For clients who have already had a Feng Shui consultation with Lydia Nitya. Period 9 begins in 2024 Year of the Dragon and is a big shift in our home Flying Stars energy that can greatly imapact your health, wealth, relationships,and overall wellbeing. Should you update or make adjustements according to how the Flying Stars have now changed?

This Reading Includes:

  • Your current home’s Flying Stars and how they are changing
  • The critical analysis that tells you whether or not you shoudl update your home to Period 9
  • Suggestions for interior design changes and needed features such as a fountain or mountain placement
  • This comes with a complimentary Bazi Chinese Astrology update for your chart with detailed, persoanlized predictions for 2024
    • An overview of how 2024 will impact your life
    • Month by month predictions specific to your chart


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