Thursday is the Full Moon when the Year of the Monkey effectively is over.
The Red Rooster is strutting his stuff and preparing to make his entrance with all his colors flying, calling our attention to listen to his crowing.
So Thursday is when you will want to gather all of your crystals and cures to put outside under the Full Moon. It’s an added blessing to have snow or rain fall on them during their overnight moon bath.
The next day bring them back in for a salt water bath. As you wash them in the salt water, rinse them with prayers, sacred songs, etc.
Then begins the process of the BIG CLEAN. One client sent me beautiful pictures this morning of her closets and drawers that have all been reorganized and de-cluttered.
I have scheduled Friday and Saturday for the big clean at my house; pulling furniture and appliances out to clean behind and under, scrubbing walls, and a thorough room by room clean/ de-clutter/ reorganize.
Don’t forget the outside too.
Once the cures and crystals have been cleansed and cleared and the house cleaned and reorganized you can begin placing the cures in their new location for the New Year.
I love this process – I also move art work around, shift around rugs, and make other subtle changes so by the 28th’s New Moon the house has a fresh feeling, ready for the incoming energies, and a new dance with the Universe that I pray will be abundant, healthy, joyful, and productive for us all.
The New Year rings in on Saturday January 28th.