Summer time makes me think of music, of the smell of hot grass, and of the longing to be by water. Here it is, the 5th month of the Chinese calendar welcoming in the summer season and the month of the Yang Wood Horse. Being a Horsey person myself, I know so very well the passionate, ever active, ever going vibe of this impulsive Zodiacal Creature. The Snake from last month led us into transformative movement and action. How did you and your life change last month? How did your plans and the direction you thought you were moving in evolve in magical or tragical ways? The month breaks out of the stable gates on June 5th and heads into an interesting month. You see the Yang Wood is like a lot of firewood placed on top of a flickering flame because the Horse is Yin Fire. The risk then is that you put too much into your projects, relationships, plans, your schedule and snuff out the flame, snuff out the potential for whatever it is your are doing to really rise up into something big. Tempering yourself is not a very Horsey action but it is needed. Come back to the annual animal of the Ox, slow and steady progress with no drama for this year. This is plodding along, this is each month’s Zodiacal Animal trying to adapt to that energy and either work with or against it. The Ox Harms the Horse and weakens the Fire. This translates to a critical message, much of what you are putting into your life right now may well be snuffed out. There isn’t a whole lot to do here but proceed with gentle, mindful, care. Pay attention to what feels hot, what feels like it really is gaining traction or has the potential to. If something or someone you’ve been putting a lot of energy into just isn’t reciprocating or it just is a game of chasing and not catching, time to let it go.

The 1 Star is in the Center with the Annual 6 Star. The 1 Water Star is nourished by the annual 6 Metal Star but greatly drained by the Earthiness of the Center of every home and office. So its influence is pretty tempered. Still the potential is there as both Stars point to financial gain, success, and business going well. A wonderful message to pay attention to and use to your advantage. CURE: A Gold Buddha sitting on coins, and images of success, and prospering which could be a framed $100 bill, a pile of money or an image of a feast. Frames on any pictures are ideally Metal, Black or White. Add something BLUE for June 2021.

4 Star with the annual 9 Star in the North East is another positive area of the home and office even though the 4 Star is Wood in nature and weakened by feeding the 9 Fire Star and drained by the Earthiness of the NE. Still there is room for benefit here. CURE: If this is where your office is, place a jar filled with pens, pencils, paint brushes, etc. to motivate creativity. If this is a bedroom add an image of LOVE here. Healthy lush plants will also help support this visiting Wood Star. Place 9 silk Purple Flowers in an Earthen vase to motivate the 9 Star. This is also a place to put a Vision Board of all you dream of creating and manifesting this year. This can also be a wish list or a letter to the Universe.

The 8 Star moves into the East with the Annual 4. Another great room to energize this month! The romance, the creativity, and the positivity of this room meets with financial success. This is the ideal place for a student to study or for an artist to create. If you have an office in the East, this month you can bet on prosperity and a flow of good fortune. For lovers there could be an engagement or other commitments of love made. CURE: Focus on the element of Wood with floral designs and shades of green with healthy plants. 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a RED Vase along with a Love Altar complete with 2 Birds, 2 Red Candles, 2 Crystal Hearts and pictures of you and your sweetie. For students and artists, place a Green jar of pencils, pens, and brushes on the desk or in a prominent place. Add splashes of RED for the month of June.

The 9 Star is in the South East with the Annual 5 Star. The Fiery 9 Star agitates the 5 Star who has been stewing all year in the SE. An Earth Star weakened by the directional Wood is now being fed with this month’s Fire. This room should NOT be used at all this year. Close blinds, windows, doors and keep this room dark and unoccupied. That is your greatest protection. If this is your front door, use another entrance if possible. DO NOT DISTURB INSIDE OR OUT WITH CONSTRUCTION, NOISE, DEEP DIGGING, OR ANY COMMOTION. This is literally like walking through a field with hidden land mines. CURE: If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Continue to focus on the innate energy of this direction with Wood furnishings and the colors green, floral fabrics, and healthy lush plants. AVOID FIRE and any red, hot pink or orange colors.

The 5 Star joins the Annual 1 Star in the South and there we have another contentious room to avoid for June. The South is Fire which nourishes the 5 Earth Star. The 1 Water Star pretty much throws in the towel and walks away as there is no energy left for it to survive. CURE: Beautiful lush plants, colors of green keep the South fed and watered and content. DO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA IN JUNE, keep it quiet, dark, and unoccupied.

The 7 Star is in the South West with the Annual 3 Star. This is another rotten area of your home or office with a lot of contention, fighting that turns violent, and the potential for disagreements turning into legal battles. This is not the place for an office or a board room or a place where conversation takes place. The 7 Metal is fed by the Earthy SW and here the Woody 3 Star pretty much loses the battle while the 7 Star stands wielding its sword. Be very mindful of what goes on in this room in June. CURE: The annual cure is a Red Happy Hotei and for June we are adding a large round Metal bowl to absorb some of the toxicity.

The 3 Star is in the West where the Annual 8 Star is visiting. The 3 Star is Wood in nature and here in a Metal direction with the Earthy 8 Star, well the grumpy, antagonistic 3 Star pretty much has little to no influence. Carry on then with pumping up the wealth potential of the 8 Star. CURE: 8 Yellow silk flowers along with 8 Chinese coins is the annual cure. Colors of Yellow, Brown, Terracotta, and Peach are great colors to decorate with.

The 2 Star is in the North West with the Annual 7 Star. Here we have the 2 Sickness Star meeting with the 7 Metal Star which can suggest surgery, injury with sharp object or knives. It can mean serious digestive issues. The risk of health issues arising is a caution to be very mindful in this room, especially if this is your Kitchen. CURE: BLUE drains the 7 Star, not water but the color blue. If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets. If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. Add BLUE accents in rugs, pillows, towels, bedding, etc. For May add a Round Metal Bowl, if a bedroom use Wu Lou Health gourds to absorb the toxicity.

The 6 Star in the North with the Annual 2 Star. The annual 2 Earth Star brings weight issues, bloating, indigestion, choking, stomach ailments. The 6 Star brings success and business opportunities. The 6 Metal Star is activated in the Watery North while the Earthy 2 Star is greatly weakened. There is the potential then for the 6 Star to shine through. CURE: If this is a main/ front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Metal is the best element to focus on with colors of Gray, Black, and White with a heavy accent of Blue. Keep this area quiet with no disruptions.