Seriously, have you hit a wall of information overload? Do you feel like most of your day is spent in front of a screen managing your kid’s virtual schooling or your own job online? Do you feel like there is so much information coming at you that it’s all just spilling over your head like a numbing waterfall? You read one thing only to see another article negating what you just read. What is truth? What is real? What do you really know about Covid-19, the Election, and the state of the world? But more than that – What inspires you? What is getting you out of bed in the morning? What lights up your heart? Do you have room in your mind to even hear what I am saying, suggesting, or offering?

I laughed when I thought of what to share with you, and what to write. I thought about how when I scroll through my social media feed its a blur of self-improvement, yogis in ridiculous postures, and rage against the machine. To say I need self-improvement means that I see myself as flawed, and needing to be fixed. I feel pretty awesome in my not so perfect self. How about you? What inspires you? Do I inspire you?

How about how you inspire you? If we create our own reality then I say let’s start today to focus on all the good in our lives, our selves, in our jobs, in our relationships, in the things that matter. May we all begin to cease this relentless focus and analysis and rage directed at all that is not working. Disconnect from media for a few days and enjoy the now-ness of the moment – refreshing and liberating! Remind yourself of just what that thing is, or that person is who makes your heart sing and align with it, engage with it, dance with it, or whatever it is you need for you.

My life’s purpose is to inspire you, know that. So, I humbly offer you this simple thought as we head into a very different holiday season; adopt an attitude of gratitude and let go of long held traditions but rather re-create how you do the holidays. Resistance makes for suffering, acceptance makes for contentment. Create space in yourself to be exactly who you need to be right now and who you choose to be with and what you choose to be doing. Ease up on the gas pedal on the highway of your life. Remember the greatest lesson of this Year of the Rat is to stop the rat race. Be safe, stay home, and continue to live a more simple life in this pandemic world in which we have found ourselves.