Ah, November, early winter according to the Chinese Calendar, begins on the 7th and we shift into colder days and the holiday season.
In India Diwali is celebrated on this New Moon.
#6 Star is in the North West where the annual 1 Star resides. Oh, great abundance! This is a terrific room to keep light-filled and active as there is money and success to be enjoyed. Good for signing contracts, making deals, launching new projects if this an office. Enjoy the benefits if this is your front door ushering all this prosperity in.
CURE: Continue to use accents of BLUE to support the positive chi.
#5 Star sits in the Center with the Annual 9 Star. The Center is an Earth element area which will feed this wretched energy known for accidents, explosions, fires, illness, and injury. The 9 Fire is instigating havoc so I really hope your furnace isn’t located here. Keep this area quiet and undisturbed.
CURE: Metal as in Zen colors of black, white and gray will help drain the 5 and control the 9
#4 Star is in the South East with the Annual 8 Star which makes this a room to enjoy fully for all the love, abundance, creativity, and positive chi bouncing happily. Great bedroom for conceiving a baby or an office/ studio for creating a masterpiece.
CURE: Fire colors of red, rose, and violet with healthy plants
#3 Star joins forces with the Annual 7 Star in the East that’s bringing the potential for violence, fighting, injury by sharp objects, and other calamities along with the grumpy complaining dissatisfied 3 Star. Find somewhere else to hold that meeting or to have a serious conversation. This is not a safe space this month. The Woody nature of the East naturally controls the 7 but feeds the 3.
CURE: Focus on pops of RED this month to further control the 7 and weaken the 3.
#2 Star is in the South West with the Annual 6 Star. This suggests illness and dis-ease dancing around with the prosperous 6 Star. So it is a mixed bag this month. Keep it quiet without major disruptions to avoid the worst of this energy.
CURE: Focus solely on Metal with Zen colors of black, white and gray
#1 Star is at home in the North where the nasty Annual 5 Star has been wreaking havoc all year. The visiting energy brings ray of positivity and may even throw us a golden bone or two.
CURE: Wu Lou by the bedside, Ba-Gua if a front door, and BLUE colors (not water)
#9 Star is in the South with the Annual 4 Star and what a happy place this is for parties, social gatherings, creative projects, and making babies.
CURE: Healthy plants to reinforce the positive chi and fiery colors of red, fuchsia, violet, and rose.
#8 Star Star sits in the North East with the cantankerous Annual 3 Star. The 8 Star is at home in the NE so enjoy the abundance and prosperity here by placing Earthy colored pillows, throw rug, door wreath, etc.
CURE: Earth tones like sand, brown, rust, peach, and chamois

#7 Star is in the W with the Annual 2 Star which makes for a really volatile energy warning of surgery, serious injury by sharp objects, explosive arguments, law suits, and back stabbing. If this is an office, work in another room. Avoid this energy as best you can and keep it super quiet.    CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. METAL and BLUE to drain the negativity.

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The energy around us is in constant flux, ebbing and flowing. Learning to move with the energy in your home ensures you side step the worst and engage with the best for a harmonious, healthy, and prosperous life.