How was your April, friend? We had SO much astrology happening that was intense and deep and transformative on steroids. Yowza! Yes, eclipse season with Mercury Retrograde, a Full Moon in Scorpio to wrap it all up AND a Dragon month in a Dragon year was a lot to process. Let’s stop here and take a mindful breath. Now it is time to compost all of this by making a list of the biggest events, moments, interactions, etc. that was your April. Look at that list carefully and glean the biggest takeaways, your biggest lessons, and light bulb moments. This is your 2024. Work with this astrology to guide you as you navigate the months ahead to manipulate your story, mold it, reshape it as best you can to co-create with the Universe the best possible outcome.

May is a very different flavor. The pressure on the gas pedal eases up, less intensity, and more introspection. Snakes are asking you to step back and get a better perspective, to listen to your intuition, to think long and hard before taking action. It’s a contemplative month. Together with the Dragon, this is an opportunity to network, to collaborate, to socialize, and flaunt your talents. This is the image of someone dressed beautifully standing at a party with drink in hand observing the scene before sliding into a conversation or taking a spin on the dance floor just to see your dress flair out. It’s a beautiful few weeks ahead so make those dates, and catch up with friends, enjoy the energy that feels like bottled sunshine.

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The Flying Stars were DOUBLED in April making the vibe so very very intense. Now we can exhale, a bit, and see what the Stars are doing in the merry month of May.

NeutralizeThe 3 Star in the Center is visited by the 2 Star in May. The 3 Wood Star is weakened by this placement in the Earthy Center where the 2 Star feels more at home. Fire is the mitigator and further weakens this Star that in Period 9 are not favorable for relationships. In fact, this is a rather contentious, argumentative, and inflamed energy. BUT the 2 Star is in a very precarious transition and does NOT want Fire. That would be too much and possibly retrograde back to its former self of being the Sickness Star. Let’s avoid that! Best Colors/ Decor: Neutral tan, cream, Earthy yellow, brown, and tan. Avoid: Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Tangerine, Rose, Water and Metal, white, gray, black, and all shades of green and blue. CURES: Annual cure of a Happy Hotei sitting on 7 Chinese Red envelopes. That cure protects your relationships and wealth.

Neutralize/Depress The 8 Star is in the North for 2024 and in May the 7 Star threatens wealth, safety, and security. The 8 Star was already beleaguered landing in the Watery North this year and as we have ignored the innate expression of this direction to nourish the 8 Star with Earth, we now have the 7 Star arriving to bring risk of lawsuits, injury with sharp objects, surgery, back stabbing, loss of money, and other woes. Be really careful if this is your office because a lot is at stake right now. Earth nourishes the 7 Star, so for this month we focus on weakening with Water which will make the 8 Star totally ineffective. Best Colors/ Decor: Wood furnishings, all colors of green, Water and colors of Blue Avoid: Fire like red, violet, yellow, peach, rust, burgundy, Earth tones like brown and tan, also Metal, white, gray, black. CURES: (Place 8 Silk RED Flowers in a RED Vase) – set aside for now. If this is a front entrance, hang 8 Chinese coins on red string from the door knob this may still be ok, just watch your finances. Also set aside your Love Altar for this month to protect your romantic relationship. Place a round Metal Bowl in a prominent location to absorb the toxicity of this chi. Check doors and windows for safety.

DEPRESSThe 6 Star is in the North East for 2024 and in Period 9, the 6 Star continues to be a Star of wealth and success. In May the 5 Star blows down the door and we have to temper all that goodness for another time. CAUTION Be really mindful if this is a front entrance or bedroom. Make no big banging noises, keep the room dark and quiet. If anything can go wrong, it will, if this is disturbed. Best Colors/ Decor: Metal furnishings, Black, white, gray with a pop of Blue. Bring this into your décor with rugs, pillows, and art. Images of Mountains, religious figures, and people who inspire you. Avoid: For May – remove crystals, pottery, and other Earthy materials, brown, yellow, cream, and other Earth tones. Water, Wood, all colors of Green, Fire, Red, Fuchsia, Violet, Tangerine, Rose, Red. CURES: Place 6 Gold ingots in a round yellow or gold/metal plate in a prominent place. If this is an entrance, hang a string of 6 Chinese coins on Black string from the door knob. Be mindful of your welfare and use Metal to protect yourself.

