Let’s review the 2022 Tiger of volatility in a world climate plagued with Covid variants, supply chain interruptions, market instability, Ukraine/ Russian war, working from home becoming a mainstay for office workers, layoffs as we slide into a recession, housing market softening, staggering inflation, consumer spending habits changing, Roe V. Wade is overturned in the U.S. sending women’s rights back 50 years, and environmental disasters from fires to floods to storms showing us we are living in a time of climate crisis. This Year of the Water Tiger brought us to our knees as a collective and as we move out from the pandemic and into a world where Covid is like the flu as far as illnesses to avoid, we also found the landscape of our lives forever altered. The Tiger was unpredictable, destabilizing, and brought more uncertainty.
Yet, the Tiger wasn’t all that bad, for sure there were good things happening in our world if only the media would cover those stories. Like how 10 countries formed a coalition to protect marine ecosystems from the impact of climate change called The Great Blue Wall. The humpback whale is increasing in population after decades of being on the endangered species list since 1970. Over 50 acres of California’s redwood forest were returned to Native American tribes. If you look, there is good going on all around us. Be part of that.  
As we collapse into 2023 exhausted and weary from all of it, we can likely all say we are on social media less, looking at the news less and if we aren’t we really should for the sake of our mental health. Being traumatized repeatedly every day with fear and outrage is not how we should allow ourselves to operate. The Rabbit is an invitation.  
This Rabbit hole we are all collectively falling into is not one to be feared but rather to be embraced. Unlike the Tiger’s stop and start, volatile pace and attitude, the Rabbit requests a truce, negotiates for peace, and sets the stage with planning for a future that is revealing itself to be very different from the reality we have known. So, perhaps there is a bit of magical, surrealism to 2023 or maybe we have finally begun to arrive in the clover filled pastures of the New Human, vibrating at a higher frequency, more spiritually aligned, and tuned into a more evolved paradigm that breaks the codes, dismantles what is tradition, demands that we become far more progressive, open minded, and open hearted. Again, an invitation to unplug from the media/ political narrative being told to us. The Rabbit is showing us throughout this coming year that compassion and empathy and unity will take us farther than violence and aggression and division. Our tranquil Rabbit calls us to meditation and self-inquiry and yet that deep dive into the Self can mean a year of reliving traumas, of rattling the ghosts in our closets, and finding that old wounds still smart when we try to heal them. Balance your emotions with a healthy dose of reality which is that you are alive, you are more okay than you realize, and adopting an attitude of gratitude and being more positive is the path to true healing and self-realization. Keep good company, avoid complaining, and avoid riding the roller coaster of the emotional mind. Instead, the Rabbit asks you to find an inspiring friend, Podcast, book, and/or self-care practice to carry you through this quiet little year. Afterall, the Dragon of 2024 is coming and promises a magical mystical ride into a new realm of possibilities so rest up, get your affairs in order, and heal those wounds. This is the year to do the work you’ve needed to on your Self.  
I have been looking to this as a year to pause. Rest, reorient your inner compass, find accord where there has been friction, get clear, and make peace with yourself and others. 2024 will be a revolutionary year and very transformative. So, we are given this year to prepare for that journey that is coming. We will leave much behind and it is needed. So much in our world no longer serves any of us. My prayer is that our world leaders join us in waking up. Be really careful with how you vote both in your elections and with your dollar. Know who you are supporting and what so as to heal the wounds of repression, fear-based leadership and environmental ruin. All that being said, the Yin Water Rabbit brings the volatility and any contention like the Tiger of 2022 displayed to the underground, into the bunny burrow. That is why there is strong suggestion of a coup, of an assassination, of passive aggressive behavior brewing under the surface. September 2023 especially could see such sudden violence toward a political or famous person. 

