The Flying Stars is an advanced system of Feng Shui that has been used for thousands of years. It recognizes the pattern of energy impressed upon every home and building the year it was built or last renovated. Think of it like a building birthday. It is why you see some houses falling apart, covered in vines, and deteriorating. When the chi is gone, the house is no longer viable for living in. Therefore it is so important to update your home to the current Period. Each Period is 20 years long and we have been in Period 8, a time of wealth and abundance since 2004. We will shift into Period 9 in 2024. At the least, following the annual and monthly Flying Stars allows you to dance with the ever changing chi so that you are in flow and balance with these energies not a victim to them.

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The first day of November is on the 7th and we move into a Yin Earth Pig. The Tiger’s child-like exuberance and let’s party mentality finds a friend in the Pig who is all about kicking back, enjoying life, and saying no to work and yes to decadence. This month is an invitation to slow down, release the pressure on the gas pedal and relax. Amp up your self-care, go on a retreat, take a nature hike, sink into a bubble bath with rose oil. The world outside may be a storm but you can create your own sanctuary. Reduce alcohol, caffeine, an sugar consumption. Drop that phone and get that bud out of your ear. Disconnect. Tune in. Be like this season and fall into rest.

Do you know your own Bazi Chinese Astrology? If you are curious, ask Lydia Nitya to write up your chart.

Last month of the Dog may have had you waging your battle cry. What justice did you demand? The heavy weight of double Yang Earth may have felt like a lot to carry, a lot to manage, and a shit ton to process.

DEPRESSThe 5 Star is in the Center for 2022 is now visited by the 2 Star. The 2 and 5 together is like a toxic wasteland sitting in the Center of your home, and every building, business, and home on this planet. Keep the Center of our home and office quiet, dark, and calm. If this is a bathroom, a closet, or storage room then you are luckier than someone who has a furnace, water heater, or important room here in the Center. This is the most VOLATILE energy and both the 5 Star of Destruction AND Disaster is joined by the 2 Star of Illness. Be cognizant then of keeping this area quiet and undisturbed or meet the wrath of these 2 Earth Stars sitting in the Earthy Center like a cozy nest of doom. If anything could go wrong, it will. Not messing around with this, my friends. CURE: AVOID RED, FIRE, Hot Colors, Wood, BLUES, Water, GREEN colors, and plants, and AVOID ALL Earth tones like tan, brown, yellow, peach, rust, china, crystals, rocks, etc. Cover your stovetop with cookie sheets when not in use if this is your Kitchen. Drain the chi with METAL like a round Metal bowl, a chiming clock, Metal objects, the colors of black, white, gray, silver, gold, copper, etc. The MOST IMPORTANT cure is to hang a string of 6 Chinese Coins horizontally in the Center of your home or office. Also, place a Salt Water Cure (email for instructions) tucked out of view. Remove ALL photos of family and friends. Hang a prayer of protection, black and white photos of mountains, or a spiritual/ religious image/ message.

Depress – The 8 Star of wealth, success and abundance in the North East now is visited by the 5 Star. The Earthy 5 Star of doom and disaster tanks all the goodness of the abundant 8 Star. Turn out the lights and keep this room quiet and undisturbed. Be extra mindful if this is a bedroom or main entrance. CURE: If this is your main entrance, hang 8 Chinese Coins on the front door. DO NOT DISTURB with Loud Noises or Banging or Renovation. Use this room quietly. The Grand Duke is in the NE for 2022 so place a pair of Pi Yao Beasties facing into the direction of 52.5 – 67.5 degrees according to your compass. You can also place 8 YELLOW silk flowers. For protection from the Tai Sui or Grand Duke prominently display a He E Tai Sui gold plated plaque to avoid divorce, lawsuits, and other misfortunes. QUIET and Dark for November.

ActivateThe 3 Star is in the East for 2022 has the blessing of the 9 Star. The 3 Star cautions you to be aware of the potential for disharmony, fighting, and legal action while the 9 Star brings future success. The 9 Star is nurtured by the Wood element of the East. The Cure for tempering the 3 Star is the element of Fire like the 9 Star. This makes for a better scenario in November. CURE: To weaken the 3 Star we typically use Fire to drain and this month you can place a Red Happy Hotei and red or purple candles. Bring in those colors of Red and Purple to drain the 3 Star and activate the 9 Star. Great room for planning, for setting intentions, and working on future projects.

Activate The 4 Star is in the South East brings the loving glow of the Peach Blossom of Romance and the 1 Star. Bring back your Love Altar and pictures of you and your love. Enjoy romance in the month of nurture, rest, and care. CURE: Focus on all the shades of green with healthy house plants and wood furnishings. Place 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue vase in a prominent place. Keep a statue of Kwan Yin on a high shelf for protection. Use this room and keep it brightly lit. Add colors of Green and Blue with lush plants. (no active water).

