We live in a time of communication overload; over sharing on social media and texting. So much verbal delusion and yet, where is meaningful communication happening? Have we forgotten the gift a phone call to a friend can mean to their day? Have we forgotten what it is to sit with a friend and talk with no phone in hand to distract us into a virtual world of distraction on steroids?
We feel increasingly isolated.
We long for real human interaction.
We need to be connected in a real tangible way.
As a business owner it is increasingly difficult to get a hold of people whether it is staff or clients. It is a fine dance of knowing how many times to knock on someone’s email door before giving up. And then you might start texting or calling. If that doesn’t work, a face to face visit may be needed. Instead of one form of communication, there are multiple and inevitably you wind up using them all in the course of doing business and even then sometimes getting no response.
With personal communique I try not to take it personally when I text a dear friend and days go by with no response. I try not to spiral into a negative place but I admit, it bugs me like a mosquito bite.
If someone doesn’t answer you, then you are left still holding that question or thought or whatever in your head until either they do or you have to try to reach out again…and again….and again.
I am one of those people who tries really hard to respond immediately. First, I know what it feels like to not answer and the frustration and disturbance of peace of mind that can come with that. Second, it robs people of precious time – mine and theirs. If I respond right away then we can both move forward. Thirdly, if I don’t answer within a day’s time I risk that text or email getting buried. The times when I have let communications slip tend to be times when I am unusually busy or away from home.
Recently I sent a group text and got no response from anyone. So, then what do I do? I send another text asking them to respond to let me know they got it. I have even looked online to see if this is a new “thing”? And it is. Yep, we have moved passed the days of the phone attached to the wall to a phone attached to our hand and way more ways to communicate but again, I ask, are we saying anything at all? Are we really communicating?
Respond. Create ease for others. Simply respond with anything..”I got it!” or “Thanks, busy day, I’ll get back to you tomorrow”
All of this comes down to connect but connect with awareness, with presence.
Is there anybody out there? Yes! And they are waiting for you to answer their message! LOL