Being Spring

The streets are empty.

The air is full of the aroma of suppertime.

My walk is a wandering,

I know where I am going

But there is no time anymore,

It’s just now.

So there is space to be aimless,

And there is room to be mindless,

Of course I mean that in the most liberated, deliciously idle way,

And so there is, as consequence, room for being-ness.

A thin chartreuse dusting of pollen covers everything.

Breathing tickles my nose.

I smell the tulips, daffodils, lilac, and cherry blossom.

Gratitude fills my heart,

A heart opening to the uncertainty of tomorrow

As my feet remind me of today.

Home comes into view and I know empty rooms await.

The kitchen in its new evening darkness will soon erupt into my own supper making

But I wish you were there, whoever you are

I hope that you will join me soon

Because the walk has gotten long

And spring sings in the trees for love.


I Woke Up

I woke up one morning and spring had sprung

All the cacophony of bird song bright in the dawn

Roused me from a sleep I had not slept

The bedsheets told the story of this restless night passing


I woke up one morning and the world had gone to sleep

The streets and skies were empty of cars and planes

So people came out on their feet and ran, walked, skipped, and danced.

They came out with their loves, their children, their pets.

I stood there spinning.


I woke up one morning and all the places were closed

There was nowhere to go and nowhere to be

Schedules erased and calendars opened up to a brand new time in a brand new way

There was nowhere else to go but inside to see

What there was to explore in this beautiful spinning me.


We woke up one morning and opened our eyes

To realize the matters of this life; the truths, the secrets, the everything

The every thing that speaks in this new stillness, hushed spaces where we sit

For all this humanness against the landscape of sky, bird, river, and flowering-ness

We stand here spinning – We stand here awake.