I went outside this morning to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. I laid out a quilt and I laid out my body. I aligned my cells to Mother Earth, I connected my Spirit to Father Sky. And I watched the clouds, I watched and heard the birds.

I’ve been holding onto a deep inner quiet. There’s a calm in our world if you stop to feel it. Nature shows it so clearly.

It’s winter, time to slow down, be still, be quiet and reflect.

We have gotten too busy, too lost in screens and electronics and phones, controlled by schedules, hyper doing, hyper thinking, and we have forgotten to live. We have forgotten to touch that still point within and breathe with awareness.

Hug a tree, lie down on the Earth, sit on a large river rock, kayak a river, hike a trail, climb a mountain, dig your hands into the Earth and plant something Рanything!, gaze at the stars, cloud watch, close your eyes and feel the sun on your face, listen to the songs of birds, watch the squirrels play Рconnect to nature and recognize yourself there.  Breathe it, experience it, be aware of it and know that you are nothing without it.  We are all connected Рhuman, animal, plant, Earth, river Рwe all breathe, we all love, and we are all alive in this now perfect moment.