2016 Year of the Fire Monkey
February 8th 2016 – January 28, 2017
January 24th marks the Full Moon that ends the Year of the Wood Sheep. You then have 2 weeks until the New Year in which to get your life and home in order. No pressure, right? It’s totally doable if you can mark a weekend to really make it happen. I look forward to this every year! So here we go:
• Go through closets, replacing things that are worn out and dated
• Refold the linen closet, neaten drawers and closets so that even Martha Stewart would be proud
• Have a friends clothes swap party
• Make improvements to your home both inside and out
• De-clutter as if you were moving, unload all that stuff and send it off to thrift stores
• Go through your kitchen cupboards too and prepare to get really healthy in 2016 by getting rid of all the processed foods and donate it to a food bank. When you look in your kitchen the shelves should be empty because most of what you are eating should be whole grains, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, some dairy, nuts, and seeds. Need inspiration? Go to my Yoga with Nitya Blog for easy recipes and weekly menus
• Trim trees, remove dead foliage, beautify the yard, and make plans for your spring garden – nothing like growing your own food
• Get your financial affairs in order – pay off debts and make sure clients have paid invoices
• Clean out your car and make sure it is up on all its servicing needs
• Get a haircut and attend to your own health by making those annual appointments now

On the Full Moon of January 24th take your Feng Shui cures and crystals outside for a cleansing moonlight bath(doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining, or cloudy, the Full Moon’s power shines through regardless of the weather). The next day, douse them with sea salt and bathe in clean water to recharge them. Throughout the cleaning process say a prayer, mantra or blessing to clear these sacred items so they are fully charged for the New Year.
*Ba-Gua Mirrors and Coins must be replaced every year as they hold too much chi to be reused. Coins can be dismantled and tossed in a wishing well as a way of repurposing them or keep them for Christmas tree ornaments.
The New Moon on February 8th ushers in the New Year. On this day it is said you should hang red lanterns in your home, set off fireworks to ward off evil spirits, wear new clothes, and give children lai see or money in red envelopes. Feast on dumplings and oranges, and gather with friends. Do no work on this day or you risk a year of hard labor. What you do on Monday February 8th sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Characteristics of a Fire Monkey:
The Year of the Dragon 2012 ended the Mayan Calendar and set us up for a transformation of consciousness that we experienced in the Year of the Snake. We simply cannot blindly live the way we always have, that model no longer resonates with where we are going. And so we slithered into the path of the Green Horse, wildly spirited, free, independent and passionate. 2014 was a time to step into our own light, be our authentic selves, stand up for what we believe in, follow our bliss and engage more fully in moving our lives in a more vibrant direction. The Sheep is the peacemaker of the Chinese Zodiac. We take all we have learned in the past 3 years and bring it home to our hearts. Meditation, Om, harmony in relationships, bringing in the quiet, turning our focus inward and then finding ways of sharing that peace in our communities and our world was the sound of the Sheep in the far off fields of our soul. Now we reflect on how we experienced peace in our lives in 2015, how the world challenged us to rethink unity, harmony, and peace in the wake of great violence at home and abroad, discrimination of the worst kind and bullying from Presidential candidates to kids on social media. Peace begins with you – You set the example. We set the example.
The Monkey swings in with his loud chatter and impulsiveness. Monkey is very active, funny, motivated by challenges. They get bored easily, detest routine, and love to have fun. They are very sexual, sociable, clever, inventive, and love to solve puzzles. Monkeys can also be restless, immature, mischievous, unpredictable, and manipulative. I have no doubt that some serious shenanigans will be seen in this Presidential election. I will say this – Expect the unexpected. Not only will there be more mischievousness but also problems solved, good humor, mirth and folly.
Those born between 3 and 5 pm have Monkey as an ascendant quality making them more entertaining and clever.
The Monkey is Yang Metal with a little Earth and Water. Monkey represents the month of August and the direction of the West/ South West.

