So the push and pull of last month’s Wood Horse gives way to a very problematic July. This is the month of the Wood Sheep, the first of 3 conflicted months in 2021 that have the potential for earth shaking kind of activity, seismic shifts are likely in the weeks ahead. The issue with the Sheep is that it is in direct conflict with the Ox, they sit opposite each other, January and July/ winter and summer/ 1 – 3 am and 1 – 3 pm. So it is we will find in our work, our lives, our relationships and in our world a lot of conflict, confrontation, opposites colliding. Now, that is not to say all opposition is negative, in fact a collision can lead to an unearthing, no pun intended seeing as these are Earthy animals. So look at even the most conflicted situations as having a nugget of gold hidden within. The Sheep is the peacemaker of the Chinese Zodiac, she is Yin Earth and soft as sand. The Sheep is loved by others for being so easy going even if they are overly sensitive at times. Ox, our fearless leader for 2021, is a determined force of nature that the Sheep finds a bit overwhelming. Ox is also Yin Earth, together they make a sand storm and a polarized all out affront. If anything, the best direction to take in July is one of lying in a hammock in the shade or chilling out at the beach. It is a month to not see a lot moving forward that isn’t the end result of a hard fought battle. One thing where these two agree is on appreciating the beauty of this world and Sheep being very artistic can sway our hardworking Ox to put down the plow and enjoy some fine wine and music on a summer’s night. July runs from the 6th until the 6th of August.

The 9 Star is in the Center with the Annual 6 Star. The Fiery 9 Star is motivated to be active in this Earthy location. In concert with the annual 6 Metal Star this suggests long awaited plans coming to fruition. CURE: A Gold Buddha sitting on coins and a RED envelope (for July), and images of success, and prospering which could be a framed $100 bill, a pile of money or an image of a feast. Frames on any pictures are ideally Metal, Black or

3 Star with the annual 9 Star in the North East is a weak influence at best, the 3 is not vibrant right now and as a Wood Star in an Earthy location has minimal impact . The 9 Star as Fire is another drain on the 3 so continue to focus on energizing the 9’s positive chi. CURE: Place 9 silk Purple Flowers in an Earthen vase to motivate the 9 Star. This is also a place to put a Vision Board of all you dream of creating and manifesting this year. This can also be a wish list or a letter to the Universe.

The 7 Star moves into the East with the Annual 4. All the love and creative potential slams into a combative confrontation threatening break ups, divorces, back stabbing and betrayal. Be very careful with your love altars here, friends. Pay careful attention to your dearest relationships and keep tempers tempered. CURE: Focus on the element of Wood with floral designs and shades of green with healthy plants. 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo in a BLUE Vase along with a Love Altar complete with 2 Birds, 2 Red Candles, 2 Crystal Hearts and pictures of you and your sweetie. For students and artists, place a Green jar of pencils, pens, and brushes on the desk or in a prominent place. Add splashes of BLUE for the month of July.

The 8 Star is in the South East with the Annual 5 Star. Sadly the 8 Star of money and good fortune is weakened by the Woody direction and the negativity of the 5 Star. It is best then to focus on continuing to squash as much of the 5 Star’s influence as possible through out this year. This room should NOT be used at all this year. Close blinds, windows, doors and keep this room dark and unoccupied. That is your greatest protection. If this is your front door, use another entrance if possible. DO NOT DISTURB INSIDE OR OUT WITH CONSTRUCTION, NOISE, DEEP DIGGING, OR ANY COMMOTION. This is literally like walking through a field with hidden land mines. CURE: If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Continue to focus on the innate energy of this direction with Wood furnishings and the colors green, floral fabrics, and healthy lush plants. AVOID FIRE and any red, hot pink or orange colors.

The 4 Star joins the Annual 1 Star in the South and here we find harmony as the Woody love and creative Star 4 dances with the success and good fortune of the 1 Star. CURE: Beautiful lush plants, colors of green keep the South fed and watered and content. Add floral imagery, and a picture of you and your love to the South this month.

The 6 Star is in the South West with the Annual 3 Star. Here the 6 Star is at home so the 3 Star is really stifled. Enjoy adding elements to activate this star of money and success. CURE: The annual cure is a Red Happy Hotei and for July we are adding a black string of 6 Chinese Coins on a Red Envelope.

The 2 Star is in the West where the Annual 8 Star is visiting. The 2 Earth Sick Star meets with the annual Earthy 8 Star, and the abundance turns sour, fortune is lost. DO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA WITH LOUD NOISE OR DEEP DIGGING. CURE: 8 Yellow silk flowers along with 8 Chinese coins is the annual cure. Colors of Yellow, Brown, Terracotta, and Peach are great colors to decorate with. Add a Wu Lou health gourd on the bedside stand to protect your health. Keep this room quiet and undisturbed. In a prominent place put a round Metal bowl.

The 1 Star is in the North West with the Annual 7 Star. The 1 Star flows in and can suggest a positive outcome for surgery or lawsuits but in the game of life we can’t all be winners. Great caution should be exercised to avoid surgery or injury to sex/ sex organs/ bladder and kidneys. CURE: BLUE drains the 7 Star, not water but the color blue. If a Kitchen, cover the burners with cookie sheets. If the front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. Add BLUE accents in rugs, pillows, towels, bedding, etc.

The 5 Star in the North with the Annual 2 Star. Drop, roll, and run away from this room. WORST ROOM OF THE MONTH. Contain this energy by closing the door, dropping blinds and keeping the chi dark and dormant for July. If anything can go wrong, it surely will with these two negative forces at play. DO NOT DISTURB THIS AREA OF YOUR HOME OR GARDEN WITH CURE: If this is a main/ front door, hang a ba-gua mirror and flank the front steps with gold Fu Dogs. If a bedroom put a Salt Water Cure under the bed and Wu Lou health gourds on the bedside stands to protect your health. Metal is the best element to focus on with colors of Gray, Black, and White with a heavy accent of Blue. Keep this area quiet with no disruptions.