As the August month of the Monkey swings out of view, what surprises jumped into your lap last month? Were there any problems solved? Did you feel scattered in thoughts and feel the urge to diversify, multi-task more than usual? Well, all that monkey minded-ness is leaving us now as a Yin Fire Rooster struts onto center stage. Roosters love to be in the limelight; they are colorful and talkative, maybe boastful and arrogant too. Now this month really is where we find some harmony on the farm of Chinese Astrological animals. The Rooster and Ox are very happy hanging out as the Ox is too busy working to care if the Rooster is babbling on forever or demanding all the attention from everyone else. Yes, here we have what I would call a good distraction. The Rooster is there to entertain us, distract us from our work and day to day toils. As children resume school days and some people resume in-person office work again, we probably will all feel a lot more extroverted. So, September is a wake up call to shine, to flaunt your talents, to be heard and seen in full color and in full stereo. Cock-a-doodle-YOU !

DEFLECT – The 7 Star is in the Center with the Annual 6 Star. The 7 Star and the 6 together are like two swords in a duel. Both are Metal energies fueled by the Earth here on Home plate. Be mindful of the potential for wealth or income to take a nose dive or a lawsuit to be filed, or surgery or injury with sharp objects. The nature of the Center is that it’s influence radiates through out the home or office especially if you have an open floorplan. Be very mindful of both finances and safety in September. CURE: A Gold Buddha sitting on coins and accents of BLUE. Frames on any pictures are ideally Metal, Black or White.

ENHANCE – 1 Star with the annual 9 Star in the North East weakens the Watery 1 Star and the 9 Fire Star even more so. There isn’t much left but steam but from that steam a lot of goodness could arise. The 9 Star is where we plan, project, dream, and plant seeds in 2021. This happy energy is great for collaborations. CURE: Place 9 silk Purple Flowers in an Earthen vase to motivate the 9 Star. This is also a place to put a Vision Board of all you dream of creating and manifesting this year. This can also be a wish list or a letter to the Universe. For the 1 Star add a healthy plant.

DEFLECT – The 5 Star moves into the East with the Annual 4. Disaster lurks in the shadows of the East this month and here we need to focus on weakening this nasty 5 Star by focusing on all the lush vibrant goodness of the Wood element. CURE: Decorate with floral designs and shades of green with healthy plants. 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a BLUE Vase along with a Love Altar complete with 2 Birds, 2 Red Candles, 2 Crystal Hearts and pictures of you and your sweetie. If this is your front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Wu Lou health gourd on the bedside stand to protect your health. KEEP IT QUIET AND UNDISTURBED INSIDE AND OUT.

DEFLECT – The 6 Star is in the South East with the Annual 5 Star. The 6 Star adds the hope for some success but this Metal star is in a battle with the Woody nature of the SE, as is the annual Earthy 5 Star. Best then to just focus on mitigating the negativity and try your best to NOT use this area of your home or yard. Close blinds, windows, doors and keep this room dark and unoccupied. That is your greatest protection. If this is your front door, use another entrance if possible. DO NOT DISTURB INSIDE OR OUT WITH CONSTRUCTION, NOISE, DEEP DIGGING, OR ANY COMMOTION. CURE: If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Continue to focus on the innate energy of this direction with Wood furnishings and the colors green, floral fabrics, and healthy lush plants. AVOID FIRE and any red, hot pink or orange colors.

DEFLECT – The 2 Star joins the Annual 1 Star in the South and for September the 1 Star is being taken down by the sickness star 2. The Watery 1 Star hanging out this year is already weakened by the Fire of the South and the Earthy 2 Star is bring fed by the Fire. Best action is to focus on weakening the 2 Star as best you can, which is really like trying to contain a wildfire. Caution. CURE: Beautiful lush plants, colors of green keep the South fed and watered and content but NO FIRE colors or actual Fire as in a stove or grill. If this is your Kitchen cover your stove top with cookie sheets when not in use. Put Wu Lou Health gourds on your bedside table if this is a bedroom. Use another entrance if a front door.

MODERATE – The 4 Star is in the South West with the Annual 3 Star. These 2 Woody stars are weakened by the Earthy nature of the SW. Continue to mitigate with Fire while be mindful of arguments and discord in relationships. CURE: The annual cure is a Red Happy Hotei along with pops of RED as in pillows or art.

ENHANCE – The 9 Star is in the West where the Annual 8 Star is visiting. The 9 Star with the 8 Star brings seeds into flower, dreams into reality and welcomes good fortune. CURE: 8 Yellow silk flowers along with 8 Chinese coins is the annual cure. Colors of Yellow, Brown, Terracotta, and Peach are great colors to decorate with. For September add something bold and PURPLE.

MODERATE –The 8 Star is in the North West with the Annual 7 Star. The 8 Star coupled with the 7 Star suggests money flowing in but the caution is the 7 Star which could bring lawsuits, surgery, loss of money through error or corrupt actions. Be mindful of money throughout September and be more cautious with spending. CURE:  If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets. If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. Add BLUE, Black and White accents in rugs, pillows, towels, bedding, etc. Focus predominantly on Metal.

DEFLECT – The 3 Star in the North with the Annual 2 Star. DO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA OF YOUR HOME OR GARDEN WITH ANY BIG DISTURBANCES The 2 Star is sickness, malaise, and grave misfortune. Like the 5 Star, this area should be avoided, kept dark, and quiet. The 3 Star brings trouble to relationships and attitudes as egotistical tantrums rage. If this is the entrance to a school, the location of an office, or master bedroom be extra cautious of dis-ease flowing in. CURE: If this is a main/ front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Metal is the best element to focus on with colors of Gray, Black, and White with a heavy accent of Blue. Keep this area quiet with no disruptions. For September add a healthy plant like a peace lily.

Image of Beyonce who is born on a Rooster day in a Rooster year – double Rooster! She exemplifies these qualities in her amazing singing, fashion style, and ability to shine on stage with such radiance.