ActivateThe 9 Star is at home in the South and this month we have the 6 Star. The future wealth star 9 is where you can envision dreams coming true and the 6 Star gives you the stamp of approval. It’s green lights and good fortune if this is a main entrance or office. CURE: Annual cure is to place a Vision Board of all you hope to accomplish, manifest, create in 2022 prominently placed. If this is a front door or primary room, hang a string of 8 or 9 Chinese Coins from the doorknob. In a green vase place 9 Purple Silk flowers. Add Red, and Purple to this room is some way and this could be a blanket thrown over the couch or bed, pillows, or a large lush plant. To honor the 6 Star add EARTH tones like YELLOW.

DEPRESSThe 2 Sickness Star is in the South West is visited by the 8 Star. The 2 Star forebodes sickness, disease, digestive issues, and overall misfortune. The Sui Po or Year Breaker in the SW asks that you KEEP THIS ROOM DARK AND QUIET with NO renovations, banging, digging, or disruptions. The 8 Star as an Earth Star is at home in the SW. Best then to just focus on the annual cures and if the 8 Star brings a little boon of good fortune, then let it be so. CURE: The annual cure is a round Metal bowl and other Metal objects and furnishings. Focus on draining colors of white, gray, and black. If this is a front door and you cannot use another door, hang a Ba-Gua mirror on the outside of the door facing into the street, flank the front steps with Gold Fu Dogs for protection. Enter through this door as quietly as possible. Cover your stovetop with cookie sheets when not in use if this is your Kitchen. If this is a bedroom and you cannot sleep anywhere else, put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by your bedside for protection. NO FIRE, NO Earthy materials or colors like red, orange, yellow, brown, hot pink, no green or blues. Metal, white, gray, and black is your only element to work with.

DEPRESSThe 7 Star is in the West is in a duel with the 4 Star. This is violent energy like a landmine ready to blow. Be aware that arguments that turn violent, sickness, surgery, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and misfortune are more likely. Match this with the 4 Star of Education, Romance, and Creative projects all being threatened here. Domestic violence, domestic terrorism, all are more likely now in Western facing schools and homes, and in the Western part of the USA and the world. AVOID this area and keep it dark and quiet. CURE: NO windchimes, NO FIRE like fireplace, grill, fire pit or stove. Cover your stovetop with cookie sheets when not in use if this is your Kitchen. Hang a Ba-Gua on the front door if this is your main entrance and unavoidable. Best colors are all shades of BLUE, black, white, and gray. Check smoke detectors and security. Best cure is a crystal bowl filled with rice that has 2 Chinese Coins on top. Be very careful with anything flammable in the this sector of your home, office or property.

ACTIVATEThe 6 Star is in the North West brings great good fortune and the 3 Star of disharmony and fightingThe 6 Star brings great good fortune and success in 2022. The 3 Star is greatly weakened in this sector of the Ba-Gua so is not a real threat. I would be cautious about communication and not conduct serious conversations, meetings, etc. in this room. CURE:  If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets. NO FIRE in this Metal direction, colors red, hot pink, orange, and Greens. Metal furnishings or painted black or white, Metal accessories and décor. Colors of Black, Gray, White, and Dark Blue. A Brass Coiled Dragon with a Gold Ingot on a Blue piece of fabric or a Blue plate is the best cure for 2022. IF A BEDROOM do not use Earth tones but rather BLUE to protect your liver and legs. Never have actual Water or images of Water in a bedroom. If a front door hang 6 Chinese Coins from the front door.

NeutralizeThe 1 Star in the North brings more good fortune from the 7 StarDO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA OF YOUR HOME OR GARDEN WITH ANY BIG DISTURBANCES as the Three Killings is in the North for 2022. Its is an abundant room for good fortune and money to flow in BUT the 7 Star could bring a loss, a sudden uprising, a conflict. Caution needs to be exercised and a mindful approach to relationships, communication, and financial safety. CURE: DO NOT put your back to the North but rather face the North for all of 2022. Be aware of how you drive toward and away from your home, and the direction you begin any commute or travel. A Silver Elephant placed in a prominent location encourages positive romantic encounters, place a healthy plant with this. A single gold ingot on a gold or blue plate is to encourage abundance. For November add METAL and colors of BLUE to drain the negativity and volatility.

BEST DIRECTIONS FOR November and Areas of Caution:

South East and South are the best, and to some extent, the North West are the best areas.

The Center is the worse area followed by the North East, the South West, and the West.

On the global map, the Pig sits on Alaska. What events are taking place here in November?