It was a long dark winter, and in many ways it felt like it lasted 2 years. Like the acorn that tumbled off the tree, lay dormant under those same tree’s leaves all winter, and took root, so have we. Rooted and perhaps rotted, in our lives we found our own safety and comforts while protecting our family and our health.

Yet, in all the collective, there is a you that has been languishing, hungering for the warm sun and the cleansing, refreshing sensation of spring rain to feel yourself begin to spring. To take the last effort of energy to push yourself out of that comfort, and trust the world is still there, waiting to receive you.

As the world re-greens itself, as the flowers bloom anew and bring your landscape back into full color, so too are you feeling this urge to grow, expand, and become yourself afresh, anew.

Yet, oh dear, it is true, so true, the yet…because perhaps it is really a but…oh, dear that’s worse. No judgement. Stop yourself. The Yet and the But is that you, like so many are burned out, wasted, scarred, and walking out of this particular winter perhaps feeling like a zombie. I hear this a lot from clients and students that they feel lost, aimless, unmotivated, and yet, want to reclaim their lives. You, like they, are ready to feel alive again, to feel that spring inside yourself radiating into your life in a dynamic way, in a way that matters.

What does that look like? How do you take those steps forward? How do you re-calibrate your internal compass to find your True North?

With the incredible power of this New Moon April 1st, I am letting go of major baggage from my past. I am exhausted from dragging the past along like this burden I must bear. I am turning my Self and my life to face forward and move into this season with spring firmly planted in my heart. It is time to pave a new path, and dig a new garden. You and I may not be the same so why would we try to do life as if we were? I used to have the craziest teaching schedule, I packed every day to full. I will not do that to myself again. It isn’t worth it. Too much is missed, too much isn’t savoured, and ultimately, it did not serve me well.

Go slower, friend. Go so much slower and know that you truly, really do, even with kids and work and all of it, you set the tone and the pace. Quiet your voice and realize all that is being said even in the silence. Let go of all that irritates and gnaws at you, choose to focus on the best, the BEST of this amazing life you have. What you focus on expands, so look at what you are focused on.

I am focused on the spring in my life. How about you?