Donald Trump POTUS 2020

As of 2013 President Trump has literally been under attack. His Luck Cycle of a Yin Metal Ox is directly affecting his wellbeing, his marriage, and leaving him very vulnerable.  There are now Three Punishments that occurring with Sheep, Ox and Dog weakening his life force due to the mounting stress and discord in his life. Every day for him is a battle. And this is someone who is used to dictating and getting his way but his pillar of strength is being chiseled away.

      Remember then last year of the Pig that reflected a Pig influenced period in his life from 1993 – 2003. That was the period of time in which he suffered through a very ugly public divorce and affair leading to a marriage with Marla Maples in 1993 and their daughter Tiffany was born. That marriage only lasted a few years. He was a lady’s man working the dating scene in NYC. His business empire during this time was crumbling. His 3 casinos all filed for bankruptcy. In order to afford the bailout he had to sell off quite a bit of property and assets. He was in the hole by billions of dollars. It was during this period of his life that he also played with the idea of running for president but not as a Republican, at that time he had left that party. So Earth Pig looks like a turbulent time. 2020 felt like a year to rally his supporters and feel himself self-possessed, independent, and decisive.

            The 2020 Metal Rat

  • The elements at play here force him to be more active, to work harder but there is gain from those efforts. His special chart due to his excessive Earth and Fire does not like Water, in fact it tends to cause problems in his life. The Pig in 2019 was Yang Water and the 2020 Rat is Yin Water.
  • The surge of Water is like throwing a kettle on a bon fire but there is still an impact felt of his support system being challenged/ weakened/ doused
  • This is Trump on a tirade of reactive, rebellious, and retaliatory actions in the year ahead. He is angling for his own revolution. No doubt the national one will be entangled in his narrative. He is going out fighting, guns loaded, and tweets flying.
  • Health is unstable – heart surgery is one possible outcome of all the stress he is carrying.
  • Extra resources suggest his re-election budget will be fattened.

2020 Election

This is a day of great change in his life, a rebellion of his own playing out.

A loss of revenue, a shift in support will reveal a change in who is in his camp.

Year of the Metal Rat Presidential Candidates

If you are born in the Year or Day with a Yin Earth OR Wood Stem, the Rat offers the Nobleman Star to you. The Nobleman sends Angels of protection, support and comfort. This is a Divine Blessing ensuring 2020 will be one of greater ease, opening the way for progress and developing new projects.

This Nobleman Star benefits Trump, Biden, and Warren in 2020.

JOE BIDEN – November 20, 1942 8:30 am

His Current Luck Cycle is influenced by a Yin Earth Sheep. Just like Trump, who is a Sheep person with an Ox Luck Cycle, they are both feeling the impact of a direct hit on their position, welfare, health, and marriage. It is a full on personal attack. So not a surprise with the whole Ukraine story involving his son. This Luck Cycle just began in the fall of 2018. This is a very active and productive time in his life. There is support for him and a confidence within himself that is there enough to have some influence.

2019 was very much about legal matters, work, managing an intensely active and demanding schedule, and traveling.

2020 The Rat butts heads with his Horse and this is a more subtle attack than the Ox and Sheep but now it feels like he is being hit from all sides. The struggle is real, Joe.

There is great revenue, a focus on travel, home, and his marriage. The mention of a move is also there. His job will go through changes next year. A Full Water Trio and a semi Water Trio is flooding his chart and putting a lot of emphasis on his career. It will be draining for sure, but empowering as well.

Election Day – Instability with finances shows a lot of gain with some loss. It shows movement, travel, changes in property and his marriage. It is a revolution of his own going on here that reaps extra income, adoration, and support. A shake up in his career.

Elizabeth Warren – June 22, 1949 12:58 pm

She is currently in a Luck Cycle of the Yin Fire Ox bringing her extra income from campaign donations and other resources. It is suggesting changes in her career, shifts in position, influence and authority. She is strong within herself, convincing, with support rallying around her from various systems whether that’s a corporate or individual endorsement or voter support. Just like Donald and Joe, she too has the Sheep/ Ox attack on her person increasing the chances for her to be under attack.

2020 brings out women backing Elizabeth, and so much advocacy for her cause. She is truly a woman riding the biggest wave of her career. Water and Metal directly invigorate her to feel her power and presence on a big stage.

Election Day – Brings out a ton of women voter support, and a boost in financial gain, travel, movement. It suggests a focus on her work and an increase in responsibilities, a busier schedule to manage. Added resources and additional support. Like Trump, she also has a Punishment of stress causing her to feel weakened in some respects but overall, this looks to be a pretty powerful year for Mrs. Warren.

Bernie Sanders – September 8, 1941 12:27 pm DST

Bernie is at the end of a Luck Cycle that will shift in the fall of 2021.

He has been in a Yin Earth Ox period which ALSO creates this attack on his Sheep self leaving him vulnerable, his welfare in jeopardy and also affecting his marriage. This decade has been all about building a base of support with lots of confidence and ability radiating from his dynamic platform. He is getting funding and feeling the love.

2020 Brings out his revolution for change. This is incredible to see Biden, Sanders and Trump all part of this revolutionary theme of great change. There is extra support from various resources whether donations or endorsements. Water with the Metal in 2020 suggests goof fortune will follow him.

Election Day – Lots of that lucky Metal energy flowing in with a powerful revolution happening, amazing change. Support is there from so many various channels.

Who wins this thing? Watch for the posting of my debate predictions later in 2020. In the meantime, sit back and see how this change unfolds in the coming months. How radical is this rebellion/ revolution/ reboot/ revelation? What part are you playing in this narrative? What is your “war” cry? Are you ready to let it be heard? Are you ready to actively participate in this (r)evolution?