By the time November rolls in we will be past Election Day and into the flavor of November starting on the 6th. Predictions leaning strongly toward a Biden-Harris win for Presidency in the USA. Read the Blog posted a few weeks ago for more on Election Day forecasts for the candidates. Kamala Harris is carrying this ticket as she has a stellar year playing out. We move past the Fiery Dog of October into a warm November and this is Yin Fire over Yang Water with a little Wood. Alchemically its steamy and the burners on the stove are on low simmer. What are you brewing? The Pig sits cozy on the couch sipping apple cider in front of the fire while the annual Rat is running around tidying up. There is this tug of war between rest and play with work and busyness. The year is winding down, just a few months left.

ANNOUNCING OPEN CALL for New Year Updates for your Home and/ or Chinese Astrology Chart. All New year reports are delivered in time for the ringing in of the Year of the White Cow on February 12th. This personalized report gives you an inside glimpse into your year ahead. Plus your home report gives you a detailed look into each room and how to maximize the positive energy while dispelling the negative chi. In this way you live in accordance with the Tao, the flow of energies as they ebb and flow so that you feel that in your life, the balance and the dance.

The 8 Star is in the Center with the Annual 7 Star. Prosperity runs into the Center but is challenged by the 7 Star. So are you seeing an influx of income or increased debt and financial struggle? Be mindful of how money is playing out in the days ahead and adjust your cures accordingly.
CURE: Hang an image or words of peace, prayer, or blessing in a Black or White frame. AVOID FIRE, the color red, bright colors, actual fire, and family photos. For November add a string of 8 Chinese Coins on Red String.

The 2 Star with the annual 1 Star in the North East cautions illness related to the sex organs, bladder, and kidneys. If this is a front door or bedroom use caution to protect your health. Keep this room darker and less occupied. Quiet is needed now.
CURE: The best annual cure to keep in place is the Gold Ingot placed on something Blue. For November add a Wu Lou Health Gourd if this is a Bedroom and a Ba-Gua mirror if this is a front door. If there is an alternative entrance, use it.

The 6 Star moves into the East with the Annual 5. The Metal energy of the 6 further drains the 5 Star that has been embattled in the Woody East all year. Best to just continue keeping this area of your home and property quiet, dark, and unoccupied. Use an alternative bedroom and entrance. AVOID THIS AREA AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT disturb. NO renovations, banging, digging, or noise of any kind including TV or placement of stereo system. NO FIRE as in a grill or fire pit. CURE: Hang a 6 rod Metal wind chime outside the Eastern corner of your home, close doors and windows here. If it is a main entrance and you can’t use any other, place a Ba-Gua mirror on the door, and Fu Dogs flanking the front entrance. If a bedroom and there is no alternative for where to sleep, put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bedside table and a Salt Water Cure under the bed. If this is a Kitchen cover the burners with cookie sheets when the stove is not in use. The placement of several healthy lush plants will also help along with images of landscapes and flowers. NO pictures of family. Nothing else to add for this month.

The 7 Star is in the South East with the Annual 6 Star is a battle playing out with weapons loaded. Exercise great caution with sharp objects, with safety, and strive for peaceful relations. CURE: Place a Brass or Gold Hotei Buddha with a healthy plant in a prominent place. Continue to focus décor on the colors of turquoise, and blue. For November add a round Metal bowl.

The 3 Star joins the Annual 2 Star in the South along with the Three Killings and Sui Po. The 3 Star is at home in the South as Fire and Wood are in harmony challenging the 2 Star that brings sickness. Here we caution towards illness related to the Liver, arguments, and relationship stresses. DO NOT disturb this room inside and outside with any renovations, digging, loud noises or banging. Use an alternative entrance if a front door, sleep in another room, and keep this room dark, closed off and quiet. NO FIRE. If this is a Kitchen be very mindful of the increased chances of food poisoning, choking, digestive disorders, stomach flu, etc. CURE: If it is a main entrance and you can’t use any other, place a Ba-Gua mirror on the door, and Fu Dogs flanking the front entrance. If a bedroom and there is no alternative for where to sleep, put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bedside table and a Salt Water Cure under the bed. If this is a Kitchen cover the burners with cookie sheets when the stove is not in use. Lots of healthy lush plants with colors of green. No Fire or bright colors like red or fuchsia.

The 5 Star is in the South West with the Annual 4 Star. This month is not offering up many positive Star Dances. This is starting to feel like the movie Carrie – and I thought Halloween was last month!! The 5 Star is like a rapid fire release of negativity that can wreck romances, burn out creativity, and cause all matter of financial and personal disasters. DO NOT DISTURB with any loud noises or banging. CURE: 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo, a jar of pencils, pens and brushes all motivate this positive energy. REMOVE pictures of loved ones. If this is a bedroom place a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bed. If this is a main entrance hang a Ba-Gua mirror on the door.

The 1 Star is in the West where the Annual 9 Star is visiting. The 1 Star offers our first potential for a happy place in this month’s Star Chart. The issue is these are conflicting elements; a Metal direction with a Fiery annual Star and a visiting Water Star. The annual recommendation is to add Earth to mitigate but the Water is really lost here. CURE: Remove anything Yellow, and focus on neutral tones, and place 1 Metal bowl to absorb any negativity. 9 Purple flowers give a nod to the 9 Star still working some good into this room. For November add a single Gold Ingot with your 9 purple flowers as a little acupuncture for the 1 Star to be motivated, or at least tickled a bit.

The 9 Star is in the North West with the Annual 8 Star. The best room of the month. Here we find joyful celebrations so set up your laptop to Zoom with family on Thanksgiving if this is a living or dining room. CURE: In a prominent place put 8 silk Yellow silk flowers, a string of 8 Chinese Coins, and ensure this room is activated with regular activity. Add Fire as in candles and incense, also pops of bright colors like a purple amethyst siting with your Yellow flowers, or purple-fuchsia-red pillows.

The 4 Star in the North with the Annual 3 Star. The grumpy, argumentative 3 Star meets with the friendly, romantic, studious and creative 4 Star. If this is an office or place of virtual schooling expect greater stress, frustrations, arguments, and disharmony. Call a truce and keep the peace here for the next few weeks. CURE: Red Happy Hotei in a prominent place. Add greens and healthy plants. Focus on BLUE colors. No Fire, red or yellow colors.