Preparing for the New Year: The Year of the Tiger ends on Friday January 6th and we then have 2 weeks to prepare for the New Moon on the 21st. This thorough cleaning includes:
Vacuuming under rugs, behind furniture, and under the bed
Dusting tops of fixtures, lamps, electrical cords, behind electronic equipment, etc
Washing windows
Changing house filters
Cleaning baseboards
Re-organizing cabinets, closets, and storage spaces

Walk Thru the Interior and Exterior of the house and check for:
Changes needed to décor for the New Year according to the information given in the Flying Star Blog.
Moving of furniture or the need to replace pieces that are worn out
Opportunities to de-clutter or minimize the amount of things you have
Condition of paint or wallpaper
Condition of wall-to-wall carpeting
Evaluation of exterior trees, shrubs and greenery to ensure there are no dead limbs needing to be trimmed or bushes needing to be replaced Look at siding, paint, shutters, and other structural parts that may need repair
Look all around your property to ensure your surroundings are healthy, vibrant and flowing
Look at the entrance of your home, especially, to see if any improvements need to be made to make it more welcoming and open
Clear up Debts and Finances
Ensure you have no outstanding debts before the beginning of the New Year
Ensure you have been paid up for any open invoices
Have all your tax documents to the accountant by the end of January
Re-organizing and neatening
Start in the attic and work down to the basement closets, dresser drawers, linens, storage spaces
Create bags of things to donate to charity
Box up items for a Spring Yard Sale
De-clutter excess stuff that needs to be thrown out, recycled, gifted or sold
Tidy up bookshelves
Clean out filing cabinets and desk drawers to ensure all business from 2022 is boxed and put in storage
Clear Old Feng Shui Cures Under the Light of the Full Moon January 5th – 6th Crystals, frogs, statues, etc Discard old coins and ba-gua mirrors (they absorb too much toxic chi to be re-used – throw the coins into a fountain with good wishes for the New Year and throw the Ba-Gua mirror into a fire to burn off any negative chi from 2022)
After an overnight bath in the Moon’s cleansing, lightly rinse the cures with salt water – you can chant a prayer or song or affirmation to induce the cures with new positive energy
All cures are put in place by January 21st, the New Moon.   
Celebrate the New Year with fireworks, wonderful Asian food, and friends. Our Annual Chinese New Year Party is the biggest social event of the year. We love to decorate the house with lanterns and red lights and wear traditional Chinese dresses.