The Zodiac Relationships in 2023: *Keep in mind that without having a 4 Pillar Chinese Astrology Chart you cannot know the full implications from the influence of the Rabbit on all aspects of your life.  


The Sheep, Dog, and Pig all find blessing and protection in 2023. These Animals will all experience financial and career luck, and will be more likely to experience harmony in relationships and life.

Those born on the day or in the year of Yin Water, years ending with 2 or 3, will be protected by the Nobleman offering protection of angels coming to offer support, protection, and assistance in times of trouble.

Rabbit is the Romantic Star of Horse which implies a love affair is coming and romantic relationships are strengthened.

The “Peach Blossom” influence of the Rabbit will affect many people born on the day or year of the Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog or Pig. These people have a greater chance for falling in love or seeing their romantic relationship blossom.  

The Rabbit gets along very well with the Tiger suggesting good relationships, and harmony.

Rabbit People in a Rabbit Year – A little good and a lot of caution – If you have Rabbit in your chart, you are said to be offending the Grand Duke or Tai-Sui’ which sits in the Rabbit’s domain of the East in 2023 will bring about obstacles, challenges and exposures that lead to insecurities and indecision. Carry a Dog totem for protection and avoid traveling directly into the East. Rabbit is somewhat protected by the Yin Water nourishing its Yin Wood Bunny self. Avoid having a bedroom and/or a front door in the East as this is an all out assault and insult to the Annual Rabbit’s domain – kind of like stealing another bunny’s burrow.


The clash against the Day Pillar will usually cause movement or conflict in the family or with a relationship, especially in your relationship with a spouse or lover. This can also feel like a direct hit to your overall welfare.

The clash between the Rabbit and Rooster is the most serious clash of the year as the Rooster is Yin Metal and the Rabbit Yin Wood. (Rooster years 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005) This clash can bring serious accidents, broken bones, back or neck injury. Those born in the year or day of the Rooster have to be particularly careful in 2023. Rooster people should keep a pendant or talisman of a Dog with them to minimize the danger. As it is Metal and Wood conflict the danger could be associated with cars, machinery, or stabbing. So, Rooster people must take extra precautions when driving and traveling. People who are born in the year or day of the Rooster will experience a more turbulent year with more movement, traveling and changes. It is auspicious to engage in such movement such as moving house or offices and traveling is also good. Avoid driving fast cars and traveling straight towards the East as it is the direction of the Grand Duke in 2023. For people born in the year or day of the Rooster they should minimize activities involving fast speed sports like skiing, car racing, jet skiing, and horse racing. Be mindful of injuries to small bones, back, and neck.  Roosters ‘clash against Tai-Sui’ in a direct conflict. It carries emotional pain, changes involving a financial position, business rivalry and in serious cases, litigation. So Roosters are really seeking financial security and stability.

The Rabbit forms a penalty or punishment relationship with the Rat. This penalty is a hidden danger and may cause disharmony, worries and irritations, or hidden sickness. Anyone born in the year or on the day of the Rat are also recommended to carry the pendant of the Dog to minimize the negative influence. A relationship started in the Year of the Rabbit for a Rat person is likely to have hidden dangers and to be bittersweet. Be very mindful of any relationships getting funky in 2023 and taking you down. When unchallenged or unquestioned, Rats may take chances with inappropriate advances in romantic relations. The Rat is also an affliction of the Rabbit and they will struggle to make money and have any advances in career or life. The struggle is real and therefore, especially if this is your day animal, you will want to make this a year of simplicity with no major moves or changes. This is a year of planning, of retreat and rest, and preparing for better times to come.

The Rabbit asserts a ‘Harm’ against the Dragon which causes interruptions and upset.

A ‘Destruction’ path between the Rabbit and the Horse can bring sudden closures and endings. An overwhelming sense of overconfidence and carelessness can lead to serious mistakes and financial ruin.

Elemental Interactions:
Pigs and Rabbits make a Wood combination because Pig contains Wood and Water. The Water is a nurturing element for Wood and supports the Rabbit. If both Pig and Sheep are in the birth chart, then they will join with Rabbit to form a Wood Trinity. If the Wood element is favorable, then you will enjoy auspicious results in 2023. Dogs and Rabbits Combine into Fire. If Dog is in your birth chart, then your people relationships will be good. If Fire is also an auspicious element in your chart, then you can get what you want in the year ahead. Horse is a Fire element and Wood Rabbit can help Fire to burn. If your birth chart has Horse and the lucky element is Fire, then you’ll have a smooth year.