September is the month of the Rooster, Yin Metal which is the West where in Feng Shui our area for children, pro-creation, creativity and productivity resides. In the body, Yin Metal presents itself as skin, hair and nails. The Rooster is cocky, a show off, flamboyant, colorful, outspoken and prefers to be center stage. Our annual Pig delights in being entertained by the Rooster’s antics and doesn’t mind at all that they need all the attention. The month of September begins on the 8th – October 8th. You may recall that the forecast for the Year of the Pig mentioned global financial instability and this down turn is happening. The trend will likely continue right into the Year of the Rat and would then intensify in parts of the world. We are in need of new leadership that is innovative, progressive and looks at our collective situation with fresh eyes.

#4 Star in the Center where the annual 8 Star resides now along with success, money, and living the good life, the 4 Star brings in fertility, relationship, and creativity. This is a Wood energy visiting a very active Earth Center so as positive as both stars can be, competition and strain in relationships alogn with back or fertility issues are far more likely. This energy in the Center permeates your entire home and property.
CURE: Continue to hang 8 Chinese Coins and/or 8 Red Crystal Balls to motivate the money 8 Star – BUT now we want to protect relationships and health so adding 2 pink rose quartz crystals or a pair of birds here with a picture of you and your love is recommended. Be mindful to avoid back injury.

#8 Star sits in the South with the Annual 3. 
The 8 Star is at home in the South as Fire of South feeds and nurtures the Earthy 8 Star. The weak Woody 3 Star is even less felt in this month but we still have that aggravation of disharmony and potential for relationship strain especially with the children. CURE: FIRE like colors of Red, Violet, Purple, and Rose – crystals, rocks, pottery accent pieces.

#3 Star is in the South East with the Annual 7 Star is tricky as the 3 Star is at home with the Wood nature of the South East but is challenged by the Metal of the 7 Star. Mitigating these while draining the energies is helpful. So typically, we would add Blue to drain the negative 7 known for law suits, back stabbing, fighting and violence, but the Blue will only feed the pessimistic, grumpy 3 Star. Pick your poison then in this sector for September. I’d rather have to tip toe around relationship rather than worry about my safety. Either way, be careful as betrayal and robbery are far more likely. Remember the Sui Po is in the SE (142.5-157.5 on the compass) and needs things to be super hush and quiet. CURE: Place a Brass Pagoda here for the year to quell the 7 and assuage the Sui Po. Add something Blue that is healing like a sodalite or lapis lazuli crystal, or a Blue Buddha statue.

#2 Star joins the Annual 6 Star in the East which is a positive Metal energy, the Earthy 2 Star throws nasty negativity into the air. Both of these Stars are clashing with the Eastern Wood element and this is a good thing as the 2 Star of sickness is greatly weakened by the Wood and controlled by the Metal 6 Star. Still, cures are needed to protect health. CURE: Hang 6 Chinese coins from a window or door. NO FIRE or Fiery colors but instead focus on splashes of BLUE as in a throw blanket, rug, pillows, artwork, etc. this will support the positive chi and weaken the 2 Star. A Wu Lou health gourd by the bedside will absorb any toxicity. Sickness of the abdomen and bowels are more likely if this chi is aggravated.

#7 Star is in the North East with the Annual 2 Star. Earth and Metal energies align this month with concerns for surgery, injury with sharp knives/ objects. Not the area of a yard for taking down a tree or chopping wood! Back stabbing is another threat along with females fighting like serious cat fight. CURE: If this is a bedroom, a Wu Lou health gourd and under the bed a Salt Water Cure (email me for recipe). If this is a front entrance hang a Ba-Gua Mirror and put a pair of Gold Fu Dogs to flank the walkway. NO FIRE, no barbecues or grills, or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal. Add something METAL like a round Metal bowl or a Gold Buddha. Keep this room dark and undisturbed.

#9 Star is in the North where the Annual 4 Star sits and there is caution for sexual abuses and fire hazards. The Fiery 9 Star is not welcome in the Watery North and this sizzle could spark wires. The 9 Star is typically a happy energy but this month we see the dark side of its nature. The 4 Star ignites passion, creativity, good studies, and travel which may be distracted by this visiting volatile chi. CURE: Vibrant lush plants, 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a GREEN Vase. Focus on colors of Green . NO FIRE! Keep this area quiet and undisturbed.

#5 Star is in the North West with the Annual 9 Star and this is also where the Grand Duke of Jupiter or the Tsai Sui resides. The 9 and 5 Stars get together and combust with explosions, riots and volatility. All the fun at the party just came to a screeching halt. Drop the blinds, darken the space and evacuate so the energy can be as dormant as possible. CURE: 9 Yellow silk flowers in an Earthen vase. AVOID Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, peach, rust, and add a Wu Lou if a bedroom or a Turtle-Headed brass dragon to counter negativity.

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#6 Star joins the West with the Annual 1 Star. The Metal 6 Star is at home in the Metal where wealth and good fortune are very favorable. Great room to launch projects and do business. Best area of the month! CURE: A single Gold Ingot on a piece of Blue fabric will ignite money luck. Metal with BLUE.

#1 Star is in the South West with the Annual 5 Star. DO NOT DISTURB WITH BANGING, DIGGING, OR ANY RENOVATIONS. Calamity, accidents, sickness related to sexual organs, bladder and food poisoning are all more likely. Fortunately the 1 Star is weakened by the Earthy 5 and the SW but make no mistake about the dysfunction of this pairing.
CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. 6 Metal Rod Wind Chime is also helpful. METAL and the color white, black, and gray. NO FIRE or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal.