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November was the month of the Yin Water Pig and a very Watery month with Wood, very much like our Yin Water Rabbit Year. This pairing of the Rabbit and the Pig brought a sweeter tone and more tranquility like sharing a drink with a friend. It was as comfortable and cozy as a pair of slippers and a warm mug of tea on a cold night. Did you take the invitaton to relax, to chill the frick out, to hang with your peeps at home, to read a good book or listen to an inspiring podcast? Did you avoid drama, gossip, and nasty negativity? Were you able to culivate more harmony, kindness, and sweetness in your life and relationships?

December rolls in on the 6th with a Yang Wood Rat. This alchemical interaction feels supportive and the Rat with the Rabbit is compatible BUT there is a Punishment to how these two interact. Not all is as it appears is it? On the surface there seems to be harmony and goodwill but there is something dark at work, something sinister like backstabbing, slander, or shady business. This is a cautionary tale of making sure you really know who you are dealing with and that their moral compass is aligned with yours. Be mindful of who you trust, confide in, and invest time and resources with this month. Don’t get too comfortable.

DEPRESSThe 4 Star in the Center is visited by the 7 Star. The Center as Earth is challenged by the Woody 4 Star and has needed the mitigation of RED to harmonize for positive chi to be activated. December brings the wielding of a mighty sword with the 7 Star and suggests cruelty, break ups, injury with weapons or sharp objects, surgery, loss of money. The conflict is heated by the Wood of the 4 Star making this a very conflicted area of your home. What is the solution? Add BLUE and REMOVE your Love Altar. Best Colors/ Decor: Greens, Wood, Blue colors in decor. Avoid: Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Tangerine, Rose, Red, Water and Metal, white, gray, black, Earthy yellow, brown, and tan. CURES: REMOVE your Love Altar (can move to the West) and place a round Metal Bowl to absorb any toxicity. 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a BLUE vase.

DEPRESSThe 9 Star of future wealth, and abundance is in the North for 2023 and now visited by the 3 Star. The Fiery 9 Star needs to be mitigated with the Watery North with Wood and colors of green. The 3 Star is emboldened here creating a hot mess for projects you might be working on. Take a mighty step back when it comes to your work. Ease into the holiday season early and take needed time to double check details, do research and planning rather than launching and publishing. Best Colors/ Decor: Wood furnishings, all shades of Green, turquoise, lush plants, but pair the Green with Purple, Violet, Eggplant, and Lavender. Tie this in to your carpet, pillows, and artwork that is themed with beautiful florals, and landscapes. Avoid: Water and colors of Blue, Metal and colors of black, white, and gray, Earth tones like yellow, orange, rust, brown, cream, peach, and pink. CURES: Place 9 Silk Purple Flowers in a GREEN Vase. For a North facing house or bedroom, put a Red Arowana Carp Fish in a prominent place.

DEPRESSThe 7 Star is in the North East for 2023 is visited by the 1 Star which brings success and wealth that truly can’t be realized in this container. This is success and wealth that comes with restrictions, legal woes, loss of money due to poor investements, etc. Be really mindful of your business dealings, especially if your office sits in the NE. Best Colors/ Decor: Metal furnishings, all shades of Blue, and White. Bring this into your d├ęcor with rugs, pillows, and art that is tranquil like open sky, blue birds, clouds, blue flowers. Avoid: Earth tones like yellow, orange, rust, brown, cream, peach, and pink, actual Water, colors of Green, Wood, Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Tangerine, Rose, Red. No personal or family photos. CURES: A black dish with rice and a single Chinese Coin with a blood stone atop the coin to absorb negativity and protect finances. Another protection for wealth is displaying a Blue Elephant or Rhino Statue. Be very cautious if this is a central room in your house.

DEPRESS The 2 Star is in the East is one of the most problematic rooms/areas for 2023 is visited by the 5 Star. The 2 Star suggests illness, and grave misfortune especially to those people born in the year or on the day of a Rabbit, Rooster, or Rat. The 5 Star is a bomb being dropped in this weary part of our Lo Pan. KEEP THIS ROOM DARK AND QUIET AND UNDISTURBED. The Grand Duke sits in the degrees 82.5-97.5 E. No construction, loud noise deep digging, or loud noises in this room throughout the year. I would neutralize this area and focus on GREEN and BLUE. Best Colors: Wood and all shades of green, landscapes, floral designs, leaf patterns, plants and trees. Add something Blue like a throw blanket or pillows. Avoid: All other colors, especially Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, peach, pale pink, and also Fire like red, violet, hot pink, and orange. No Metal like white, gray, or black, and Water. CURE: For a front door facing SE that you cannot use another entrance, hang a Ba-Gua mirror to deflect the negative chi and 2 Metal Fu Dogs flanking the entrance. For a bedroom that cannot be changed, hang a Healing Herbs Wu Lou and put a Salt Water Cure under the bed. For appeasing the Grand Duke display a Gold Tai Sui Plaque and a pair of Pi Yao Beasties facing into the afflicted direction. DO NOT FACE THE EAST in the way your head is pointed in bed, in the way you sit and even in the direction you drive from your home. Remove all Family photos.