Understanding the Blue Rabbit: The Rabbit is an intuitive diplomat blessed with style and flair. The sensitive Rabbit demands a secure and harmonious environment. They are the ones working behind the scenes, the observer. They are very good at managing disputes, of negotiating and achieving peaceful solutions. They are talented negotiators and networkers.  Rabbits are peaceful, perceptive, stylish, calm and meditative. They can also be indecisive, arrogant, secretive, condescending, detached, conservative and moody.    The Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese Zodiac and is represented by the element of Yin Wood, the hours of 5 – 7 AM, the month of March, and the cardinal direction of the East in the season of Spring.   This Year of the Rabbit, our last was in 2011, in the Hsia calendar, is symbolized by two elements, Yin Water sitting on top of Yin Wood. According to the cycle of relating, Water nourishes and encourages the Wood making this a collaborative year, one in which we foster working together rather than working alone. The Rabbit belongs to the Yin Wood element and represents mid spring when trees and plants are in bloom. The Rabbit is flowers, grass and the branches of trees. The Rabbit as a symbol of spring invigorates youthfulness, social activities and so it will be an energetic year with young people starting new movements, demanding change and reform in politics and human rights. Think of this as your own spring, the beginning of something, a refreshing of some aspect of your life that has been neglected or gone stale. In all this Yin energy there is a total absence of Fire. Economic growth and consumer confidence requires Fire which we won’t see again until 2025. Expect a very sluggish economy in 2023, especially in the late fall. The Rabbit in Chinese astrology is also “Peach Blossom” or “Flower of Romance” and this will stimulate the industries involved with romance like florists, beauty products, art, entertainment, etc. Who will enjoy this sexy energy most are people born in the year or on the day of the Tiger, Horse, and Dog. This Yin Water Rabbit year is a Nobleman Star year so all babies born in 2023 will have this innovative, intelligent quality setting them up for greater success.    
Events and People Affected by the Water Rabbit – Who turns 60 in 2023? Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, Lisa Kudrow, Mike Myers, Conan O’Brien, Edie Falco, Seal, Quentin Tarantino, Lisa Rinna, Charles Barkley, Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth Shue, Isaiah Washington, Rand Paul, just to name a few. The Chinese calendar year goes on a 60-year cycle.

Events from the last Blue Rabbit Year in 1963:
*Pope John XXIII dies on June 3 Kenya achieves independence
*The Organization of African Unity is formed by 32 independent African countries
*First artificial heart surgery is conducted by Dr. Michael DeBakey
*US Supreme Court says no school can require the recitation of prayer
*March on Washington drew over 200,000 people and is when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his historic “I Have Dream” speech
*President John F Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon B Johnson becomes President of the United States
*Lee Harvey Oswald, suspected murderer of Kennedy is killed by Jack Ruby.
*Beatlemania hits the U.K as the Beatles become the rage in pop culture and music
*Biggest movies were Lilies of the Valley, and Tom Jones
*Best books were Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique”, Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar”, John Updike’s “The Centaur”, and Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle”
*The first liver transplant was conducted
*The first commercial nuclear reactor goes online in New Jersey
*The sedative Valium goes on the market
*Famous people who died in 1963 were WEB DuBois, Robert Frost, Aldous Huxley, John F Kennedy and Roger Hornsby
*Unemployment was at 5.5%
*Cost of a stamp $.04  
Health, Economy and Industry Health in a Yin Metal Rabbit Year: The Five basic elements represent different parts of our body. The Wood Rabbit as Yin Wood refers to the neck and the back. Without Fire and having Yin Water challenging the Fire element, those who are weak in Fire will be most impacted by health issues related to brain, circulation, heart, issues leading to stroke, and mental health. Wood is the liver, it is tendons, and movement is therefore likely to increase as in people being more active. Water is the bladder, kidneys, and sex organs.  

The Economic Forecast in 2023: Regarding the economy, the Fire element drives the stock market. The five elements also affect people’s moods. In general Fire is joy, Water is fear, Earth is meditation, Metal is sadness, and Wood is anger. So a Fire year often generates optimism and the stock market goes up but in 2008 the Water arrived with growing fear about the worsening of the US economy and the recession. We won’t see Fire again until 2025. The elements winning this year are the ones that control Water and Wood, Earth and Metal. These industries will surge in success. Metal industries are the financial market, banking, machinery, car sales and technology (look at the boon of electric cars coming out now), and high tech. The Earth element is mining, healthcare, yoga, insurance, and computer software. Since Water is motivated by Wood this industry will see more activity; transportation, communication, and shipping – maybe the supply chain will recover! In a Wood year, Wood industries face steep competition; textiles, media, paper, publishing, forestry/ timber, and farming/ flowers. Fire is the weakest industry and here we find cooking, dance, entertainment, arts, and fashion.