So we have come to this place, a place where we are being forced into change. As much as we want to resist and cling to old ways, old modes of behavior and relating, they no longer fit with the paradigm that we are in now.

Look at your relationships; do they have the depth that your soul craves, a depth that relates to your heart, your soul? Are you experiencing true meaningful interaction with your friends, your partner, and your children – are you really connecting with them? And if not – How? How do you release whatever is holding you back? And is it time to shift who you are relating to or is it just a matter of shifting yourself? Is it that you need to delve deep within your Self and open that wellspring of Love within yourself? Do you need to nurture and love your own Self to where you will naturally attract all the relationships that are really meant to be in your life? And is it time to look deeply at those that you feel tangled in, conflicted, held back, damaged, crippled by – what are those relationships about? Why do they linger? How do you free yourself from that entanglement – peacefully, lovingly, with compassion, and forgiveness? How do you stop battling and let go. What happens, what is so terrifying about letting go? Is it that you can’t imagine that you are that good, that you are that loving, that you are that capable of having loving, meaningful relationships in your life? And yet we are all collectively being asked to take that leap.

We are all holding hands and one by one you see people around you taking that leap, breaking free of relationships that no longer serve them, moving past friendships that no longer seem to resonate, exploring their talents, seeking out more meaningful work. What happens when you allow yourself to be your Authentic Self? Free from the fear and concern that you will be rejected, thought a freak, strange, rebellious, for simply standing out and saying “This is my great I Am, this is who I am and I am filled with love for this self. And I welcome you into this circle if you are ready to relate to me from this place of Authentic Loving Kindness.”

Maybe we need to gather in more circles – circles of women, circles of men, circles of children, circles of families, and truly look at each other as our own mirror, our own reflection, to let healing begin, forgiveness begin, growth begin, meaningful living begin from this place of living our Authentic Self, free from the entrapments of tradition, status quo, and what’s popular and simply standing out in our own Light and saying

“Yes, this is my great I AM.”

But first you have to ask yourself what is that – who is that? How do you find out if it has been so long since you tapped into that depth of self. How? I can tell you and most of my yoga kids know that answer too – How do you discover your True Self? – Journaling your thoughts, meditation, and hatha yoga everyday – not as a chore, not as something you have to do, but something that nourishes your soul, opens you into your Heart Space and connects you to your Authentic Self so that you can fall in Love with that beautiful Spirit, bask in that Light and Shine it out to the world.