2015 Year of the Green Goat

February 19th 2015 – February 7, 2016


Tuesday February 3rd marks the Full Moon that ends the Year of the Wood Horse. For the next two weeks we have a golden opportunity to spruce up, clean out, rearrange, and prepare for the New Moon of the New Year on February 19th.

This is a time to go through your house; room by room, closets and cabinets, attic, basement, garage, and shed and take note of excess, of what’s broken, damaged, faded, outdated.

Make a pile for the trash, a pile to donate and maybe a pile to sell. Take note of what new items might be needed to refresh a room; a new piece of local art, cushions for the couch, bed linens, etc.

Then go outside and evaluate the condition of trees, shrubs, plantings, grass, etc. What needs to be removed, trimmed or renovated? Is it time to turn that lawn into a big garden? What about the exterior of the house itself? How are the roof, gutters, siding, paint, etc? Make note of what needs improving and hit the local hardware store.

This is also a time to clear up old debts. Ensure nothing owed you is outstanding and that you have paid up on all of your bills. Get your taxes to the accountant. This ensures your finances are cleared and ready for an abundant New Year.

On the Full Moon of February 3rd take your Feng Shui cures and crystals outside for a cleansing moonlit bath. The next day, douse them with sea salt and clean water to recharge them. Throughout the cleaning process say a prayer, mantra or blessing to clear these sacred items so they are fully charged for the New Year.

*Ba-Gua Mirrors and Coins must be replaced every year as they hold too much chi to be reused. Coins can be dismantled and tossed in a wishing well as a way of repurposing them.

The New Moon on February 19th ushers in the New Year. On this day it is said you should hang red lanterns in your home, set off fireworks to ward off evil spirits, wear new clothes, celebrate with friends, and give children lai see or money in red envelopes. Feast on dumplings, oranges, and gather with friends.

Gung Hai Fat Choy!