When you are looking at your home, self care begins here. Just like in life, too much of a schedule and work load can also be seen reflected in home decor when there is too much stuff filling every room. Empty space, free time are one in the same. It is a refreshing exhale allowing the mind to rest. Look at a room in your house and ask yourself: Is it lopsided? Is there clutter of any kind? Does this room conjure up joy or irritation or another nagging unfinished project? Start with a room that you can answer yes to any of those questions. Challenge yourself to strip the room of everything but the furniture – take out art, treasures, books, nick nacks, and plants. Now really look at the bones of the room, is the furniture comfortable, in good condition, pieces you enjoy, or is it too heavy and dark, too outdated or out of balance? Remedy the furniture first and then slowly bring some back in; a few plants, statement artwork, just a few photos and treasures. Leave room for negative space. Leave room for your eye to rest, the mind to soak it all in easefully. Just like your own life, leave time in your day to rest, reflect, process, and appreciate what you have. The rooms of your home are chapters of the overall story of your life; the people living there, the pets, the artwork and photos, the books and trinkets from adventures are all a collective of your time not only in this house but also carrying with it some from previous homes. Be mindful of what you carry with you that you are not burdened to keep that which no longer is wanted. Be mindful in life not to carry with you the people, places, events that no longer serve you too.

Self care simply put is caring for yourself. One of the most important first things you can do is declutter your life by simplifying your schedule and allowing in only that which is really necessary. You can say no, you can say another time, you can ask someone else to step in for back up or help. You make your schedule, even with a family. And it is so healthy for kids and partners to see us saying this day is too full, or we need down time in our weekend. Set an example for everyone that going until you drop is really unhealthy. Just like clutter in your home; lighten the load, lighten the stuff, balance and refresh. Everyone benefits and the chi or energy flows more vibrantly and harmoniously in ourselves and in our homes.