On the 3rd week of Yoga with Nitya Summer Camp we spent an afternoon in the woods behind the Carillon at Dogwood Dell. The instruction was for the kids to  go meditate with nature and listen to the trees and plants respond to them. Some kids heard nothing, some heard songs, some heard words and some, well one, heard a knock knock joke (!).

From Caitlin age 13

The Giving Tree

The clear rush of water fills the air.

A cold moist air touches my body

The trees are whispering secrets in my ear,

That I promise to keep.

The birds sing their peaceful music all around.

The tree is covered with leaves and provides a

Nature seat with a root on top of a nice cool rock.

The tree limbs make a swirly slide telling me that

The tree will keep me safe and protected.

The branches form a hole for just the

right amount of sunlight.

But most of all this tree provides the most care,

Peacefulness, compassion, and most of all love.

This tree is truly a “Giving Tree”.

From Clara, age 6 rising 1st grader (translated from phonetic writing, so excuse any errors)

The tree is telling me something. It is telling me they’re of the ocean reef  and the tweeting of the little birds and the sweet sound of crickets and the sound of love.

This plant is telling me something – the calm sound of natures river – the sound hearing (may be healing) birds and frogs and dragon flies.

Clara also shared more from her yoga journal (prompted with the daily question of “who are you?”:

I am a yogi. I love myself just the way I am. And I always will care and that’s why I am love.

I am a sweet person. I help people who need help and I also play with people and I be nice to people and I care about people. .. and I love the Earth and I thank the Earth for making my mom alive and I thank my mom for making me alive. I love everyone, so that’s who I am.