Mind – Full – Ness

Being present in the space of each perfect moment of life is to walk The Path of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gurus, and Yogis throughout the course of time. It is not difficult to begin the journey on this Path. It is not difficult to stop and begin to notice that as you are walking you feel the Earth beneath your feet, to sense the ground is wet, gravel, or sand. The presence of your self in each moment in which you have the opportunity to say to yourself “I am washing my hands” or “I am sipping my tea” or “I am walking the dog”. When you are working your mind is focused on the task at hand. When you are driving you are aware of the road and the cars. How can you be present if you are driving and talking on the phone? There is so much to distract you and so much to tempt you from being mindful and present. To truly embrace life we must train ourselves anew to turn away from those distractions. Try not to answer the phone when you are driving or reading to your child or talking to a friend who is visiting you. Turn off the television and walk away from the computer and truly be home so you can be present and available to your loved ones. Stop now and take a deep breath. Be consciously aware of the expansion of breath filling your lungs and your body. Now exhale….aaahhhh. Perfect moment. Present moment. You are alive.
When you eat, try eating in silence. Allow yourself to be present with your food. The events of your day do not sit down with you at the table, just you and your plate of food. You do not want to put into your mouth forkfuls of despair, worry, stress that you may be experiencing. You simply want to eat your food. When you put a fork full of salad in your mouth really experience all the textures and tastes – know that it was the sun, rain and earth that grew those vegetables and they are part of you as you swallow. Imagine all of nature is on your plate as you eat and nourish your body. Choosing foods that are sattvic, pure and close to the Earth, is not only healthy for you but essential to a mind that can stay clear and present. Imagine how your life can be transformed just by making a few subtle conscious changes like driving mindfully, being home and present, eating with purposeful awareness. Just to start there is to begin to live yoga, it is to take the mat with you through your daily life. This is your journey – we all share the road in our own way but ultimately we are all moving in the same direction. The question remains – are your eyes open? Are you here? Are you present in this now moment? Take a deep breath. Exhale. Ahhhh….Visualize the space of your heart. Close your eyes. Take another deep breath and exhale from your heart. Awaken! This is now and it is the perfect moment to embrace in Namaste.