Is it coincidence or fate that aligns us with a President that is also born on an Ox day and happens to be in a Sheep Luck Cycle? That both the USA and Biden are in a severe conflict, one that started in 2017 for the USA and 2018 for Biden? Yet, where there is difference is that Biden is a Fire person and the USA is Earth so their forecast is different even while they are both embattled right now. This time in Biden’s life is all about creating, innovating, doing, being active, and is something that motivates him.

All that Earth energy is draining, and the conflict of Ox and Sheep weakens his Fiery self. At his age, this is literally the fading of his light.

In Chinese Astrology when a person’s pattern is broken, life cannot be sustained. His chart is a Water pattern, born in the month of the Pig/November. Earth rules Water as it swallows it up. In this conflict, not only is Fire weakened but Water is too.

He is standing on shaky ground.

The Tiger year 2022 suggested loss for him. It showed a lot of action and energy around government, laws, women’s rights (Rose V. Wade overturned), compassion in action, and faith. It is seeking allies and friends as he strains to hold onto his confidence, independence, and ability to shine.

Water and Wood elements support both his career and himself with a surge of reinforcement. This year will be very demanding and with a lot to manage. This was an unrelenting schedule.

The Tiger formed a semi Fire trio with his Horse (Year).

If he survives 2022, he will be overcoming a year of intense work and stress.

2023 Rabbit Overview for Biden:

  • Water and Wood empower him and sustain him
  • As someone balanced in Yin/ Yang, 2022 emboldened him with more Yang but 2023 is less influential as Yin dominates
  • Rabbit points to outside resources like funding, banking, government institutions all offering him some kind of support – financial, programs, etc.
  • This is also a year of increased faith for him, a deepening of his relationship to God
  • Yin Water brings challenge and change in his career
  • There is a massive surge of Wood created by a Seasonal Wood Trio from this Rabbit, and his Dragon (Hour) plus the hidden Tiger in his Life Pillar . Then there is a traditional Wood Trio of this Rabbit and his Pig (Month) and his Sheep Luck Cycle. This is like someone throwing too much Wood on a Fire, the threat is you could snuff it out.
  • Add to this surge of Wood which impacts ligaments, tendons, spleen, and liver that there is a Harm to his Dragon with this Rabbit that weakens his Earth. The Earth element speaks to his productivity being corrupted in some way and his immune system weakening. The Dragon in his Hour speaks directly to his career being Harmed.

Kamala Harris 2023 Forecast:

Is this our next President of the USA? And if so, how soon could that transition happen? I have been intuiting this for a while and as we head into 2023 Kamala is in a Dragon Luck Cycle, a time forecasted to bring great change to her career and challenges as well. The Water Tiger of 2022 was a direct hit to her welfare and her marriage. I’m sure she will be glad to be out of this conflicted year. Tiger and Rabbit are Void animals for her and this means setbacks and obstacles along the way.

Kamala’s 2023 foretells:

  • Great change and transformation in her life, this could be really dramatic and something that has been brewing for her since 2018. Now it manifests and she will manage this with astuteness
  • The Yin Water challenges her to see a new side of herself, to try own new roles and see herself anew
  • Truly this is a renaissance year for Kamala


As of 2017 the United States entered into a new Luck Cycle ruled by the Earth Sheep. From 2017 – 2027 The United States will be re-branding itself, finding a new identity, reshaping who we are and how we govern. It is a very ego-centric time when we are more nationalist than globally minded and yet, we are needing to communicate, connect, form alliances, partner, and collaborate within our own lives, our own communities, our states, nations, and world.

There is a strong confidence, decisiveness, independence, and ability to attract. In a person’s chart I would say that your positivity attracts all the right people to rally around you but in the case of an entire nation, it is more that the collective conscious is attracting all that it is radiating out. So, it takes every individual to make a choice as to whether you are dancing in the light and raising our vibration with positivity (hope, possibilities, collaboration) or if you are in the dark mire of negativity (victim, blame, despair).

The alliances formed now will bring in reinforcements of support from outside resources. Politically this would be other countries forging alliances to work together on reform or corruption or something like the war with Russia and the Ukraine. Within the United States it plays out in government assistance; healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc. It is also student loans. Morality, faith, spirituality, religion, and education.

