October 9th ushers in our month of the Dog who is our ally for justice and righting wrongs. Yang Earth with Yang Wood sitting on top is a conflicted pairing like a mighty tree being felled in the forest to decompose on the ground. A good time to add a little Fire into your life. We are beginning to see this Piggy year for all she has brought to our collective stage. For me, it has been an exceptionally social year and one filled with supportive friends. As an astrologer, October is when I begin researching the coming year’s energies, for the Chinese New Year arrives early January 25, 2020. So if you are a client of mine, now is the time to start ordering your updates for chart and/ or home to ensure you are ready for the Year of the Metal Rat. In the meantime, enjoy this chilled out Piggy time – binge watch a new show, read something inspiring, and take in the spectacular landscape rich with color.

Please be cautious about Halloween decorations. Images of skeletons, gravestones, and bones are very negative energies to put in or around your home. Lean more towards the fun of pumpkins, orange lights (depending on your front entrance direction), fall leaves, and Indian corn.

#3 Star in the Center where the annual 8 Star is visiting this month and bring entangled, messy relationships look out for arguments and tension especially revolving around money.
CURE: Continue to support the prosperous potential of the 8 star with 8 Chinese Coins and/or 8 Red Crystal Balls

#7 Star sits in the South with the Annual 3. 
The Metal energy of the 7 is smelting in the Fiery South but still, this is a really antagonistic vibe. A good room to keep chilled out, no big conversations or confrontations. Be careful with sharp objects. CURE: FIRE like colors of Red, Violet, Purple, and Rose along with a Brass Pagoda, an energy acupuncture treatment for the negativity and potential violence of the 7 Star.

#2 Star is in the South East with the Annual 7 Star is a caution to surgery, injury with sharp objects/ weapons, and illness. Not a good area for a bedroom or front door. If you have an alternative place to sleep and another door to use this month, do it. Remember the Sui Po is in the SE (142.5-157.5 on the compass) and needs things to be super hush and quiet. Close the door and darken the room to tamper the chi. CURE: Place a Brass Pagoda here for the year to quell the 7 and assuage the Sui Po. Blue is still the best color and also a Wu Lou health gourd if this is a bedroom or a Ba-Gua mirror if its a front/ main entrance.

#1 Star joins the Annual 6 Star in the East and we find one of the best rooms in the house or office. The Watery 1 is a natural mitigator between the Woody nature of the East and the Metal 6 to being a flow of money and prosperity, success and promotion. CURE: Hang 6 Chinese coins from a window or door. NO FIRE or Fiery colors just focus on BLUE to invigorate the positive chi. A single large quartz crystal on blue fabric is another way to ignite the 1 Star.

#6 Star is in the North East with the Annual 2 Star. Earth and Metal energies bring in a positive potential but not out of the woods for a health or safety risk. CURE: If this is a bedroom, a Wu Lou health gourd and under the bed a Salt Water Cure (email me for recipe). If this is a front entrance hang a Ba-Gua Mirror and put a pair of Gold Fu Dogs to flank the walkway. NO FIRE, no barbecues or grills, or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal. METAL is the needed element to add like a brass bowl, a statue, or a 6 rod wind chime.

#8 Star is in the North where the Annual 4 Star is visiting and here there is suggestion of accord, partnerships, successful undertaking and projects. A star spangled room to keep active this month. CURE: Mitigate this energy with a little acupuncture point of 8 Chinese coins along with the annual cure of 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a GREEN Vase.

#4 Star is in the North West with the Annual 9 Star and this is also where the Grand Duke of Jupiter or the Tsai Sui resides. The 9 and 4 Stars are Fire and Wood being weakened by the Metal of the NW so cures are needed to activate and support the creative, romantic, social, future wealth being promoted now. CURE: 9 Yellow silk flowers in an Earthen vase. AVOID Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, peach, rust, and add a jar full of brushes and pens for creativity or a pair of birds for relationship.

I still have some cures for sale – email me directly for more info.

#5 Star joins the West with the Annual 1 Star. Bladder or reproductive health could have some major health risks this month. Take caution to quell the negative influx from the 5 Star. CURE: A single Gold Ingot on a piece of Blue fabric will ignite money luck. Focus on adding BLUE and METAL. Avoid this as a bedroom or entrance and if there is no other option, utilize with mindful quiet and no disturbances.

#9 Star is in the South West with the Annual 5 Star. DO NOT DISTURB WITH BANGING, DIGGING, OR ANY RENOVATIONS. Calamity, accidents, sickness, explosions, and violent acts are just some of the horrendous possibilities in this area for October. Use extreme caution if this is your kitchen or an area where fire or your breaker box is housed.
CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. 6 Metal Rod Wind Chime is also helpful. METAL and the color white, black, and gray. NO FIRE or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and NO Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal and Earth tones too.