January offers us a time of preparation between the Full Moon on January 17th and the New Moon, Chinese New Year, February 1. Yet, beginnings and endings are not clear cut. One year doesn’t end and another begins. There is a shadow of the old Ox of 2021 lingering just as the Tiger of 2022 begins to purr. January this year is EXTRA! The reason is that it is the month of the Ox in the Year of the Ox. In these 4 weeks you and the rest of the world are in for a serious review of ALL 2021 has been. Think of this as your final exam. If it was a pretty good year, no worries. If it was a more difficult year, then hang on. Either way, I intuit that it is going to be intense. Remember that President Biden and the USA have an Ox in the Day of their Bazi Chinese Astrology Chart which is literally a direct hit to safety, health, and wellbeing. A lot of the worst of whatever 2021 dealt will play out in the first 3 weeks. I do think as we near closer to February, things will begin to shift gear. But, don’t think it’s a click of the heels and we are off on a happy new adventure. Not this year. 2022 begins with another review because February is the month of the Tiger in the New Year of the Tiger. So, those first 4 weeks are going to give you a crash course in all your year and everyone’s else’s is going to be. By the time we reach the March 7th we will all have a very clear idea of what 2022 is going to deliver. With all of this, know that these two months are going to be intense and there is going to be a lot to learn, to be aware of and to acknowledge. Best advice, take a mighty step back as we start January. Take stock of your life, journal about what 2021 was for you, and be very mindful of the people and events unfolding in the days ahead. Continue with this reflective observing as we head into February. Pay attention, like the Tiger crouches in the tall grass, take cover and wait…a little longer…and then POUNCE! Time is everything in 2022 and with all these 2’s the reminder that with all the start and stop of Tiger energy, BALANCE is the word of the year. How can you bring better equanimity into your day to day? Into your relationships? Into your lifestyle?

Living by the Moon calendar is living by the ancient Taoist rhythm of ebb and flow of chi. This is how we find our way in life; knowing when to step forward and when to hold back, when to speak and when to be silent, when to act and when to be still. Every home, office, building and personal astrology is directly impacted by these constant changes. To be ignorant of this is to walk blindly in the dark, a victim of circumstance, but, to have awareness is to have power and more advantageous choices.

So let’s get ready to leave 2021 and enter the new energy of 2022.

Prepare for the New Year: 

Imagine you have a very special guest visiting your home and this special guest will see any mess, clutter, or filthiness as an insult and you will suffer the consequences. Best then to get into a major cleaning, de-cluttering, and motivated to make improvements inside and outside so you are ready to receive your new guest, the Black Tiger.

The FULL MOON January 17th officially ends the YEAR OF THE OX

In the 2 weeks that follow leading up to the New Moon we have this more neutral space open for preparing.

1)   DE-CLUTTER every room, attic, closet, garage, and storage area. Make donations of books, clothes, and other reusable items to charity. Go room by room and try to be objective. Ask yourself if what you are looking at brings you joy, is useful, and is truly necessary and needed. Remove things that are worn out, falling apart, not essential, an obstruction, or is blocking flow of a room.

2)   CLEAN – The kind of cleaning that involves pulling the bed away from the wall and other furniture so you can vacuum behind and underneath. Lift up and sweep under rugs, under the beds, dust the tops of ceiling fans, blinds, and other fixtures.

3)   Outside make a list of any repairs needing to be done such as dead limbs or bushes to prune, peeling paint, broken windows, etc.

4)   Open all the windows to let the stale air out, burn incense or sage. Change the filter in your house and also water system.

3)   MOON BATH on the Full Moon of the 17th of January put your crystals outside along with Feng Shui cures like Buddha statues, brass dragons, ducks, pagoda, fu dogs, wu lou health gourds, etc. The next day bring your crystals and cures inside. Make sure you have a clean sink and work area free of dirt or clutter. Then sprinkle sea salt over everything while chanting a sacred song or prayer to bless and recharge, releasing all past toxins and ushering in new chi. Finally rinse your crystals and cures with water while still chanting or saying your prayers. Leave on a clean towel to dry.

Toss out the ba-gua mirrors, salt water cures, and coins as they accumulate way too much negative chi. (I use old coin strands on the Christmas tree or you can throw them into a fountain with wishes )

Cures are Placed By Wednesday 1st of February 2022

Once the house is tidy, place your cures according to the information given in the Flying Stars Blog. If you have extra cures not being used, store them in a special box for another year.

My prediction which I have heard other Western and Eastern Astrologers echo is that Covid-19 and its variants will wane down by March 2022. As much as I have loved celebrating with a big party, I think I will be okay with a smaller gathering. Perhaps we have learned to enjoy that less is truly more. Eat auspicious oranges, dumplings, and candies. Shoot fireworks to scare off all negative influences hovering about. Hang red papers on your front door or red lantern lights in your windows.

Gung Hai Fat Choy!