There is a minor yet notable shift in job stability, employment, worker’s rights, and our work ethic. Who do we trust? How does slander, gossip, and bullying affect us in our workplace and in our schools? Are we safe? Look at how many people chose NOT to return to a shitty low paying job? Look at how many people CHOSE to better their lives with new innovative ways of earning a living. Look at the surge of unions in low paying jobs like Starbucks.

We are in a stage of Development; searching, protesting, engaging on social media, and finding new ways to communicate and express our views. We are looking for people who will lead us forward.

The media is not our friend here, it is the enemy driving a narrative to create a reality designed to paralyze us in fear, rage, anxiety and distrust of each other. It is the driving force in our polarity not our unity. This we must end.

Elementally we are already a very strong country represented by the element of Yin Earth and the element most needed for us to find power, success, and endurance is in Wood. So, having this decade from 2017 – 2027 pumping more Earth in the Zodiac Animal of the Sheep that battles hard against our selves represented by the Ox means we are literally under attack for these 10 years. Our welfare, democracy, wellbeing, our most intimate relationships are very unstable. Therefore, if your own astrology is going through a vulnerable time, this astrology forecast for our nation will not help you, in fact, it will make your situation that much more of a challenge. If you are in a positive place in your astrology, then you are less likely to be affected by this.

So, yes, this Clash of Sheep and Ox weakens Fire, our allies, our support systems like government programs, healthcare, loans, etc.

Each individual person’s forecast can exacerbate this or assuage it depending.

REVIEW Yang Water Tiger 2022 for the United States:

  • These are the elements we most need to feel greater balance, empowerment, stability, and re-establishes our labor force. 
  • Yang Water is money and there was a lot of focus on the financial market, on travel, on property in 2022. This appeared to be a recovery period from the pandemic which we will see easing in the spring when the market began to soften.
  • The Tiger says it is time for us to face our responsibilities, get back to work, take care of our home and families.
  • On a national level, our country faced its responsibilities to our education system, to jobs and worker’s rights, and to ensuring Americans have what they need to manage home, work, and family. But did it deliver? Are we facing our responsibilities?
  • This year saw lawsuits, and the government revealing a lot to us about how we are governed and by who. Who is leading us?
  • This past year both mothers/women and elders/older populations are the people who played the most impactful role – Rose V. Wade overturned and the loss of reproductive rights for women all over the Unites States has been a STAGGERING setback in our ascension to a new paradigm. Ignorance rooted in fear pulls us back. Faith motivated by wisdom moves us forward.
  • The Tiger suggested there would be a notable loss or losses for our country. This could be financial. We have given billions to the Ukraine Russia war while our own infrastructure and institutions of education, health care, etc. crumbles.
  • In the throes of this Luck Cycle that is already asking us to identify who we are as Americans, this year asks us to pose the question again from a different viewpoint, the lens of post-pandemic. Few people can say they were not impacted or traumatized by these past 2 years. Time to heal, time to get back on our feet.
  • The Tiger formed a semi Fire Trio with our month the Horse. Fire is our mother energy of nourishment, support, and care. It makes the Wood of the Tiger work and weakens that element which we need.
  • The Tiger also forms a Conflict with our Monkey year and this battled our Metal with our Wood. This really shows how our actions, our motivation, our creativity/ innovation are battling with authority, with or for jobs. Again, the needed Wood element is weakened, not a good thing.
  • The hardest months of 2022 were predicted to be May and August – lawsuits, uprisings, accidents, etc. could cause major unrest. If you have the Zodiac Animals in your chart of Tiger, Snake, or Monkey, then you will feel impacted in all aspects of your life and mirrored out in our country. Safety, caution, and holding onto your money are highly advised.

2023 for the United States:

  • This Water Rabbit was our Luck Cycle as a nation in 1857 – check out our history from that time. As a Yin Earth people (our Day Pillar as a nation) we control Water and this Yin Water offers us money flowing in from many resources – look to see how Americans are earning a living working multiple jobs.
  • The patriarchy is holding a fist over our heads, so don’t be surprised to see some more laws being enacted that affect minority and women’s rights.
  • The Rabbit is a challenge for us and brings great change to our workforce – more unions? Where is unemployment? A recession could mean layoffs and loss of jobs.
  • The Rooster is the enemy of the Rabbit and is found in our Hour which is a direct hit to not only the work force but also to our children which again brings up reproductive rights, access to healthcare for women, and safety as in preventing more school shootings.
  • I think a shift in productivity and employment, as well as how people are earning a living is all in flux this coming year.