Flying Stars Feng Shui September 8th – Month of the Yin Metal Rooster

If Metal is not a favorable element in your Chinese Astrology, then you may be plagued with lung and skin ailments this month. Being around Water will help drain any excess but ultimately, you’ll want your chart done by Lydia Nitya to ensure accuracy.

#8 Star is in the North West where the annual 1 Star resides. This should prove to be a prosperous corner of your home or office this month. Even though Water and Earth are opposites, the Metal of the direction serves as a natural mitigator.
CURE: 8 Chinese Coins for this month to rattle the coins out of the Cosmic cash register.
#7 Star sits in the Center with the Annual 9 Star. No joke here, friends, the chances for explosions, fire, power outages, and fierce fighting is forewarned. Keep this area quiet and undisturbed. NO FIRE and God help you if your furnace or hot water heater are located here. Take heed. CURE: Point a Money Frog into the Center of your home from the East where another battle is waging.
#6 Star is in the South East with the Annual 8 Star which makes this THE room to utilize the most with prosperity and abundance filling your basket this month. Lucky you if this is your front door. CURE: Hang a 6 coin strand here along with your annual 8 coin strand or just put a pile of Chinese Coins in a glass bowl and enjoy the wealth that manifests.
#5 Star joins forces with the Annual 7 Star in the East bringing the potential for violence, fighting, injury by sharp objects, and other calamities. AVOID this room and area of your home, office and yard. Quiet and undisturbed by banging or loud noises. The Wood element will make it a bit harder for these 2 Stars to throw their full weight around but that won’t stop them from trying. Duck and run.
CURE: a Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. Caution.
#4 Star is in the South West with the Annual 6 Star. Aw, snap this is a lovely combination of creativity, success, prosperity, and romance. CURE: Place 4 Pink Peonies here or a picture of your lover/ partner/ dream love, also 2 heart crystals works nicely too. Couples with bedrooms in the SW will be more likely to conceive.
#3 Star stirs up some drama in the North where the nasty Annual 5 Star has been stewing all year. Look out for upsets, arguments, injuries, and health issues. The Water of the North will drain some of this weak star’s power. Just keep it quiet and dark here, avoid this as an entrance and bedroom.
#2 Star is in the South with the Annual 4 Star which spins the positive negative. There are greater chance for bloating, stomach ailments, poor health, and all of this is impeding your ability to create, manifest, and enjoy the romance that this room has this year.
CURE: a Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. Caution.
#1 Star Star sits in the North East with the sour puss Annual 3 Star. This energy may help or hinder, hard to say. It’s like trying to plan a day with a 3 year old, a wild card bet at best. The 1 Star typically foretells success and prospering but the 3 Star stomps their feet and throws a fit potentially spoiling chances for good things to unfold. Be mindful of your actions and words in this area of your home and office especially.
The Water element associated with the 1 Star only feeds the Woody nature of the 3 Star. Best bet is to focus on neutral Earth tones innate to the NE.

#9 Fire is in the W with the Annual 2 Star which is why I suggested pointing a Money Frog from the East to annihilate the worst star combinations that are lines up this month – East 5/7, Center 7/9, and West 9/2. This 9/ 2 combination brings a greater chance for serious illness that targets mental health, circulation, and your heart. Keep your cures in place throughout the year to ensure your health and wellbeing.  Avoid this room if a bedroom or entrance. CURE: a Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. Caution.

Remember that October is the Dog Month in the Dog Year so all your lessons for this year are going to be magnified. Pay attention. Be more mindful of daily interactions and your responses. Take mental notes of what is happening with relationships, career, health, etc.

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The energy around us is in constant flux, ebbing and flowing. Learning to move with the energy in your home ensures you side step the worst and engage with the best for a harmonious, healthy, and prosperous life.