As I wrote in the previous FS Posts, this year is really aggravating respiration and this is playing out in our homes and places of business as much as it is affecting our health and livelihoods. May 5th is Xin Si or Yin Metal sitting atop the Snake which is represented by the elements of Yang Fire with a little Metal and a little Earth. This is where we should start to see rising temperatures and an easing of the shelter-at-home mandate, a lessening of Covid-19 cases and deaths. This should continue into the summer months. Yet, like weather, a virus is unpredictable and truly follows its own innate patterns. It is the Metal element that we are looking at here and how it is playing or combating the other elements at play from one day to the next, one month to the next. June and July bring in Water which will weaken the Metal and this is where we should really see a shift in our current predicament. Notice that all of the May Stars are flying into their home directions creating some really vibrant interactions. BEST rooms are in the NE, SE, and NW with the N being moderately okay.

#5 Star is in the Center with the Annual 7 Star. Not a good energy coming in and perhaps this signals the last virulent rampage impacting our lives for a while. Either way, identify the Center of your home and office and ensure NO construction, banging or loud noises are happening here including your TV or sound system. Calm this area down and let it rest. The 5 with the 7 threatens disaster, financial upset, safety and health concerns. Remember too that the 7 Star thrown in to this mix suggests surgery or illness, again related to the respiration whether that is asthma or lung ailments or Covid-19. So the focus is not only on calming this area but weakening it too. The 5 is an Earth Star like the Center and right at home here, the 7 Star is Metal and is being fed by the Earth element.
CURE: Hang an image or words of peace, prayer, or blessing in a Black or White frame. Any images you might have that invoke wellness should be hung in with a Metal Frame. DO NOT DISTURB. For the month of May also add something BLUE like a pillow or rug or art piece like a Blue Angel figurine you could hang on a wall or set on a table.

The 8 Star is now in home direction North East, both represented by the Earth element. The Annual 1 Star is Water. These are wonderful energies to invigorate wealth, success, and career growth. Luck the person with an office or front door in this sector of the Ba-Gua.
CURE: The best annual cure to keep in place is the gold ingot on something Blue and to that I would add 8 Chinese coins for the Ingot to sit atop.

The 3 Star moves into the East with the Annual 5. The 3 is at home in the East as both are representative of the element Wood which controls the abysmal 5 Star. Both of these energies are weak. So as long as you exercise great caution to keep the room dark, and undisturbed by any loud commotion, you should be able to avoid accidents, financial troubles, relationship woes, and ruin. DO NOT disturb this chi. NO renovations, banging, digging, or noise of any kind including TV or placement of stereo system. CURE: Hang 6 rod Metal wind chime outside the Eastern corner of your home, close doors and windows here, avoid using this room at all cost. If it is a main entrance and you can’t use any other, place a Ba-Gua mirror on the door, and Fu Dogs flanking the front entrance. If a bedroom and there is no alternative for where to sleep, put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bedside table and a Salt Water Cure under the bed. If this is a Kitchen cover the burners with cookie sheets when the stove is not in use. NO FIRE in the East. The placement of several healthy lush plants will also help along with images of landscapes and flowers.

#4 Star is in the South East with the Annual 6 Star brings a forecast of abundance and success with creativity, romance, and success with academic endeavors. The 4 is a Wood Star and at home in the East. The need to mitigate the Metal and Wood conflict is easily done by adding the color Blue – not water – just the color. CURE: Place a Brass or Gold Hotei Buddha with a healthy plant in a prominent place. Mitigate the Clash of Wood and Metal here with turquoise, and blue colors. If you have a table or desk here, you can also place a jar filled with brushes and pens to invigorate creativity and innovative ideas.

#9 Star joins the Annual 2 Star in the South along with the Three Killings and Sui Po. The 9 is a Fire Star and right at home in the South so the 2 Star’s Earthy nature is greatly invigorated. The potential for illness spikes now. DO NOT disturb this room inside and outside with any renovations, digging, loud noises or banging. Use an alternative entrance if a front door, sleep in another room, and keep this room dark, closed off and quiet. NO FIRE. If this is a Kitchen be very mindful of the increased chances of food poisoning, choking, digestive disorders, stomach flu, etc. CURE: If it is a main entrance and you can’t use any other, place a Ba-Gua mirror on the door, and Fu Dogs flanking the front entrance. If a bedroom and there is no alternative for where to sleep, put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bedside table and a Salt Water Cure under the bed. If this is a Kitchen cover the burners with cookie sheets when the stove is not in use. To nourish the positive aspects of the 9 Star while weakening the Earthiness of the 2, I would add Green tones, healthy plants and images that are happy people enjoying nature.

#2 Star is in the South West with the Annual 4 Star. Here the 2 Star is at home in the Earthy South West bringing illness, and disharmony to marriage and partnerships, specifically targeting the female or mother of the home. Keep the peace, honor self-care in the healthiest of ways, and ensure this room is kept quiet now. CURE: No images of you and your love – move those out for this month. You can still keep the love altar in place just remove the images that could potentially target you and your love for malaise. 2 heart shaped crystals, a pair of birds, 2 pink or red candles, 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo. AVOID RED and FIRE like a barbecue grill.

#7 Star is in the West where the Annual 9 Star is visiting. The 7 Star is at home in this Metal direction and the Fire of the 9 Star is an aggravation. Future plans are likely cancelled now, or interference cause delays. CURE: To mitigate the clash of elements would serve to weaken the positive and strengthen the negative so it is best to look at adding some Wood as in 9 Yellow flowers, remove Earthy materials like stones and focus on neutral tones of white, gray, and tan.

#6 Star is in the North West with the Annual 8 Star is another great room for making money flow. The 6 Star is at home in the NW and the Metal element activates the Earthy nature of the 8. Great fortune to have a front door or office in the NW. CURE: In a prominent place put 8 silk Yellow silk flowers, a string of 8 Chinese Coins, and Metal or Gold Happy Hotei to give a nod to the 6 Star.

#1 Star in the North with the Annual 3 Star. The Watery North feeds this grumpy, antagonistic energy inciting arguments, fighting, and discord. Add to that the presence of the Grand Duke in the North in 2020 cautioning you to NOT disturb this room inside and outside. Do not offend this deity. The 1 Star suggests successes especially related to business and work. CURE: All the Water influence is feeding this 3 Star so add a single gold ingot to put beside the Red Happy Hotei. Avoid Fire colors and actual Fire. Add greens and healthy plants. Terrible place to have a serious conversation. Keep this room quiet and undisturbed.

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