ACTIVATE The 1 Star is in the East and is our new Future Wealth Star in Period 9. This is where we imagine all that we want to manifest in 2024 and this month of April magnifies the messages from our Vision Board out into the ethers. You can also just make a list of everything you long to manifest, create, and do this year. Be bold and daring in what you are dreaming and envisioning for your life. The 9 Star joins this party and we have the best part of the Ba-Gua lit up in the East for the month of May. Best Colors: Wood and all shades of green, blue, landscapes, blue floral designs, leaf patterns, plants and trees. Add something PURPLE like a throw blanket or pillows or a blooming plant. Avoid: All other colors, especially Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, peach, pale pink, and also Fire like red, violet, hot pink, and orange. No Metal like white, gray, or black, and Water. CURE:  Display family photos and your Vision Board of everything you want to create and manifest in 2024. For May remove this cure – round Metal bowl and next to that put a single Gold Ingot on a blue round plate or piece of fabric.

NEUTRALIZEThe 2 Star is in the South East where the Dragon holds reign for 2024. The 2 Star in Period 9 is going through the BIGGEST transformation of all the 9 Stars. The 2 Star is no longer the Sickness Star but is becoming a positive chi. BUT we DO NOT want to feed this with Fire, nor put it to work with Metal, but rather focus on nourishing it with its own Earthy element. Sitting in the Woodsy SE offers no solutions, just like the beleaguered 8 Star in the North. Be super mindful to keep this area undisturbed. PLUS this is the home of the GRAND DUKE, one of the 3 Afflictions. 2024 requires we keep this part of our home and property QUIET, NO CONSTRUCTION, LOUD NOISES (video games, loud TV, drumming, etc.). In all of this the 1 Star flows in and brings a Watery flush to the scene. Best Colors: Stick with the innate color of this direction, Green with landscapes, floral or leaf designs, prints, art. Healthy lush plants. Then throw in some Yellow accents in pillows, art, rugs, or linens/towels. Avoid : RED or Fiery colors and Fire itself as in a fire pit or grill, stove, and fireplace. Water with Blues, and of course Metal with colors of white, gray, and black. Keep this room quiet and serene. CURE: To appease the Grand Duke display a Tai Sui plaque and a pair of Pi Yao beasties facing into 105-135 degrees on the compass. You can also display a Gold Dragon to honor our Dragon Year. If this is an office, put 3 Brass Immortals at your back. If this is a main entrance, place a pair of Gold Fu Dogs flanking the front steps/ entranceway. If this is a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets when not in use. If this is a bedroom, put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and put a Brass Wu Lou Health Gourd on your bedside table. VACATE THIS AS A BEDROOM AND AVOID AS AN ENTRANCE if at all possible. DO NOT FACE South East, Do NOT TRAVEL or point your head when sleeping in the direction of the SE.

DEPRESSThe 7 Star is in the South is one of the WORST directions for 2024 and the duel of Metal Stars arrives for May with the 6 Star. If this is a bedroom or main entrance try to use another room for sleeping and entering your home. There is a real risk to safety and finances as well as your reputation. The combination of Fire from the South with the Metal of the 7 Star suggests violence, explosions, car accidents, gun shots or war. Add to all of this that the South is where we have one of the 3 Afflictions, the Three Killings. CHECK DOORS AND SECURITY – DO NOT store guns, knives, or any other weapons, or tools like a chainsaw in the South. Much like the North and South East, the mitigating element does not work here. Best Colors: Black, white, gray, and even a splash of Blue Avoid: Earth tones like Brown, Tan, and Cream with live healthy plants. Fire as in Red, Violet, Hot Pink, and Orange, Water, Green, and Wood. CURE: Black, Gray or white for rug, linens, artwork, etc. Fill a black dish with rice and set a Chinese Coin with a bloodstone crystal on top to protect finances. If this is a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets when not in use. Three Killings Cure is a Brass Dragon Headed Turtle (never have this facing you) with a plant growing in clean, clear water.

