The heat rises in this month of the Snake. With Yin Water sitting on top of this Yang Fire Snake it is very much like a pot on the stove reaching a boil. Time to cook, create, and take action. The lights are green so let’s go! You may find this month to be easier moving projects forward, and getting traction on anything that has felt stuck. This year’s Ox is all about slow progress, hard work, and plodding steadfastly towards our goals. The Snake is intuitive, wise, and reflective. Together they make a successful team but, yes there is a but, this green light is not a rev the engines and take off leaving tread on the road but a paced, measured movement forward. Take in the view, pay attention to the details, and enjoy the ride. Do you know where you are going? Really doesn’t matter, because once you get there the ride may have changed your direction and landed you somewhere completely different than you could ever have anticipated. Cruise control through May, windows down, radio on, and a song in your heart.

The 2 Star is in the Center with the Annual 6 Star. The 2 Earth Star is not welcome here in the Earthy Center. The interaction here is sick, bloated, overindulged, and ripe for work related matters to turn sour. The 6 Metal Star is tarnished and struggles to manifest successes. Best to keep the Center of the home quiet and calm with plenty of Metal influences to weaken the 2 Star. CURE: A Gold Buddha sitting on coins, and images of success, and prospering which could be a framed $100 bill or an image of a feast. Frames on any pictures are ideally Metal, Black or White. Add more Metal objects like a round bowl, bells, or a dragon headed turtle to weaken the 2 Star.

5 Star with the annual 9 Star in the North East is another area of the home and office that has turned negative for May. The potential for future good fortune is like a nasty storm rolling in over a beautiful outdoor wedding. Time to run for cover or just leave this area for the month and come back when the coast is clear. Use a different entrance, make NO NOISE or disturbances. Be very mindful to keep calm, quiet, dark here with little human activity. CURE: If this is where your office is, ensure you have a Brass Dragon Cure up high on the left of where you sit for protection, power, and influence. Have a bouquet of 9 silk Purple Flowers in an Earthen vase to motivate the 9 Star. This is also a place to put a Vision Board of all you dream of creating and manifesting this year. This can also be a wish list or a letter to the Universe. For May add a symbol of protection like a dragon headed turtle, an angel statue, or if a bedroom, a Wu Lou health Gourd. Minimize any fire influences and add a round Metal bowl.

The 9 Star moves into the East with the Annual 4. The romance, the creativity, and the positivity of this room meets with future success. This is the ideal place for a student to study or for an artist to create. If you have an office in the East, this month brings new projects into fruition. For lovers there could be an engagement or other commitments of love made. The future is touching you now so see what dreams are coming true these days. CURE: Focus on the element of Wood with floral designs and shades of green with healthy plants. 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue Vase along with a Love Altar complete with 2 Birds, 2 Red Candles, 2 Crystal Hearts and pictures of you and your sweetie. For students and artists, place a Green jar of pencils, pens, and brushes on the desk or in a prominent place. Add splashes of Purple and Lavender to this room for May.

The 1 Star is in the South East with the Annual 5 Star. This room was a disaster last month and now we feel some ease. The 1 Water Star is at home in the South East and the 5 Star feels the competition. Ideally this room should NOT be used at all this year. Close blinds, windows, doors and keep this room dark and unoccupied. That is your greatest protection. If this is your front door, use another entrance if possible. DO NOT DISTURB INSIDE OR OUT WITH CONSTRUCTION, NOISE, DEEP DIGGING, OR ANY COMMOTION. This is literally like walking through a field with hidden land mines. CURE: If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Continue to focus on the innate energy of this direction with Wood furnishings and the colors green, floral fabrics, and healthy plants (no cacti)…lots of healthy lush plants.

The 6 Star joins the Annual 1 Star in the South and the 6 Metal Star is in harmony with the 1 Water Star but these two are at odds with the Fiery South. Both the 6 and 1 bode success and good fortune in your work, the South is all about your reputation. CURE: Beautiful lush plants, colors of green keep the South fed and watered and content. 6 gold ingots on a blue piece of fabric for May is the ideal cure.

The 8 Star is in the South West with the Annual 3 Star. The 8 Star is at home in the South West as both are represented by the Earth element. The 3 Star loses ground. The 8 Star is all about money, fortune, abundance in all of life. Enjoy playing in this room and soaking up some of this prosperity. CURE: The annual cure is a Red Happy Hotei and for May we can add 8 citrine crystals, or a red string of 8 Chinese Coins.

The 4 Star is in the West where the Annual 8 Star is visiting. The wealth potential of the 8 Star is met with the love, creativity and fertility of the 4 Wood Star. To mitigate the Clash of Wood and Earth, a little Fire is welcome. CURE: 8 Yellow silk flowers along with 8 Chinese coins is the annual cure. For artists and students consider a red jar filled with brushes, pens, and markers. For lovers, if this is your bedroom, a pair of birds in a prominent place will ignite romance.

The 3 Star is in the North West with the Annual 7 Star. This is a nasty battle brewing as the 3 Star brings disharmony and irritation, the 7 Star wields the weapon, words are weapons too. Definitely not the location for meetings, or serious conversations. The bully is on the playground, time to go inside. And watch your back as you retreat. Surgery, injury with sharp objects and financial loss is also part of this year’s forecast for the NW. CURE: BLUE drains the 7 Star, not water but the color blue. If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets. If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. Add BLUE accents in rugs, pillows, towels, bedding, etc. For May lay an elephant statue on its side to open up healthy communication.

The 7 Star in the North with the Annual 2 Star. The annual 2 Earth Star brings weight issues, bloating, indigestion, choking, stomach ailments. The 7 Star suggests surgery, injury with sharp objects, fighting, and financial woes. This is a room to AVOID in May – NO NOISE. CURE: If this is a main/ front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Metal is the best element to focus on with colors of Gray, Black, and White with a heavy accent of Blue. Keep this area quiet with no disruptions.