Breaking Down this Monkey Business:
In 2016 we have Yang Fire sitting on top of Yang Metal. Fire controls Metal and so this is a destructive fighting and frustrated interaction alluding to fighting in relationships. Yang Fire symbolizes a direct and quick tempered person who is ready to explode. Thus we can expect international conflicts and clashes especially in the North, East and especially the Middle East. Yang Fire sitting on Monkey symbolizes the “Setting Sun” as Monkey is Metal representing the West. So the Yang Fire is comparatively mild. With this combination of clashing elements we should see conflicts more easily resolved with compromise like how the heat of day cools at sunset. 2016 will be comparatively less violent than 2014 and 2015 when the Yang Wood stood like a stubborn tree refusing to bend. Also Yang Fire being the sun brings optimism and warmth. So it will be easier to reach agreements and treaties in the face of conflicts and struggles. The Monkey being Yang Metal is like a sword or weapon and within the Metal lies a big wave of water so it’s likely we’ll see battles at sea this year as well as accidents in the air and involving shipping due to the weakening of Fire from the Metal and Water.
As Fire is hot air, it is often related to birds, airplanes and flying objects making the year 2016 a flying monkey – think drones and robots.

Health and Personality:
In Chinese Metaphysics, Yang Fire represents the sun and energy – heart, blood circulation, and the shoulder. Hence a Fire year is easy to bring sickness of heart, blood, inflammation problems and shoulder pain. Metal in the human body is related to the lungs and breathing. In yoga we call that pranayama – controlled breathing exercise are incredibly beneficial to good health. With Fire attacking Metal, there is a greater chance for outbreaks of the flu and other breathing organ or skin problems. Also the flying star 2, representing sickness occupies the Center of every home and business in 2016. In the last Fire Mon key year of 1956 there was an Asian flu pandemic that originated from China.
Many famous Yang Fire people are scientists, writers, artists and entertainers like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Russell Crowe, J. K. Rowling, Sandra Bullock, and Alfred Hitchcock. But others take their Fiery nature to an extreme eccentricity like Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong Un.
Monkey creates a “fire penalty” when it meets with Tiger and Snake, this can trigger fire disasters and explosion and in the human body is seen as inflammation, heart disease and high blood pressure. As this year is Fire burning Metal we have to beware of inflammation of the intestines and also breathing problems. A great example is Elvis Presley who died in 8/16/1977 of inflammation in his internal organs as a result of the Monkey Tiger Snake Fire Penalty in his personal chart. The more serious month for such Penalty will be February and May, the Tiger and Snake months. Take heed by scrutinizing carefully how you nurture your body.
In the years 2013 to 2015 we have been influenced by Fire and Earth years which can result in people gaining more weight but the coming years of Monkey and Rooster bring Metal into the story and make weight loss far easier – be inspired!

World Events – Economy – Business:
To have a strong economy we want to see Fire. Of the 5 elements you’ll see how they relate to people’s moods like Fire is joy, Water is fear, Earth is meditation, Metal is sadness, and Wood is anger. So Fire years usually bring optimism and drive up the stock market like in 2006 and 2007. But in 2008 Water brought fear about worsening of the U.S. economy and the resulting Great Recession. The years following 2008 also were missing the Fire element, so the crisis and instability particularly in the U.S. and Europe prevailed until 2013. The Snake brought financial stability and the return of a more optimistic financial outlook. We will see this consumer confidence continue as the economy strengthens and grows into the first half of 2017.
2016 will most affect Fire and Water industries because Fire conquers Metal and Metal is money. Water conquers Fire so the Fire brings money to the Water industries. Energy, entertainment, finance, stock market, transportation, communication, and shipping will all favor well this year.
Earth industry is also positive as Earth produces Metal, so property, construction, high tech, and mining should do well too. Metal is the industry that suffers because in a Metal year it suggests tough competition. This is banking, engineering, and computer industries finding lots of work but also lots of competition. The Wood industry, such as textile, paper, and environment may be active but finds no money because there is no Earth to make that happen. Earth industry will be active and productive but also finding no money since Water is not there in strength.
In general, the Yang Fire Monkey year, with Fire on top and Metal below, is symbol of optimism, flexibility, and progress. There is still conflict and disharmony in international relationships and while it may not be a peaceful year, people will feel more optimistic, open-minded, confident and innovative in regards to finding solutions to obstacles. Lastly, we must look out for natural disasters such as fire, explosions, nuclear issues, tornados, hurricanes, and some environmental disasters, disease, and epidemics.
Best motivation to creating health and peace is to begin with yourself, you own family, your work place, and as long as you are working towards that goal within your own life, you can be assured subtle changes will begin to change the world too. Channel Monkey energy by finding humor in life, laugh every day, solve problems, try new things, explore, play and have fun!

