When we look at the landscape of this highly unusual, deeply polarized election season we find that this coming election will bring nothing short of a revolution, a reboot, a retaliation, a resurgence. We find this in both candidates charts.

Joe Biden born November 20, 1942 8:30

Donald Trump born June 14, 1946 9:54

First we look at where each candidate is in their chart, then the forecast for their year and finally the energy at play for Election Day. Remember, astrology is like layers of an onion with the greatest influence being your birth chart, then the current Luck Cycle you are in, then the current year, then the month, then the day and you can even take it to the hour. When you get down to predictions in someone’s hour that is called date selection which is very useful for signing contracts, getting married, and other important dates.

Joe Biden is born in the year of the Yang Water Horse, the month of the Yin Metal Pig, the Day of the Yin Fire Ox, and the hour of the Yang Wood Dragon. He is pretty balanced as far as Yin/Yang, masculine/ feminine energies and his chart is fairly balanced with the greatest emphasis being on his career (Water element). Ox people are extremely hardworking and committed to getting the job done but also stubborn. Being born in the year of the Horse gives him emotional passion, or compassion, spontaneity, independence, and impatience. His Current Luck Cycle is influenced by a Yin Earth Sheep. Just like Trump, who is a Sheep person with an Ox Luck Cycle, they are both feeling the impact of a direct hit on their position, welfare, health, and marriage. It is a full on personal attack. This Luck Cycle just began in the fall of 2018. This is a very active and productive time in his life. There is some mention of funding as in outside resources and a confidence within himself along with feeling supported. This decade from 2018-2028 is really draining, his Fire self is weaker. A benefit is that the Clash of Ox and Sheep is alleviated by a semi seasonal Fire Trio which gives him that needed boost of his own energy. This Year of the Rat 2020 brings in Yang Metal on top of Yin Water. Metal and Water bolster finances and his career giving him greater influence and affluence. The forecast points to wealth, travel, his health, and his marriage all being strengthened but again, there is that clash of Ox and Sheep bringing instability. The ebb and flow of positivity and negativity, of strength and weakness. The Yin Water points to a major focus on career this year, one that will inevitably lead to challenges and changes. Election Day brings in the influence of 2 Dogs and a Rat to his chart. The Dogs clash with the Dragon in his Hour, this can bring more adjustments to his role, to his job. The environment is one of exquisite mental clarity and intuition, of redirecting, of revolution, of radical change. Money is flowing in from many outlets and he has support coming in from peers, voters, friends, and his confidence is grounded with strong roots.

His running mate – Vice President Kamala Harris – Born in the year of the Yang Wood Dragon, month of the Yang Wood Dog, Day of the Yang Water Tiger, and the hour of the Yang Metal Dog. This woman is very Yang, very assertive. Her Tiger combines with Biden’s Horse to release Fire showing she is a natural support for Joe. She is also independent, a leader, ambitious and energetic. Her Tiger self will go full steam ahead with great focus but when she stops, she crashes. Managing her workload and energy is key to her longevity so she doesn’t burn out. So much of her energy is wrapped up in the elements of Wood, what motivates her and keeps her active, and Earth, her career. As a Water person she needs Metal to feel strengthened, empowered, and supported. In 2018 she moved into a new Luck Cycle of the Yang Earth Dragon, this is a radical shift for her career. Massive change. So, this year of the Metal Rat is giving her exactly what she needs to succeed. There is a lot of support, there is also a great focus on herself, her constituents, her allies, and feeling a self-empowerment that has her positioned to launch into a really powerful new role in her career. It’s all aligning. The Election Day reinforces all of this with the addition of money, travel, and good health sweetening the pot of what appears to be a truly stellar year.    

Donald Trump is born in the year of the Yang Fire Dog, the month of the Yang Wood Horse, the day of the Yin Earth Sheep, and the hour of the Yin Earth Snake. His chart is very dominant Fire and Earth, he is all about himself and where he finds support. He has no Water, very little Metal and his Wood, is also weak. His chart is extreme, and unbalanced. The Dog tends to be someone who stands for justice, outspoken, pessimistic, restless, good Samaritans, and his day points to someone creative, a people pleaser, and a peacemaker. His current Luck Cycle is the Yin Metal Ox bringing a direct Clash to his Sheep creating instability to his welfare, his marriage, and his livelihood. There is also a Punishment in his chart from 2013 – 2023. A lot of stress and a ton of friction, contention, and what appears to be an endless fight. One might say his chart/ his life is embattled. The Metal of this decade is motivating him to be more active while the Ox energy of Earth is just reinforcing his own Earth, overinflating his energy to an even more imbalanced chart. 2020 brings Metal and Water to not only push him into greater activity but also surge in finances. He is in the midst of a revolution, a radical year that is pushing for change. The Rat Clashes with his Horse while Harming his Sheep, so the Water, his finances, are really taking a hit. As we move into Election Day, we have 2 Dogs and a Rat. All of this is embroiled in conflict. It’s truly a mess. So much contention.

Vice President Mike Pence  – Born the year of the Yin Earth Pig, the month of the Yang Metal Horse, and the day of the Yang Metal Monkey. No time of birth can be found so we cannot see his career Zodiac Animal. Pigs are people who are spend thrifts, easy to get along with, an amiable, and love to live in the lap of luxury. As a Monkey person he loves to solve problems, to have varied job duties as he gets bored easily, and he is good at multi-tasking. As of 2019 he is in a Luck Cycle of the Yin Water Pig. He is in a time of change, of radical maneuvers in his life. Sound like a growing narrative? It is, this theme of revolution is all over the charts of the candidates and the astrology of the US for 2020. Expect BIG change by year’s end. The Pig Harms his Monkey, this is in his natal chart and magnified in this Luck Cycle pushing him to do more, produce more results, and it’s causing instability. This year 2020 brings Yang Metal and Yin Water which gives him great confidence and support. The Rat surges this Water influence that is pushing for that revolution, for something radical to be done. There is a seasonal semi Water Trio with Rat and Pig, and another semi Water Trio of Rat and Monkey. All this Water is really saying – do, go, make it happen! Election Day shows a shift in his career, it is happening all this month of October, and remember Election Day is still in the month of October according to the Chinese Calendar. Here we find a lot of support, allegiances, self-confidence, and a focus on his career, a career that is seeing change this month. There is also loss of income, a hit to his finances.

So much to look at, so many moving parts here with all 4 of these people. The VPs have the better charts but none as sweet at Kamala Harris. My call is a Biden-Harris win. Let’s see how this goes.

An election during a pandemic is sure to play out differently and with this there is the real concern for how people react. Perhaps we can move from revolution to renaissance.