I saw blood in the night sky.

I heard the shots ring out as the stars collided.

I felt the breaking of millions, of millions, so many gathered.

Yes, witness this.


Together we can know truth for we saw

And we heard

But maybe more than that,

We felt this.

We made a choice.


I transformed the blood to war paint

To mark your forehead like a sadhu.

Kneel with me.


I took that shot fired and let it rage ravaging

To become a garden abloom, so fragrant, so vibrantly sweet.

I close my eyes and inhale with tense depth.


A congregation of millions gathered at night

As the breaking of beliefs was cracking us in two,

I saw a light begin to grow

And it was you

And it was you

And it was you

It was millions of you’s

Painted by a palette of bloody crimson

And it was the rage that ricocheted out

And censored the voices to a silent vigil.


Tonight like all nights displays such an astral awe

That I had to hold your hand and look up.

You, sadhu of ancient times.

You, alien of distant realms.

You, who with me recognizes a revolution evolving now.


Just when this now time had protested loudest

Did we finally start to understand,

You were just asking me to be kind.                    

All the millions, all the you’s, truly

That is all that was ever asked of us,

To simply be kind.

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