The last Fire Monkey Year was in the year 1956
President of the USA was Dwight Eisenhower
Vice President was Richard Nixon
Life expectancy was 69.6 years
Minimum wage was $1.00
Unemployment was 5.5%
Average cost of a new home was about $11,000 and average rent was $88
Average Annual Income was about $4,500
Black and White TV set cost about $100
Gasoline was 22 cents a gallon
Price of a new car was $2,000
Disposable diapers were first introduced
1 in 3 high school graduates went to college
Non stick frying pans were sold for the first time
The airing of “As the World Turns” and “The Price is Right”
Louise Suggs wins the LPGA winner
Elvis Presley records “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Hound Dog”
“My Fair Lady” opens in NYC for over 2,700 performances
Sudan becomes independent
Britain abolishes the death penalty
USSR performs nuclear tests
France at war with Algeria
Grace Kelly marries Prince Ranier III of Monaco
US Supreme Court ends race segregation on buses
Dick Clark makes first appearance on “American Bandstand”
650,000 US steel workers go on strike
US performs nuclear testing
Egypt seizes Suez Canal – Suez Crisis causes gas rationing in Britain
Pakistan becomes Islamic Republic
Start of the Cuban Revolution
Yogi Berra hits a World Series grand slam
Dr. Albert Sabin discovers oral polio vaccine
Great Britain performs nuclear tests in Australia
President Eisenhower reelected, defeated Adlai Stevenson
Big movies were, “Guys and Dolls”, “The King and I”, “Around the World in Eighty Days”

Astrological Conflict with the Monkey
Worst is the Tiger clashing with the Monkey since both are travelling stars and land animals. The clash can result in traffic accidents. Added to that is the Fire Penalty of Tiger, Monkey, and Snake, anyo e born on the day or year of these animals has a greater risk of air disasters, explosions and fire hazards. For Tiger people it is okay to move, change jobs, and travel but they should be cautious flying, sky diving, parachuting, and driving in fast cars. Tiger people should keep a Dog or Horse talisman with them for protection.
The Monkey is Yang Metal and in Chinese metaphysics it is a “Travelling Horse” so in a Monkey year there are more people travelling, especially people born in year and day of Tiger, Horse, Dog, and also people born in year or day of Pig, Rabbit, and Sheep. As so many people have chance to travel, it will also trigger traffic accidents. In general Monkey and Tiger are land animals, hence the accidents often involve car crashes. Tigers should avoid driving into the direction of the South West. Tiger people will feel sudden change, movement, turbulence, and thus accidents are more likely. They should exercise great caution when traveling on land, air or at sea, and also when working with anything potentially explosive or fire related.
The Monkey creates a Fire penalty with Tiger and Snake and the excessive Fire will bring health problems related to inflammation and the lungs.
People who are born in the year or on the day of the Monkey are offending the year and the Grand Duke, if they have also a Tiger somewhere in their astrology chart or in their current luck cycle, they will suffer from clash or Fire penalty and are more susceptible to traffic trouble or fire hazards, and inflammation in 2016. This will create health problems and misfortune related to blood pressure, heart, breathing or skin. Having a Monkey, Snake and or Tiger in your chart, especially Day or Year, this disharmony will bring disharmony, irritation, worries, frustration, and sickness. Monkeys should keep a talisman of a Rat or Dragon with them for protection.
Some examples of famous people born in the year of the Tiger and in clash against the Monkey in 2016 are Tom Cruise, Queen Elizabeth, Rob Pattison, Lady Gaga, and Jodie Foster. There are people not born in the year of Tiger, but they are also under clash because they are born on the day of Tiger, so they will also face a challenging year. Some examples of these people are Hillary Clinton, Joan Jett, Kiefer Sutherland, and Britney Spears. The clash against the Day Pillar will usually cause movement or conflict in the family or human relationship area, especially in the relationship with the spouse or opposite sex. Take for example, both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are born on the day of Tiger and so both are under clash in the year of Monkey. Hence their marriage is breaking up.
People born in year of the Monkey who are offending the Grand Duke are Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Celine Dion, Joey Yung, and Daniel Craig.
The more serious configuration is the Three Fire Penalty formed by the presence of Monkey, Tiger and Snake. Penalty is hidden danger and will cause irritation, worries and serious misfortune related to fire element. These will include misfortunes, relationship problems and health issues. Some examples of such people coming up with Fire Penalty in 2016 are Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, Ron Pattinson, and Oscar Postorius. So many celebrities seems to be affected in 2016. These penalties are serious and dangerous.

