March began on Thursday the 5th with ALL of the Flying Stars DOUBLED! ALL the energies have been exaggerated and amplified. Then look what happened – BOOM! Quarantines, self-distancing, borders closed, and lives brought to a halt worldwide! Look at the timing of the full outbreak – the Chinese New Year in China. In Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology terms this speaks directly to the Yang Metal sitting atop the Rat this year. Yang Metal is all about the lungs and breath. An aggravated, determined, sharp and persistent energy pervading all of life on earth in the form of a viral pandemic attacking our ability to breathe. Compound that with DOUBLE 7 Star in the Center of every building and home around the world for the month of March. The 7 Star is represented by the element Metal and is related to miscommunication, slander, gossip, law suits, and sickness related to the flu, lungs and respiration. April is going to be a difficult month with it being a Yang Metal Dragon month. The Dragon is damp, moist Earth and we have that Metal energy related to the lungs magnified.

Likely our number one question is “When does this end?” My intuition and understanding of the elements said June, or more specifically when it gets warm and stays warm. Spring is volatile with weather rising and falling 20 degrees or more form one day to next sometimes. But, with global warming we find our seasons are no longer defined by solstices and equinoxes, in fact May feels more like the start of summer than June now. I reached out to my teacher, Dr. Paul Yan, for affirmation and he agreed, saying June 5th we would be returning to more of our daily active lives.

So April 5th starts the Geng or Yang Metal Dragon Month. There is more focus on breathing, on our lung health, and on this Covid-19 virus. So, pay attention to best areas and worst this month ensuring you are NOT aggravating any contentious energies but rather stimulating the most vibrant and positive.

#6 Star is in the Center with the Annual 7 Star. There is risk of injury with sharp objects, surgery, violence, back stabbing, and legal woes but also this problem of lung and respiratory health. The 6 Star is Yin Metal and aggravates the health crisis we are already in. Take note, that May brings the 5 Star of calamity and misfortune, whether financial or health or relationship. So know that the pandemic and quarantine is likely to play itself out into May, as the virus begins to wane in the heat, the fallout from a world economy and work force halted for months will reveal what is actually left of society to return to. A worldwide recession and in places a depression, is likely.
CURE: Hang an image or words of peace, prayer, or blessing in a Black or White frame. Any images you might have that invoke wellness should be hung in with a Metal Frame. DO NOT DISTURB.

The Fire Star 9 brings in the possibilities for dreams coming true, of joyful events, and a great place to plant seeds for future projects. The 1 Star is Watery and the North East is Earthy in nature, so the annual mitigator of Metal doesn’t work this month. The 1 Star of 2020 brings career growth and opportunity expanding with financial gains.
CURE: For the Watery 1 Star to feel nourished we would normally feed it with Metal but this month we want to activate and mitigate with Wood and this simply a plant, lush and healthy in a prominent location in this NE room. The best annual cure to keep in place is the gold ingot on something blue or a Gold Hotei Buddha sitting on pile of money.

The 4 Star moves into the East with the Annual 5. 
The 4 is at home in the East as both are representative of the element Wood which controls the abysmal 5 Star. Still caution MUST be exercised here as the increased probability of accidents, mayhem, financial troubles, ruin are greatly increased now. DO NOT disturb this chi. NO renovations, banging, digging, or noise of any kind including TV or placement of stereo system. CURE: Hang 6 rod Metal wind chime outside the Eastern corner your home, close doors and windows here, avoid using this room at all cost. If it is a main entrance and you can’t use any other, place a Ba-Gua mirror on the door, and Fu Dogs flanking the front entrance. If a bedroom and there is no alternative for where to sleep, put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bedside table and a Salt Water Cure under the bed. If this is a Kitchen cover the burners with cookie sheets when the stove is not in use. NO FIRE in the East. For April add healthy lush plants to this room. Hang pictures on the walls of landscapes and flowers.

#5 Star is in the South East with the Annual 6 Star brings a forecast of abundance and success with mayhem and malevolence. Here serous illness, injury, and loss of income is noted. SILENCE THIS ROOM. If a bedroom, look for an alternative room to sleep, and if a main entrance try to use another one if available. DO NOT DISTURB THIS ROOM INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME. CURE: Place a Brass or Gold Hotei Buddha with a healthy plant in a prominent place. Mitigate the Clash of Wood and Metal here with turquoise, and blue colors. Use a Wu Lou Health Gourd by your bedside table or a Ba-Gua mirror on your front door.

#1 Star joins the Annual 2 Star in the South along with the Three Killings and Sui Po. Another room to vacate and leave alone in March. DO NOT disturb this room inside and outside with any renovations, digging, loud noises or banging. Use an alternative entrance if a front door, sleep in another room, and keep this room dark, closed off and quiet. NO FIRE. If this is a Kitchen be very mindful of the increased chances of food poisoning, choking, digestive disorders, stomach flu, etc. The 1 Star is greatly weakened by the Fiery South. I would continue to focus on the annual cures. CURE: If it is a main entrance and you can’t use any other, place a Ba-Gua mirror on the door, and Fu Dogs flanking the front entrance. If a bedroom and there is no alternative for where to sleep, put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bedside table and a Salt Water Cure under the bed. If this is a Kitchen cover the burners with cookie sheets when the stove is not in use. Add colors of Green and Blue with healthy plants along with a round Metal bowl to absorb the toxic chi.

#3 Star is in the South West with the Annual 4 Star. LOVE * CREATIVITY * GOOD STUDIES make this a prime location for a student to study, a prime bedroom location for fertility and making babies or just having great sex, and a great place for making music or art or anything creative. This is where you want to put a Love Altar to celebrate the love in your life or the lover you want to welcome into your life. April brings in quarrels and disharmony so avoid using this room for socializing or conversations. Be aware that a fight over the remote control is far more likely now. Keep the peace. CURE: Place a picture of a couple you admire or if in relationship, favorite pictures of the 2 of you, 2 heart shaped crystals, a pair of birds, 2 pink or red candles, 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo. Add something RED here for April.

#8 Star is in the West where the Annual 9 Star is visiting and brings hope for the future plus abundance financially. BEST ROOM FOR APRIL. This is where you want to put crystals and Earthy things to mitigate the Clash of Fire and Metal. The area for joyful gatherings, of celebrations, of dreaming, of planting seeds for the future. Open windows and doors and keep this area active. CURE: Add Yellow colors, Earthy pottery and quartz crystals, and place here a Vision Board or images or words that express that which you want to manifest in the near future.

#7 Star is in the North West with the Annual 8 Star Money is abundantly flowing in your front door if you are lucky enough to have a NW facing home. Caution flags are flying in April as lawsuits, back stabbing, and injury or surgery are suggested. Keep this area active and brightly lit while remaining mindful. CURE: In a prominent place put 8 silk Yellow silk flowers, a string of 8 Chinese Coins, and/ or 8 citrine or red crystal faceted balls.

#2 Star in the North with the Annual 3 Star. The Watery North feeds this grumpy, antagonistic energy inciting arguments, fighting, and discord. Add to that the presence of the Grand Duke in the North in 2020 cautioning you to NOT disturb this room inside and outside. Do not offend this deity. Plus the 2 Sickness warns of digestive issues, food poisoning and poor health. CURE: A Red Happy Hotei is still a good annual cure but now remove any RED and bring the focus to the innate energy of the North with turquoise, greens and healthy plants. Terrible place to have a serious conversation. Keep this room quiet and undisturbed.