It was Caroline Myss, acclaimed medical intuitive, who spoke of the time of the Great Depression and from that period the birth of the polio epidemic in which we then voted in President Roosevelt, a man afflicted by polio himself. When the Depression lifted it was no surprise that the polio vaccine, through the great work of Jonas Salk, was discovered. Now we are decades beyond that period in our history but still we see this narrative of collective conscious playing out. Now we are witnessing our country in a state of relative panic, anxiety filled and the epidemic assaulting us now is the opioid epidemic. Millions of Americans from all socioeconomic backgrounds are trapped in an addiction to pain killers. Look at when this blew up, right after the election of our current President. You want to take bets that when he is finally ousted or finishes his term we will have gotten a hold of this problem and found solutions?

One of the hardest things to recognize is that everything in our lives is a reflection of ourselves, like a giant mirror being held up. It is not always easy to look at. In fact we probably invest a great deal of energy every day trying to avoid really paying attention to what is happening for just that reason. How we got to this now moment is part of our collective conscious as a nation.

The paradigm shift to higher consciousness has already happened. What we are experiencing is a vice like grip on the old status quo that adamantly does not want us to evolve and advance. Therefore we are in a paralyzing grip of being wrenched backwards when our very cellular beings are already moving forward to that higher vibration. This is counter to who we are and what our souls are trying to ascend to. It is painful.

Yet, we have a choice, always, always there is a choice, a choice to join the masses vehemently fighting back or to succumb to the concept that moving backwards is somehow better and safer and more comfortable. The Unknown can be scary as any change can be but it is our destiny to evolve. It us our destiny to ascend. It is our destiny to realize our higher consciousness that has nothing, nothing to do with the horror freak show being played out in American politics today. Part of this choice is to be sure you vote in November very very wisely. I know that the results will begin to turn the tide.

The other thing is to really be mindful of how you live your day to day life. What are you focused on? What you focus on will only expand it. How do you spend your time? Are you promoting positive change or just re-posting the “story” of the day. The same names, the same rage, the same assaults on our livelihood and morals is being re-posted all day long on social media, in social gatherings, in conversations, and it is not helping. It is not helping. It is repeated trauma. Our nation is traumatized. Our nation is in pain.

Focus, my friend, on reflecting out into the world the BEST of your Self. You want social justice, work for it. You want better politicians, volunteer now – no excuses – volunteer for this upcoming election. You want to see good in this world, be kind in your words, be gentle in your actions, show compassion in the face of adversity. Show love when it is hardest and patience when it is toughest. Smile more, see friends more, laugh out loud at least once a day, and do good things everyday to make someone, anyone benefit from those actions.

If we collectively begin to shine our own Light out in to the world in this way, we will shift the consciousness of this country for the better. It’s the simple Law of Attraction. What we focus on expands. If you don’t like the reflection of your mirror, maybe it’s time you look out from the other side and get a fresh perspective.