Astrological Harmony with the Monkey
The animals combining with the Monkey year are the Snake, the Dragon and Rat. These animals are destined to have a year of harmony.
The Monkey is a “Nobleman” for people born in years or days of Yin Wood and Yin Earth. This means any birth year ending with the number 5, or 9 such as 1955, 1959, 1965, 1969, 1975, 1979, 1985, 1989, and 1995, 1999 etc. “Nobleman” is our protective angels who will come to help us and make everything smooth and positive.
The Monkey is also the “Academic Star” for people born in a Yang Fire year. So 2016 is also a good year for babies to be born as they will automatically have “Academic Star” which means intellectual quality and strong desire to learn.

The Chinese Astrology of the United States for 2015
In 2017 our country will move through a Cycle shift and in fact, we may begin to feel the energy change as we move from one 10 year period into another especially with the impending Presidential election. In this last year ruled by a Yang Earth Horse decade we have had the ability to amass income and reap rewards for our work and efforts. Yet, as good as that forecast appears, each year’s annual energy can trip that up and turn a positive into a negative. The support is there if we look in unfamiliar places. Who are our allies?
2015 I forecasted to bring a harsh, combative, uncompromising stance where bullies take charge, and confrontation and combat incite battle, especially more military action in the Middle East resulting in an increased threat to our safety and wellbeing as a result of our actions. Yet, despite all the turmoil, there is a stronger sense of who we are as Americans and how that bond could create an incredible opportunity for collaborating with others, of forging bonds with like minded people, of teaching and inspiring our youth and our citizens to hold true to themselves; independent, self confident, decisive, and connected to our allies. The enemy was at the gate – it may have surprised us who that enemy was (local police brutality comes to mind).
2016 Yang Fire Monkey mirrors our own Year Pillar and this means trouble. I think the first half of the year will be less favorable. Certainly the energy in November should prove to be an interesting turn of events with the election. This is a social year with people gathering, networking, and social media will play a bigger role in how we connect, communicate, and rally. Education, Religion, and how we educate and inspire will be another aspect of this year for Americans. For example the end of No Child Left Behind. Look at the issue of the Syrian refugees and immigration reform also. Look at the heated polarity with the Presidential candidates. These are all about how we see ourselves as a collective community – are we in this together or are we divided? Are we working for the betterment of all or for the betterment of some?
Stay tuned next summer for the astrology charts of the top Presidential contenders and their running mates with predictions for who might be victorious in the debates. Let the games begin…