ActivateThe 9 Star is in the South West is our NEW wealth Star ruled by Fire and having this visited with the 8 Star makes for an abundantly successful month. Great location for an office or main entrance. Best Colors: Purple, violet, lavender, celery, fern, and olive, tan, brown, and cream. Add some healthy lush plants here too. Fire as in a stove, fire pit, candles, incense, etc. Other fire colors are Cherry, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Rose. Worst Colors: All shades of BLUE, Metal, White, black, gray, Water, Wood, and Green colors. CURE: Display prominently 9 purple silk flowers in a purple or green vase. You can also find on the Feng Shui Mall website a special Baoyou Zusui Master Cure specific for the 9 Star in 2024. Decorate with purple. For May add 8 Chinese coins on red string to the door or 8 citrine crystal balls on a square plate.

DEPRESSThe 5 Star is in the West is one of the worst directions for 2024. The 4 Star is lost here as a Wood Star and this Earthy 5 Star. Be really careful of this area of your home and property. Look out for safety and security. KEEP THIS AREA QUIET WITH NO CONSTRUCTION OR LOUD BANGING NOISES. Also keep this room dark and used minimally. Best Colors: Metal and the colors of White, Gray, and Black. Keep the design very Zen. Add pops of Blue. Avoid: EARTH tones like Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Rust, Wood, colors of Green, Water, Fire and Fire colors of Red, Hot Pink, Orange and Violet. CURE: If this is a main entrance, place a pair of Gold Fu Dogs flanking the front steps/ entranceway. If this is Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets when not in use. If this is a bedroom, put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and put a Brass Wu Lou Health Gourd on your bedside table. VACATE THIS AS A BEDROOM AND AVOID AS AN ENTRANCE if at all possible. Best cure is a 6 rod Metal windchime outside or a chiming clock inside.

NEUTRALIZEThe 4 Star is in the North West is another conflicted area as the 4 Star is no longer our creative, genius, lover Star. In fact, the 4 Star is so embattled in the Metal NW, the best thing to do is add Blue which will motivate the chi to be more agreeable. The 3 Star, the other Wood Star, is also greatly weakened here and makes this even more contentious in the weeks ahead. Also, this is the direction of the Dog, so the NW is the other of the 3 Afflictions, the Sui Po which is the enemy of the Dragon. If you are born in the Day or Year of the Dog or Dragon DO NOT have this as you bedroom, office, or main entrance. Do Not face South East but it is OK to face NW and put your back to the SE. KEEP THIS AREA QUIET AND UNDISTURBED WITH CONSTRUCTION OR LOUD NOISES. Best Colors: Blue colors, no Water, furnishing can still be Metal but minimize to avoid conflict. AVOID: Metal , White, Gray, and Black, Earth and colors of Yellow, Brown, Tan, Peach, Rust, Water and shades of Green, minimal Wood, and NO FIRE of any kind not even candles, colors of Red, Hot Pink, Orange, and Violet. CURE:  If a front door hang a Ba-Gua mirror to deflect the negative chi and flank the entrance with a pair of Metal Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and a Wu Lou Health gourd by the bedside. To protect relationships, put a Chinese Coin with the 4 characters facing up with a Rose Quartz crystal on top. 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue vase is another cure option. No family photos.

BEST DIRECTIONS: East and South West.

Areas of Caution: North West (Sui Po), South (Three Killings), West, North, North East, Center, and South East (Grand Duke).

On the World Stage the Month of April highlights the part of our world that is feeling this Dragon year and is likely an area where a bully, dictator, or great leaders, innovators, and dreamers are rising up. This is Western India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and north into parts of Russia. The Snake speaks more to the Central and Eastern Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

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Flying Stars is an advanced system of Feng Shui that has been used since the times of Ancient China. It recognizes the pattern of energy impressed upon every home and building the year it was built or last renovated. Think of it like a building or home’s birth day. It is why you see some houses falling apart, covered in vines, and deteriorating. When the chi is gone, the house is no longer viable for living in. Therefore it is so important to update your home to the current Period. Each Period is 20 years long and we have been in Period 8, a time of wealth and abundance since 2004. We are now in Period 9. At the least, following the annual and monthly Flying Stars allows you to dance with the ever changing chi so that you are in flow with life.