Pay special attention this month as we are moving into the Month of the Dog in the Year of the Dog, and the message, the lessons for you for 2018 is going to play itself out in the next 4 weeks. Be very mindful and aware of relationships, interactions, events, and activities happening now. Be very very cognizant of where you are, what you are doing, and why.
Remember this year is a year of justice, a year of the under dog rising up and barking fiercely for their rights and their place in the world. JUSTICE.
The one caveat in this narrative for October is that unlike the annual energy which is Yang Earth on top of Yang Earth, this month has Yang Water on top of Yang Earth. Picture a waterfall spilling out of a mountainside. A dam breaking loose.
#7 Star is in the North West where the annual 1 Star resides. Here we have the injurious 7 ruled by Metal wielding its ax to suggest injury with sharp objects, back stabbing, lawsuits, and other upsets. The 1 Star of promotion and prospering is overshadowed.
CURE: Continue to use accents of BLUE to support the positive and weaken the negative.
#6 Star sits in the Center with the Annual 9 Star. The Center is an Earth element area which naturally mitigates the energies of the 9 and 6 Stars. The potential for future plans and goals coming to fruition now is high. Take action on long held dreams and projects you’ve been working all year on. CURE: YELLOW is the color to activate the 9 and motivate the 6 while avoiding RED which might aggravate the Metal aspects of the 6 Star and avoid Metal which aggravates the 9 Star. Earth tones are the best bet.
#5 Star is in the South East with the Annual 8 Star which makes this a room to avoid or to use with extreme quiet. The 5 Star is the most TOXIC chi forecasting illness, tragedy, accidents, and misfortune when disturbed. Remember this is our wealth corner so look out for financial issues arising now and be most conservative.
CURE: NO RED or Fire, focus on lush plants to purify and drain
#4 Star joins forces with the Annual 7 Star in the East that’s bringing the potential for violence, fighting, injury by sharp objects, and other calamities. The 4 Star is all about romance, fertility, creativity and with the 7 Star we must be careful of abusive relationships and arguments. (Venus is also retrograde now further fueling this negative energy – avoid major decisions like getting married or divorced now, you’ll regret your decision by mid-November)
CURE: Accents of BLUE will feed the 4 Star’s positivity while draining the 7 Star
#3 Star is in the South West with the Annual 6 Star. This suggests disharmony and discord especially around your work. The Earthy nature of the SW drains the already weak 3 Star that is a Wood Star so the 6 really has greater influence here. Not too worried about this one.
CURE: Continue to focus on Metal with Earth tones
#2 Star stirs up some drama in the North where the nasty Annual 5 Star has been wreaking havoc all year. This is the WORST AREA to avoid at all costs. If this is a bedroom, sleep elsewhere if at all possible. If this is your main entrance, use another one if available. DO NOT DISTURB this area or you risk injury, accidents, illness, and all matter of calamity. I cannot stress this enough, avoid this area of your house and office. Door closed, drapes drawn, with no noise. CURE: Wu Lou by the bedside, Ba-Gua if a front door, and METAL is the element to focus on
#1 Star is in the South with the Annual 4 Star brings the Water Star to refresh the 4 Star, here we can rekindle romance, and ignite fresh ideas for creative projects. Here we can find success in our endeavors and relationships.
CURE: Healthy plants to reinforce the positive chi
#9 Star Star sits in the North East with the sour puss Annual 3 Star. The fiery nature of the 9 is at home in the North East while the 3 Star is weak and Wood so now it really is feeble. If this is your office, enact new plans and go ahead with long awaited plans. Take action now. Also, a great room for social gatherings.
CURE: Purple and Red accents – throw pillows, rugs, etc.

#8 Star is in the W with the Annual 2 Star which is a lovely suggestion of positive chi accompanied by copious amounts of wealth but that 2 Star suggests that there is still the risk of stomach ailments, bloating, and illness here. CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. METAL to drain the negativity.

I don’t sell cures online anymore but still have lots in stock. Just email me any inquiries.
The energy around us is in constant flux, ebbing and flowing. Learning to move with the energy in your home ensures you side step the worst and engage with the best for a harmonious, healthy, and prosperous life.