November 8th brings us to a very critical junction in our year, the Month of the Pig in the Year of the Pig. Whatever journey you have had this year culminates into one big message in the coming 4 weeks. Have you been able to find comfort within the discomforts of daily life? Have you been doing enough self-care? Are you spending ample time with friends laughing and having fun? The exception to this month is that we have the Stem as Yin Wood, instead of the 2019 Yin Earth sitting atop the Pig. So, there will likely be more overall agreement and flow. How do the elements of Wood and Water impact your astrology?

#2 Star in the Center where the annual 8 Star is visiting this month and here we have the Sickness Star cautioning all of us to wash hands, get plenty of rest, and eat a super clean diet. Be mindful to now agitate the Center of your home or office with renovations, or excessive noise. The 8 Star is our money generator so we want to keep that happy.
CURE: Continue to support the prosperous potential of the 8 star with 8 Chinese Coins and/or 8 Red Crystal Balls or 8 red silk flowers but now we can add a Wu Lou Health Gourd to absorb any toxic chi flowing in. Avoid Fire colors and specifically Red and Yellow colors.

#6 Star sits in the South with the Annual 3. 
The Metal energy of the 6 is in conflict with the Fiery South. Best colors to mitigate the conflict of Metal and Fire would be Earth. This will also drain and further weaken the annual 3 Star. The 6 Star brings success and money flow. CURE: A Red Hotei Buddha is the ideal cure for the 3 Star, then add pops of Yellow, Brown, Peach, Rust in art, pillows, and decor.

#1 Star is in the South East with the Annual 7 Star which brings a harmonious flow of elements from Wood in the direction to the visiting star 1 that is Water mitigating with the annual Metal star 7. Remember the Sui Po is in the SE (142.5-157.5 on the compass) and needs things to be super hush and quiet. Close the door and darken the room to tamper the chi. The 1 Star typically is another positive money energy ushering in success. CURE: Place a Brass Pagoda here for the year to quell the 7 and assuage the Sui Po. Blue is now the best color and also a Wu Lou health gourd if this is a bedroom or a Ba-Gua mirror if its a front/ main entrance. The caution here is injury or surgery around the kidneys, bladder, and reproductive system if the chi here is disturbed.

#9 Star joins the Annual 6 Star in the East and we find one of the best rooms in the house or office. The 9 Star is Fire which works well with the East, so we need to pull in the Metal 6 Star with both Water and Wood colors. The 9 is future wealth whereas the 6 Star is money now, so this is a great room for launching projects, collaborations and new business. CURE: Hang 6 Chinese coins from a window or door. Focus on healthy lush plants, greens colors with pops of lavender, purple, and darkest blue.

#5 Star is in the North East with the Annual 2 Star. This is THE WORST area of every home and office. I will be using my back door this month. These Earthy energies are right at home in the North East and both forecast doom, sickness, calamity, anything and everything going wrong. Take great heed and AVOID using this as a bedroom, office or main entrance. DO NOT DISTURB. CURE: If this is a bedroom with no other alternative places to sleep, a Wu Lou health gourd and under the bed a Salt Water Cure (email me for recipe). If this is a front entrance hang a Ba-Gua Mirror and put a pair of Gold Fu Dogs to flank the walkway. NO FIRE, no barbecues or grills, or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal. METAL is the needed element to add like a brass bowl, a statue, or a 6 rod wind chime. Colors black, white, and gray.

#7 Star is in the North where the Annual 4 Star is visiting and now we want to take caution against backstabbing, violence, fighting, slander. CURE: Along with the annual cure of 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a GREEN Vase bring in lush plants and the color Blue to weaken the 7 Star.

#3 Star is in the North West with the Annual 9 Star and this is also where the Grand Duke of Jupiter or the Tsai Sui resides. The 9 and 3 Stars are Fire and Wood being weakened by the Metal of the NW. The 9 brings future wealth and 3 disagreements and discord. Hold off on launching any projects now if this is your office. CURE: 9 Yellow silk flowers in an Earthen vase. Focus on Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, peach, and rust to mitigate between the NW and the Fiery 9.

I still have some cures for sale – email me directly for more info.

#4 Star joins the West with the Annual 1 Star. A wonderful flow of Metal direction into the successful Watery 1 Star that supports the incoming creativity of the Woody 4. Great place for studies, creative activities, and relationships. CURE: Focus on adding BLUE with lush plants. A Blue Elephant is another great cure for promoting honest and open communication.

#8 Star is in the South West with the Annual 5 Star. DO NOT DISTURB WITH BANGING, DIGGING, OR ANY RENOVATIONS. Calamity, accidents, sickness, but there is the money star who also is at home in the Earthy SW. Some potential good may be extracted if the room is kept calm and undisturbed.
CURE: Wu Lou health gourd by the desk or bed, a Ba-Gu Mirror on the front door and Fu Dogs too to guard the entrance. 6 Metal Rod Wind Chime is also helpful. METAL and the color white, black, and gray. NO FIRE or colors of Red, Orange, Violet, Rose, Rust, Yellow, Peach, Brown, Tan, and NO Earthy materials like pottery, china, crystal and Earth tones too. 8 Chinese Coins can be placed here to activate the 8 Star.