DEPRESSThe 3 Star is in the South East and now the 6 Star arrives. There is a conflict of elements in the mix stirring up volatility. BLUE mitigates between the Metal of the positive 6 Star but fuels the negative 3 Star. This is argumentative, it is disharmony that could impact your finances. Best Colors: Stick with the innate color of this direction, Green in all shades along with landscapes, floral or leaf designs, prints, art. Healthy lush plants. For December add BLUE. Avoid : RED or Fiery colors and Fire itself as in a fire pit or grill, stove, and fireplace. Water with Blues, Earth tones like Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Orange, Violet, and of course Metal with colors of white, gray, and black. Keep this room quiet and serene. CURE: Red Happy Hotei in a prominent place.

DEPRESSThe 8 Star is in the South and this is the home of the Horse, and now the 2 Star is fueled by the Fire of the South suggesting health issues, and negative forces that threaten your wealth, reputation, and position. Best Colors: Earth tones like Brown, Tan, and Cream Avoid: Fire as in Red, Violet, Hot Pink, and Orange, Blue, Water, Green, Wood, and Metal with colors of Black, White, and Gray. CURE: Hang a red string of 8 Chinese Coins from the door if this is an entrance. Other options are 8 citrine or red crystal balls in a ceramic square tray/bowl or 8 silk RED Flowers, or a Wealth Cabbage called a Bai Chok or a Red Phoenix statue or image. December’s cure would be a round Metal bowl to absorb any negative chi. Be super mindful if this is a bedroom or front door.

ACTIVATEThe 1 Star is in the South West is a wealth Star and is in conflict as a Water Star in this Earth direction with the visiting 4 Star which is also conflicted in this placement. To create a harmonious flow, shift your colors to allow for nourishing both the 1 and 4 Star for the best outcome for finances and relationships. This might be the best direction of December. Best Colors: All shades of BLUE, Light blue, gray blue, white, black, gray. Metal accessories. Worst Colors: Earth like Yellow, Brown, Tan, Cream, Fire, Red, Hot Pink, Orange and Violet, Water, Wood, and Green colors. CURE: The annual cure is a round Metal bowl and other Metal objects and furnishings. Place a single Gold Ingot on something Blue for wealth and if this is your office, place a Red Ru Yi Sword to strengthen your career. The 4 Star focuses on relationship, creative pursuits and educational success. Place a BLUE jar filled with pens and brushes if you are an artist/ writer/ musician and a globe if this is to put energy towards education. For boosting realtionships, place a photo of you with your special person along with a pair of birds.

ACTIVATEThe 6 Star is in the West bringing the potential for success and wealth is visited by the 9 Star. The West is one of the best area of the home and office in December forecasting projects and work you’ve been putting a lot of energy into finally meets with success, a launch, and foreward momentum. A great area for an office or main room of the house. This is an afflicted area for 2023 as the West sits opposite to our Annual Rabbit in the East. Do not face East, but it is okay to face West. Best Colors: Metal and the colors of White, Gray, and Black. Keep the design very Zen. Bring in EARTH tones like Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Rust, crystals, and pottery. Avoid: Wood, colors of Green, Water, Fire and Fire colors of Red, Hot Pink, Orange and Violet. CURE: A Gold Happy Hotei sitting on an Ingot, or 6 Gold Ingots in a Metal round dish, and to appease the Sui Po and Three Killings, point a Silver Elephant in the direction of 232.5-307.5 W. A special cure of the 3 Celestial Mirror ensures you get the optimal benefit from this area. If you made a Vision Board move it to this room for December before offering it to the sacred fire at the year’s end.

DepressThe 5 Star is in the North West is one of the most afflicted directions for 2023. Now the 8 Star brings potential for wealth but the 5 Star may spoil the fortune. If a kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets when not in use. AVOID this area as a bedroom or main entrance. Anything and everything that can go wrong will if this is disturbed. KEEP THIS AREA QUIET, DARK, AND UNDISTURBED BY LOUD RENOVATIONS OR NOISE. Best Colors: Metal with Blue, White, Gray, and Black. AVOID: Earth and colors of Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Rust, Water and shades of Blue and Green, no Wood, and NO FIRE of any kind not even candles, colors of Red, Hot Pink, Orange, and Violet. CURE:  If a front door hang a Ba-Gua mirror to deflect the negative chi and flank the entrance with a pair of Metal Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and a Wu Lou Health gourd by the bedside. Be really careful with everything you do here. Metal is the best Cure as in a round Metal bowl or something that chimes like a clock. AVOID this area of your home or office.


Areas of Caution: North West, North, North East, East, South East, and South

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Flying Stars is an advanced system of Feng Shui that has been used since the times of Ancient China. It recognizes the pattern of energy impressed upon every home and building the year it was built or last renovated. Think of it like a building or home’s birth day. It is why you see some houses falling apart, covered in vines, and deteriorating. When the chi is gone, the house is no longer viable for living in. Therefore it is so important to update your home to the current Period. Each Period is 20 years long and we have been in Period 8, a time of wealth and abundance since 2004. We will shift into Period 9 in 2024. At the least, following the annual and monthly Flying Stars allows you to dance with the ever changing chi so that you are in flow with life.