in forgotten dreams, creased on the pillow,

Pressed and fresh come morning?

And like a child anxious to open a gift,

I run to the window to see

What the night grew

Under that white lighted moon.

I’m still looking, I’m still searching

For what grows out of dreams inspired by memories.

I go outside and my feet are wet with grass and clover dew.

I dig my fingers into the earth and breathe

My first full fertile breath,

An inhalation like roots expanding,

Exhaling stars and seeds.




Two boys biking-

Daffodils sunning on the lawn –

A man with a ladder looks up

Into the tree of his work –

Someone enters a shop

With a bells ring to buy something

Useless –

A hawks’ cry pierces the warming air –

Its mate answers devotedly –

And two boys are biking –

Their laughter is lost in the din of the day –

Their afternoon is open and endless

As childhood can be –

So simply, so simply,

Two friends.

And even now, somehow,

Nothing else matters.