The Flying Stars is an advanced system of Feng Shui used for thousands of years. It recognizes the pattern of energy impressed upon every home and building the year it was built or last renovated. Think of it like a building birthday. It is why you see some houses falling apart, covered in vines, and deteriorating. When the chi is gone, the house is no longer viable for living in. Therefore it is so important to update your home to the current Period. Each Period is 20 years long and we have been in Period 8, a time of wealth and abundance since 2004. We will shift into Period 9 in 2024. At the least, following the annual and monthly Flying Stars allows you to dance with the ever changing chi.

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Check out the Nitya Living YouTube Channel for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology videos. There are ones relevant to these times about Putin and Zelensky, Ukraine and Russia. Also newly posted the Bazi Astrology of newlyweds Kourtney and Travis as well as this video about Johhny Depp and Amber Heard which has over 30,000 views.

June 6th is the beginning of the month of the Yang Fire Horse (Yin Fire with a little Yin Earth). It is a Fiery time when the Monthly Horse combines with the Annual Tiger to form a semi Fire Trio, a Full Trio if you happen to have a Dog in your chart. Depending on your own Bazi Chinese Astrology, Fire may be an auspicious element for you, or perhaps it is detrimental to some aspect of your life. If you are curious, ask Lydia Nitya to write up your chart. After the Punishing month of May with the wrath of the Snake, we move into more harmonious territory and with all these good vibes, expect record breaking heat to bring us very quickly into summer. This past weekend I found a snake skin on a hike and saw it as a sign that transformation has happened, time to recognize what has changed for each of us this year and take this as an opportunity to move forward with the wild abandon, passion, impulsivity, and freedom of the Horse.

DEPRESSThe 5 Star is in the Center for 2022 and June brings the combative 7 Star. The Earthy Center is essentially considered a trapped Star placement but with many homes now with open concept designs, it is even harder to contain and work with the energies when they become a giant soup. It is imperative that NO NOISE disrupt this volatile energy. All of 2022 it is like a bomb waiting to detonate in the Center of every home, building, office, store, etc. If this is a bathroom, a closet, or storage room then you are luckier than someone who has a furnace, water heater, or important room here in the Center. Every imaginable upset is more likely to erupt when and if this area is disturbed. Bankruptcy, illness, losses, deaths, etc. It is the worst of the worst. The 7 Star is nourished by the Earth and here we find greater opportunity for back stabbing, slander, violence, and loss. CURE: AVOID RED, FIRE, Hot Colors, Wood, BLUES, Water, GREEN colors, and plants, ALL Earth tones like tan, brown, yellow, peach, rust, china, crystals, rocks, etc. Focus entirely on draining the energies with METAL like a round Metal bowl, a chiming clock, Metal objects, the colors of black, white, gray, silver, gold, copper, etc. The MOST IMPORTANT cure is to hang a string of 6 Chinese Coins horizontally in the Center of your home or office. And with that a Salt Water Cure (email for instructions) tucked out of view. Remove ALL photos of family and friends. Hang a prayer of protection, black and white photos of mountains, or a spiritual/ religious image/ message.

Activate – The 8 Star of wealth, success and abundance flies into the North East and in June is joined with the 1 Water Star that is very much weakened by this Earthly palace. The 1 Star is all about success and good fortune but a mitigation is needed in order to capture any of this goodness. CURE: If this is your main entrance, hang 8 Chinese Coins on the front door. DO NOT DISTURB with Loud Noises or Banging or Renovation. Use this room quietly. The Grand Duke is in the NE for 2022 so place a pair of Pi Yao Beasties facing into the direction of 52.5 – 67.5 degrees according to your compass. For June use METAL, white, gray, and black to mitigate the Clash between Water and Earth. REMOVE any FIRE objects or colors. No 8 red silk flowers for June – tuck in a closet for later. For protection from the Tai Sui or Grand Duke prominently display a He E Tai Sui gold plated plaque to avoid divorce, lawsuits, and other misfortunes. Do activate this area of our home/office or property with light and sound and human activity.

DepressThe 3 Star is in the East for 2022 and this month the 5 Earth Star flies in. The Earth is Controlled by the Wood of the East and weakens it but this is now a very volatile area of our home, office, and property so take heed. The 3 Star cautions to disharmony, fighting, and legal action while the 5 Star spins it wicked with threat of violence, fights that turn injurious, divorce, loss of wealth. CURE: Change things up – Blue is the color that mitigates the Clash of energies so throw some turquoise, or teal, or bright blue in this room BUT keep the Red Happy Hotei statue as a continuing cure for the 3 Star. If this is a bedroom put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by the bedside for protection. AVOID this room in June if at all possible and use another entrance.

ActivateThe 4 Star is in the South East brings a super energized Peach Blossom of Romance. The 6 Star flies in for the month of June The 4 Star is the BEST place for studies, for romance, for making babies, for creativity, and for travel. The 6 Star is Metal, and Clashes with the Woody nature of the SE but with the right Mitigation, can add a gold star, an award hard earned, the success that’s been needed. CURE: Focus on all the shades of green with accents of BLUE for the month of June. Blue like Water is mitigating the Clash and creating the best chi for a successful outcome. Healthy house plants and wood furnishings. Metal is the enemy in this room in furnishings, décor, and colors of black, white, and gray. Also no Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, peach, or chamois. Place 4 stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a Blue vase in a prominent place. If you are in a relationship that is on the set up a Love Altar with 2 Red Candles, 2 ducks, 2 crystal hearts, favorite photos and mementos from favorite things you’ve done together. On a high shelf place a Kwan Yin statue. If this is a front door have a flag or banner out front to activate the chi but no windchimes.

DEPRESSThe 9 Star is at home in the South and this month the 2 Star flies in. NO! The 2 Star completely sabotages the incredible potential of the 9 Star and calls us to stop, drop, and walk away from this part of our home and office for June. CURE: Annual cure is to place a Vision Board of all you hope to accomplish, manifest, create in 2022 prominently placed. If this is a front door or primary room, hang a string of 8 or 9 Chinese Coins from the doorknob. In a green vase place 9 Purple Silk flowers. For June, if this is a front entrance, avoid using it, and if your bedroom, put a Wu Lou Health Gourd on your bedside table for protection. There is no way to drain this situation, Metal would only cause more contention. Best approach is to leave this room alone for the month and keep it dark and quiet to avoid a health scare, or some catastrophe. Do Not add any more Fire to this area.

DEPRESSThe 2 Sickness Star is in the South West with the Monthly 4 Earth Star. The 2 Star generates sickness, disease, digestive issues, and overall misfortune. The Sui Po or Year Breaker in the SW asks that you KEEP THIS ROOM DARK AND QUIET with NO renovations, banging, digging, or disruptions. Last month’s double edged sword with the 5 Star eases into the loving, creative, and academic 4 Star. This is a Wood Star that is weakened in this Earthy direction plus the 2 Star’s negativity truly reigns right now. CURE: The annual cure is a round Metal bowl and other Metal objects and furnishings. Focus on draining colors of white, gray, and black. If this is a front door and you cannot use another door, hang a Ba-Gua mirror on the outside of the door facing into the street, flank the front steps with Gold Fu Dogs for protection. Enter through this door as quietly as possible. If this is a bedroom and you cannot sleep anywhere else, put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and put a Wu Lou Health Gourd by your bedside for protection. NO FIRE, NO Earthy materials or colors like red, orange, yellow, brown, hot pink, no green or blues. Metal, white, gray, and black is your only element to work with.

DEPRESSThe 7 Star is in the West where the 9 Fire Star is visiting. Be aware that violence, sickness, surgery, and misfortune are rampant now in the West with the 7 Star. Great caution should be used to AVOID this area and keep it dark and quiet. The 9 Star adds volatility and danger with explosions. CURE: NO windchimes, NO FIRE like fireplace, grill, fire pit or stove. Cover your stovetop with cookie sheets when not in use if this is your Kitchen. Hang a Ba-Gua on the front door if this is your main entrance and unavoidable. Best colors are all shades of BLUE, black, white, and gray. Check smoke detectors and security. Best cure is a crystal bowl filled with rice that has 2 Chinese Coins on top. Be very careful with anything flammable in the this sector of your home, office or property.

ACTIVATEThe 6 Star is in the North West with the visiting 8 Earth Star. The 6 Star brings great good fortune and success in 2022. This is a great area for an office or front door. The 8 Star is activated in a Metal direction. The 8 Star puts the wealth potential and success in all things so much more possible now. Use this room regularly! CURE:  If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets. NO FIRE in this Metal direction, colors red, hot pink, orange, and also no Blues or Greens. Metal furnishings or painted black or white, Metal accessories and décor. A Brass Coiled Dragon with a Gold Ingot on a Blue piece of fabric or a Blue plate is the best cure for 2022. IF A BEDROOM do not use Earth tones but rather BLUE to protect your liver and legs. Never have actual Water or images of Water in a bedroom. If a front door hang 6 Chinese Coins from the front door. Earth tones like yellow, brown, tan, chamois, peach, rust, and terracotta are all welcome. Keep this room well lit, active, and energized for wealth!

NEUTRALIZEThe 1 Star in the North with the 3 Star visiting. DO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA OF YOUR HOME OR GARDEN WITH ANY BIG DISTURBANCES as the Three Killings is in the North for 2022. Its is an abundant room for good fortune and money to flow in BUT you have to heed the call to keep it quiet. The 3 Star this month is strengthened by the Water of this direction and cautions against legal issues, arguments, misunderstandings, and disharmony. CURE: DO NOT put your back to the North but rather face the North for all of 2022. Be aware of how you drive toward and away from your home, and the direction you begin any commute or travel. If a bedroom, hang a Wu Lou health gourd to protect health. A Silver Elephant placed in a prominent location encourages positive romantic encounters, place a healthy plant with this. A single gold ingot on a gold or blue plate is to encourage abundance. Put a little Red Hotei in a prominent place with the conscious intention of squashing all misfortune for the month of June.

BEST DIRECTIONS FOR JUNE: North West, North East, and South East